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Hainault Forest Country Park(Chigwell)

Hainault Forest Country Park


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Robert S
英国Borough of Brentwood25 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
It’s such a shame how Hainault has changed for the worse. When I was a kid all the grass was regularly cut short and cricket pitches that looked terrific. Now it’s such a mess. The cafe is one very bright spark with nice food well priced and clean facility. It’s best to park in Chigwell side of the forest as it’s free. To park in Hainault is expensive and complicated. Someone needs to get Hainault to where it was as it’s a shadow of its former self. Very sad!
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Alec D
1 条分享
Its amazing that a substantial Lottery grant for Hainault Forest is in no evidence in anything in the forest. Where has the money gone I would ask?
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Andrew P
1 条分享
The park is a shadow of what it was when I used to go fishing there many years ago.

Parking: A rip off!

Fishing: A rip off!

Boating: A rip off!

There are rats all over the place around the lake and it is over populated by rather aggressive Canada Geese which leave their filthy droppings all over the place.

The footpaths around the lake often have hollows which fill with water after rainfall.

The benches around the lake have holes in front of them worn out by user's boots and fill with water.

With regards to the wood carvings around the forest, which no doubt cost a fortune, they are all rotting.

If you want to go fishing there you are only allowed a small piece of the bank which is overgrown by trees.

Redbridge Council should be ashamed if itself!
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Michael W
1 条分享
Our first family day out post lockdown was spoilt because of the parking fee issue.
We had no idea there were no parking cash machines, and that you had to pay via a RingGo system. The problem is that not everyone has a smart phone, and it is difficult for pensioners in their seventies, and mothers with young children to deal with this straight away. As a result, we eventually paid our £3.70 fees for the days parking, but then later, we both received parking penalties because we did not pay quick enough. Redbridge parking and enforcement have insisted we pay this, even after appealingly. Their responses have been digital, mechanical and without simple human understanding !
What a shame!
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英国伦敦590 条分享
2021年2月 • 家庭
Lovely walk and gentle bike ride in a lovely park on a lovely sunny winters day. Definitely worth a visit, really nice park and great exercise too 😆
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Suzie A
英国梅瑟蒂德菲尔353 条分享
What a beautiful spot! We had a socially distanced birthday picnic here, in September. The weather was fab, the view was stunning. There are loos which were clean!

Ample trees for climbing fun! There's lots of parking but remember you have to pay – which was all done over the app – a little tricky for my parents, but managed to figure it out in the end!

A super day out! if you go in summer, make sure you bring sunscreen and relax and enjoy a beautiful day!
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Essex, UK44 条分享
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
I live locally and have been visiting the country park all of my life, since the early 1960’s.

I will always give this oasis a ten out of ten. The only downside is the amount of rubbish being constantly left behind by selfish visitors, including beer bottles, drink cans and plastic bags, etc, strewn all over the grass and in streams.

This place has also been a life saver for me since the Covid outbreak, I have been visiting the country park most weeks for fresh air and exercise since the lockdown started.

Just one question, please? Where is the ‘Lady Seat’ situated along the Sculpture trail? I have found all of the others but the ‘Lady Seat’ is very elusive.
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Egyptian Queen
34 条分享
2020年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Hainault Country Park is a lovely place to visit however, like so many other places in Epping Forest it is being ruined by many of the visitors who leave their rubbish behind. There were lots of large groups visiting who ignored social distancing. Again like so many other places, a large number of visitors were feeding the ducks and geese bread!!!! Please don’t feed bread to the ducks or geese as it can kill them. Bread is extremely harmful especially for ducklings and goslings. I saw many people also feeding stale and mouldy bread to the ducks and geese!!! No wonder there are lots of rats at the lake. There are alternatives that people can give to the ducks and geese including duck and swan food, oats, peas and sweet corn. Please help our wildlife as bread is very harmful and it dismayed me when I saw families carrying bags of bread. Hainault Country Park would be lovely if all visitors respected the environment by taking their rubbish with them and not feeding bread to the ducks and geese.
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John R
London, England, United Kingdom17 条分享
2020年5月 • 好友
Played today 25th May.
Expected the course to be in tip top condition considering it’s been unplayed for 8 weeks
The course is awful,I have played it for 40years and was shocked how bad it has been neglected.
Hit a ball one foot off the fairway and your ball is lost in super rough and grass cuttings.
The greens are like concrete and very sparse of actual grass.
The tees are the same.
It’s a very sad indictment that with a chance to raise the standard of this course it has been left to rot.
I will not play it again and that is sad.
As a reasonable player you expect a certain standard even on a public course.
Shame on the owners,having spent probably 20.000 pounds enhancing the roadside frontage you have let the course go to pot.
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Paul R
英国Epping1,164 条分享
The tracks through the forest even the gravel ones are covered in mud and water, although that is not unexpected after the rains we have received. Riding these trails is very challenging if you do not want to fall off. We stopped at the cafe for a coffee and a hot chocolate and found these to be overpriced and the coffee tasted like dishwater.
The forest is very good fun, just give the cafe a miss.
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