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佛罗里达Lakewood Ranch245 条分享
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
While staying in town for a weekend, I was looking for any murals that may be in the area. I discovered there was one called “There’s a seat for everyone in John’s Creek.” I found it on a wall of the rec building in this park. It was of a row of various chairs in a row and they were all very different.
I saw there was a trail here and was going to take a little walk when I discover a memorial area that the Johns Creek Veterans Association had created. What a wonderful surprise to see that part of it was a half size replica of the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC. There were also tall vertical slabs representing each of the US wars and a monument for the Unknown Soldier. It was very touching to walk around it. I’m so grateful for what the local Veterans Association had done.
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Marvin G
纽约州Ogdensburg1,031 条分享
Newtown Park is a community park open to all residents of Johns Creek as well as other visitors. It has a full complement of facilities including a national award winning fenced in dog park. There are softball and cricket diamonds, soccer and lacrosse fields that are also used for flag football and other events, and bocce courts.

The park has paved walking and jogging trails with provision for bicycles and scooters. Along these trails there are workout areas with equipment set in natural settings. an agricultural and environmental area exists where community gardens are planted, covered areas with picnic tables, benches and BBQs, handicapped accessible bathrooms with toilets and sinks, and a world class covered bandshell and open park area to accommodate concert goers. This area is outdoor home to the Johns creek Symphony Orchestra where the city sponsors summer concerts.

There is an area dedicated to veterans who have fought in various wars. In addition, there is a full reproduction of the "V" Viet Nam Memorial in Washington, DC. There are dedicated benches where one can come and meditate or communicate with loved ones lost in a conflict. Also, there is a senior center (Park Place) on the grounds that is a locus for many activities including art classes, lectures, tax return preparation, bridge and other games, driver safety courses, early voting, and day trips across the region to museums and other sites. The park is shaded all over with a full growth of trees and plantings including around a pond area that's home to turtles, fish and other animals.

This park is a Godsend to all who enjoy coming here and partaking of the many benefits that accrue to Johns Creek residents. Try it; you'll not only like it, you'll love it.
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Atlanta, GA312 条分享
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
It had been a long time since we have been back to Newtown dog park after the loss of our older dog. Our new pupper turned 1 year old, so he was ready to go last weekend. We missed this park as it is great when good dog owners are in the park and it is a nice day. We had both of those last weekend. There is one VERY BIG problem with the new turf smells like urine everywhere around the park. The old turf, a few years ago, did not have that problem but this one does. These dog areas are great but this is a huge problem. It was a nice day today but I can only image how much worse it would be on a hot Georgia day.
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Angie D
乔治亚亚特兰大138 条分享
I had a chance to play tennis at Newtown Park and really enjoyed myself. There are ample parking spaces by the courts. The courts are partially covered so you get a private concentrated game with courts sectioned in pairs. I observed many people walking their dogs along the trail. This is an overall well-visited park. Come with a blanket and sit out and enjoy the fresh air.
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Penn C
乔治亚罗斯韦尔3 条分享
For those of us that have been terrorized by this BIG BLACK (Native American/German Shephard) dog DAILY.

He is moving to Colorado! NO MORE DOG FIGHTS! (thank god) so many folks 'will NOT be going back' due to his rediculously irresponsible 'sitter' (he is great with the actual owner) is GONE.

no more fear.
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John J
乔治亚约翰斯克里克16 条分享
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Fantastic concert on a Saturday night! Great facility! We had 8 people and brought god and chairs , etc. really nice facility and it helped that the weather was perfect!
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乔治亚罗斯韦尔546 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We went with friends to The Yacht Rock Revue concert. Summit Rocks sponsored this charity event for a good cause which we totally support. Couple of comments: one, the site said the door opens at 6:30 but we got there on time and it was already very full So that was misleading. If it opens earlier they should post that to be fair. Second, and most annoying, they clearly stated in the site that only low beach type chairs and blankets would be allowed. They not only allowed the tall fold up chairs in, but then those folks took the spaces at the front of each tier so there was no where for us who followed the rules to sit where we could see over the tall chairs. They could have left space for us at the front as they could easily see over us. So much for the rules and the ‘crew’ said nothing about it. Either don’t allow them, or have sections set up for tall chairs BEHIND the lower chairs so everyone can see. Very frustrating. Other than that, the show was great and they raised over 150k for a good cause. I think with better communication on entry time and sitting arrangements for chairs it could be much more fun.
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Lucio F
巴西伊图306 条分享
Estivemos no parque com as crianças para assistirmos uma sessão de cinema ao ar livre. Uma experiencia muito gostosa para as crianças e os adultos também. O lugar é muito tranquilo, muito bem cuidado, uma imensa area onde os pequenos podem correr a vontade. Tivemos também a experiencia de um pic nick enquanto aguardavamos a sessão de cinema.
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佛罗里达巴拿马城海滩11,919 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
My wife and I recently visited this community park with our four year old Granddaughter. This was our first visit to Newtown Park and we were impressed. What a great place. We started out at the Dream Dog Park. This one acre park has separate areas for large and small dogs. It features artificial turf, tunnels, hoops, a bridge, water drinking stations for the dogs, and sprinklers around a spraying hydrant (basically a splash pad for dogs). My Granddaughter had a great time watching the dogs running through the water. Next up was the playground. She had a blast playing with the other kids. With the extreme afternoon heat it was critical that the playground equipment had shade or she would not have been able to use it. We also got our exercise walking around the 2 miles of paved trails. Her favorite part was the tunnel with the murals painted inside and the trail around the small pond where she was fascinated watching the turtles. It was a very hot sunny day. We spent a couple of hours and really enjoyed our visit. The park is clean, safe, well maintained, and family friendly. Open daily; plenty of parking. Other amenities found at the park:
1-Two outdoor basketball courts
2-Multiple kid’s playgrounds
3-Two Bocce courts
4- Two kid’s playgrounds
5-Multiple (13) pavilions throughout the park with picnic tables & grills
6-Six tennis courts
7-Three baseball/softball fields
8-Multiple restrooms throughout the park
9-Three athletic fields
There is also a Community clubhouse, garden, Senior center, Amphitheater, and a Veterans Memorial Walk.
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乔治亚约翰斯克里克10 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
Newtown is great for people! Good for walking, sports leagues and special days & nights, like Movies & concerts in the amphitheater. The reason I gave it only 4 stars is because of the dog park. It is TOO crowded & often has aggressive dogs visiting. I have tried it at least 8 times & my dog just cowers next to me!! I go to Gwinnett dog parks (2) in Duluth & my dog runs & plays with the other dogs.
If you don’t bring your dog, consider this park 5 stars!
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