Larkfield Leisure Centre
Larkfield Leisure Centre
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上午6:30 - 下午11:00
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上午6:30 - 下午11:00
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Emma H
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2023年8月 • 家庭
I was horrified by the hygiene levels, I'm astounded that myself or my daughter didn't pick up sickness and diarrhoea and/or verrucas, other fungal foot infections!
The leisure pool was slightly cloudy but I persevered as there was a strong smell of chlorine. As I waited for my daughter to come down the space bowl slide I absent mindedly glanced amongst the pretend rocks next to the baby pool, as I looked closer I almost gagged, I counted three wet plasters including one big one with something green on it, a soggy receipt, wet tissues, clumps of hair, a false eyelash and a plastic container! As I was having fun with my daughter, again I persevered for her sake, but the last straw was when we were in the deep end and a huge clump of brown hair floated right past my daughter's face! We left the pool areas, got our things from the locker, went into separate changing rooms and in mine there were wet clumps of hair on the floor! I was total revolted, it was foul and a horrible experience and we're never coming back. To top things off I had to put eye drops into my daughter's eyes that evening because they were stinging and very red from the high chlorine levels in the water!
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Steven P
英国达特福德3 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
Awful place !! Dirty changing rooms , arrived and was told bowl and waves not working !! This is summer holidays !!! Still charged £ 16.50 for me and my son . I have been coming for years and that’s it now . Sorry never again … I can honestly say I can’t remember last time everything was working simultaneously. Also main pool very cloudy and unappealing. The place just looks tired and fed up .. and that includes the staff
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英国伦敦28 条分享
2023年8月 • 家庭
Not enough staff so no slides were open. Disappointed kids as no signs saying change in their time table. School holidays and they can’t staff their centre. Poor.
Staff on reception are slow!!!! Huge queue as it takes more than 5 mins to serve each family.
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Richard K
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2023年4月 • 家庭
Unprofessional lifeguard. My son got head injury, I asked for the ice pack/cold compress. Instead in the first aid room I get kitchen towel soaked in tap water. No comments !
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英国梅德斯通10 条分享
Every time it’s a terrible experience, but unfortunately there isn’t much choice round here.
The queuing system is a joke. 1.5hrs wait in the rain, to comply with social distancing that was abolished by the government a long time ago.

Changing rooms are totally filthy and need a good scrub.
Reception staff leaning back in their chairs whilst there is a massive queue of people waiting to get in and they just stare at ringing phones rather than pick them up.
The management here need a serious kick up the backside.
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Gracey Blossom
英国肯特1 条分享
2023年1月 • 家庭
Sadly disappointed, waited 45 mins outside in the rain and cold with 2 small kids as they were letting people through on an in/out system. Booking would allow a much smoother entry to the leisure centre also preventing this unnecessary hold up. No communication from reception whilst outside waiting in the queue.

All of us completely fed up and freezing by time we got into the centre. Not improved by the temperature of the water then feeling pretty chilly. My youngest sons teeth were chattering most the time we were there and noticed others complaining the water felt cold plus the pool area itself was draughty.
There’s one small section for young kids with a little slide and pirate ship but otherwise not a great deal to shout about as we didnt fancy anymore standing around queuing for the flumes.

We decided to get out the pool as the waves machine came on to avoid a mad rush of people leaving at once. Changing rooms were dirty, noticed a few that weren’t fit for use with broken or missing doors, cubicles needed a damn good scrub with an in house cleaner going round to keep on top of things. Crap all over the floors in cubicles.

We won’t be rushing back in a hurry.
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Matt G
英国肯特25 条分享
2022年12月 • 家庭
Great swimming community for the early morning swims. The coaches are really good, I’ve had a few lessons with Jamie, my swimming as massively improved in a short time. My 3 year old daughter has lessons with Craig, again in a few months she’s gained so much confidence in the water.

It’s our favourite pool to visit in the area!
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2 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
Very dissappointed. oncecwe got inside paid £2.50 per adult to watch. No where to sit coffees well over priced no member of kitchen staff had hair nets or glives and all girls were young with long hair. Swimming was ok tiny pool the big dipper slide was closed which wasnt stipulated on website. i went to see manager who then replied sorry tough no duscount we have energy and eectricity bill to pay. for. Well we all have bills to pay for. Would defo not recommend a visit. total 90 mins swimming for over £19.00 they got 3 rides on slide as this closed also. Ridicolous.
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2 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
Prior to lockdown our trips to the leisure centre were pleasant and fun and the nieces and nephew always enjoyed it. However since covid they gave decided to operate this ridiculous max of 40 people that can enter at one time. The rest that don't get in have to wait outside for anything up to an hour for the next slot. I understand this was due to the social distancing measures introduced by the pandemic but these should now have been disregarded, so the government keep telling us. Then when we got there we discovered that half the facilities including the slides, lazy river and jacuzzi were closed due to staff shortages. Finally to top things off when we got into using the fitness pool we were told it was lane swimming only due to a lifeguard course that was going on in the other lanes. This is itself was unnecessary, as why close off half the pool on a busy weekend day when there are lots of kids about. The lesson could and should have taken place in the evening when there are fewer families in the pool wanting to use it to have a splash around. The overall experience was awful I have to say and in future we will be going to cascades whereas incidently its cheaper, the slides are working and you can book a slot. The fact you can't book at larkfield unless you are a member is also ridiculous its not difficult to implement one and would save the constant queuing. Very unhappy will not be returning in the foreseeable future.
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英国伦敦7 条分享
2022年5月 • 家庭
The leisure pool opens at 9am on a Sunday morning. My son and I visited at 10:30am and were met with queues out of the door into the car park. There was no queue management and no communication from reception staff. This seems to be a reoccurring issue in previous reviews and it is frustrating that TMActive have chosen not to address this as it creates a negative first impression.
25 minutes later a member of management staff walked past and advised we would be allowed entry in 45 minutes (a 70 minute wait in total). We sat on the floor and waited.
Once inside the building the toilets were smelly but the leisure pool, yellow slide and the lazy river were great.
As we left we walked past a long queue of grumpy looking customers queuing to get in.
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