Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden(北悉尼)

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden

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  • North Sydney • 步行 3 分钟
  • Milsons Point • 步行 9 分钟
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Came here more than 10 years ago and even at that time we were so thrilled by the discovery of this little garden in the middle of North Sydney. Our second time did not disappoint. Such a lovely spot with million dollar views. A great place for all ages. Lots of pathways and seating areas to sit down and enjoy the space and moment. Definitely worth a visit. It's not wheelchair accessible due to the terrain.
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Leanne W
Newcastle, Australia25 条分享
I had heard of the garden, but actually stumbled across by accident when staying in North Sydney. I felt such peace in the garden and was in awe of the tranquility so close to the Harbour. I had to return the next day to venture further. Magic... thank you to those responsible for the garden's existence and maintenance.
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澳大利亚利斯莫尔310 条分享
A wonderful spot for quiet contemplation or active exploration with glimpses of the busy harbour. Free access and open every day. If you love gardens, this is a place to go. Construction of the north Sydney baths and the closure of Luna park meant that access was a little different but the extra walk was well worth it.
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Jenny W
澳大利亚瑙拉17 条分享
Gorgeous shady oasis ofunderstory figgy love, thanks to the amazing Wendy Whiteley , her family, friends and volunteers.
Easy to walk to from the Luna Park ferry stop. Not for the immobile- many levels of steepish walking tracks.
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澳大利亚悉尼22 条分享
A quiet place to wander around this garden of discovery .Very quirky with all sorts of old items hidden within the gardens. Not great of you have mobility issues as quite steep steps in some places , sadly it doesn't connect with a path that takes you around to Luna Park
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英国6,645 条分享
This is a really magical place. As if walking through this sanctuary-like garden wasn’t already uplifting, the story behind it is totally inspiring.
It was an unlikely project at the start. The neglected government-owned land had been a long-standing eyesore and was covered by a tangle of lantana, vines, invasive weeds and illegally dumped rubbish.
When her husband, the famous artist, Brett Whiteley died in 1992, Wendy Whiteley threw herself into clearing the unloved area and began to re-imagine it as a garden retreat and a refuge.
Starting with 2 gardeners, the project drew a swell of community support and volunteers started putting on their gumboots and picking up their spades to help turn the ugly area into a much-loved and precious community space.
It is a surprisingly small area, but it is covered with a maze-like set of criss-crossing paths and stairs with gnarly wooden railings.
For those without much time, you can visit in just 15 or 20 minutes but it’s a garden that encourages you to linger and to look for unexpected surprises.
Sculptures are secreted amongst the foliage (there’s a cherub by the famous Margaret Olley).
Eclectic pieces, including several vintage tricycles and scooters are whimsically arranged and tucked into various nooks.
Down the very bottom of the block, you’ll find an assortment of donated tables and chairs. The whole thing is quite marvellous.
For tourists, this can easily be combined with sightseeing around Sydney Harbour and the Rocks. An excellent plan is to catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Milsons Point across the harbour. Follow the public pathway along the harbour shoreline, past Luna Park to reach the garden. Afterwards, head back towards the train station, and head up the stairs to walk across the Harbour Bridge. Stopping on the way to climb the south Pylon and visit the small, free museum there.
You will finish at the Rocks and Circular Quay where you can find any number of places to eat or drink or you can keep exploring. This is a very efficient itinerary plan which will pack an awful lot into a short time.
* Entry to the garden is free.
* It is a short 5 - 7 minute walk from the Harbour Bridge.
* There are a lot of stairs so it’s not really suitable for anyone with knee or mobility issues or pushchairs.
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Elizabeth A
澳大利亚Southern Highlands7 条分享
Thank you to all the people who created and continue to maintain this lovely tranquil garden haven in the heart of Sydney.
I loved the tropical flowers, the dense shade, branch handrails and the quirky seating scattered throughout the garden. Visiting was a delight.
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澳大利亚坦特菲尔德118 条分享
Spent several hours wandering around, easy to get to by train, or ferry. When you think you have seen it all there is always something else. A thoroughly enjoyable experience
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澳大利亚阿什菲尔德281 条分享
We ripped into Loulou for some coffee and croissants and walked down to this little sanctuary in the city. How amazing! It was raining so we took shelter under the canopy looking out over Lavender Bay. Bush Turkey babies everywhere and not scared of humans. A beautiful rainforest, wow
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澳大利亚凯马2,171 条分享

….and I do like bushland. WSG seems like a patch of superior Aussie bush which has been further improved by judicious planting and a lot of other work.
I use “superior” above because normal bush in the Sydney area is dry Eucalypt forest whereas this seems a hybrid of wet Eucalypt and the rare sub-tropical rainforest. To get these you need sheltered pockets from the dry cold westerlies and southerlies oriented to catch more rain than normal – the garden has enough to ensure a patch of wet eucalypt but not enough for sub tropical rainforest. I figure superior planting may have provided the extra shelter needed.
This place is special. It’s some makeover. A good idea is to find a BEFORE photo on the ‘net and compare it with the present. I was under the impression that the before thing was a harbourside gully vegetated with the usual dry eucalypt forest, but found a pic showing that it had been cleared for railway purposes and then abandoned, meaning immediately before Wendy’s magic it was largely a regrowth-scrub covered gully littered with dumped railway bits and other junk.
I’m not a horticultural person but I do like wandering around forest areas – that Wendy and her assistants have managed to convert this former scrubby, daggy hillside covered with junk into a patch of sub-tropical rainforest- like^^ garden is pretty cool. And inspiring – Australia has heaps of these places: formerly forest, cleared for some purpose and then abandoned to become junk laden scrubby wildernesses. Wendy shows they can be transformed.
There are lots of paths, specially planted areas of sub-tropical and other stuff, some idyllic places where people can sit and read/chill etc, some places where you can see the harbour and bridge thru gaps, clearings for picnics, outdoor tables and chairs suited to same, a few samples of the junk cleared out (some industrial and household stuff) plus a few statues and object d’art contributed over time by Wendy and artist friends. And over all this is Wendy’s sense of artistic layout. There are some remnants of the original forest in a few huge Moreton Bay Figs which have been cleverly integrated into the garden theme.

- there are several paths witin the garden, zig-zagging across rhe steep hillside, forming kind of terraces, sometimes moving to the next levels by a short steep set of stairs or up/downslope, other times by a simple hairpin in the pathway.
Surfaces seemed in good repair but the stair sections will make it difficult for wheelchairs
Slopes were reasonable, apart from a few very short sections of connecting stairs between the terraced pathways. Plus the long LAVENDER BAY STAIRWAY at the western side of the garden, the quickest way from bottom to top. Fit people will do it in one hit, people of normal fitness may need a short stop to rest. Unfit people more.
Harborside RAILWAY AVE the other side of the railway tracks at the bottom (there is an underpass) is pedestrianised – you could order a water-taxi to pick up from LAVENDER BAY JETTY opposite the underpass but the nearest public ferry stop is 10mins walk to left at MILSONS POINT. You can also access from MILSONS POINT or NTH SYDNEY stations – or maybe walk across the bride from the CITY to MILSONS POINT...and onward.
- there is a public toilet near the LAVENDER BAY JETTY.
- visit in the day time if possible: there is no lighting.
- this would be a great area for tweeters: bird life was everywhere. Lotsa BUSH TURKEYS. Didn’t see other animal life but I reckon quite a lot of nocturnal critters including ferals might be seen after dark. Perhaps a SPOTLIGHTING EXPEDITION (spotlight only, no guns!) would not be a waste of time for animal buffs.
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