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Nicholas F
英国Faversham3 条分享
New owners opened up the gardens as part of the National Garden Scheme. Small charge in aid of the local church - who were providing the refreshments. Delighted to once again visit such a tranquil and interesting garden. Hope there will be more opportunities in the future to visit.
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Marie Louise R
2 条分享
Beech Court Gardens are open this weekend as part of the National Gardens Scheme.
The garden openings were suspended , in 2018, by the previous owners. The new owners hope to reopen the gardens in 2023 but this weekend represents the only chance to visit this year.
I visited this afternoon. The welcome was very warm both from the owners and the charming ladies of the parish, providing refreshments. There was a wonderful selection of cake and even sandwiches. The prices were very reasonable. There is a newly decorated tea room and new outside seating, surrounded by roses, which also adorned every table.
The gardens are wonderful with a very wide selection of trees and shrubs. There is a large wooded area with a variety of conifers and splendid well established oak trees.
There are many unusual specimen trees throughout the garden including huge Redwoods.
At this time of year rambling roses scramble everywhere, surrounding the house and lawns and clambering into the trees. The scent in the warm sunshine was amazing.
Despite being late in the season there were still some later Rhodadendrons and Azaleas. As well as the old established ones a selection of new Azaleas have been planted. Many of the Azaleas, particularly the yellow ones, were still contributing their exotic tropical scent.
The gardens were famous for the hydrangeas and early ones are just beginning to flower.
There is a lovely wild pond with many surrounding marginal plants. It is inhabited by lots of healthy and happy looking fish who have produced hundreds of tiny babies.
The whole atmosphere is relaxing, peaceful and joyful. I should definitely recommend going next year. Though the Challock Flower festival is the last weekend of August and perhaps Beech Court could be persuaded to be kind enough to open their gardens again, at the same time, for another pop up weekend?
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Hanz H
12 条分享
Love this place - a fantastic day out for the family. Really lovely walk around the curated but unstuffy gardens and super cute tearooms. The kids love the alpacas, goats and hens (perhaps the owners should get even more animals?). Can't wait for it to re-open to the public after Covid.
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英国惠茨特布尔65 条分享
We love this wonderful garden with its rare trees and tranquil feel. Have visited numerous times as it is inspirational. We also liked the informal atmosphere and pleasant restaurant staff.
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christine m
英国Broadstairs63 条分享
Went here for the bank holiday sun ,lovely place to stroll around at your own pace ,will go back again in the summer when abit warmer
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英国伦敦12 条分享
Just love the quaintness of this place. Yes it’s not a slick High St. coffee shop, but it charming and delightful. Chickens roaming around and birds tweeting.
We’ve never visited the gardens, but the view from the cafe is pretty.
Cash only!
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英国坎特伯雷170 条分享
Went for a coffee stop and a sandwich. Great location with chickens wondering around. Food is good, straightforward but nothing fancy.
If you're in the area, pop in
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英国惠茨特布尔65 条分享
This garden is really special and unique and it is clear from some of the more negative reviews that some unsophisticated visitors are unaware of the value of the rare and beautiful trees that are in the gardens. The shrubs and flowers are magnificient with lots of acid loving specimens. The pond areas are also interesting if you are visiting the garden and are interested in special plants. We received a warm welcome from the staff who were managing well in the restaurant despite having just welcomed over a hundred visitors from the bucket and spade car run. We had a simple homecooked lunch and delicious cakes. Tea that is a cut above most specialist tea rooms and all served with courtesy and good humour. The gardens are set around a lovely period house from the fifteenth century. The house is on the top of the North Downs and the garden are surrounded by pasture and woodland with lovely views. The atmosphere of the the gardens is one of tranquillity and peace. I would recommend a visit to get away from the turmoil of life especially if you are really interested in a plantsmans woodland garden.
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英国查塔姆445 条分享
We arrived as the place opened to find a large group of cyclists outside the cafe. We went inside to get a cup of tea and to pay for entrance. There was only one person serving for both the cafe and entrance and she told us she couldn't make us tea as she was to busy and to come back later and pay for entrance. There was no welcome no map or instructions given just a go away really.

We wandered of and went round the gardens which were lovely but there was no way of knowing if you were going in the right direction and if you were missing parts. There were lots of azaleas and rhododendrons which were very colourful but if they weren't in flower I am not sure how the garden would look.

The cost is £4.50 per person.

Would I go again probably not.
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Veronica H
英国达特福德638 条分享
Arriving later than intended, meaning less than an hour to see the gardens and have tea. Given a reasonable discount on the admission with our disabled son. Gardens largely wheelchair-friendly and very pleasant - especially if you like hydrangeas and lace cups. Good mixture of shade and more open spaces - luckliy we had good weather. Nice to see various types of poultry running around.

Now to the cafe. As mentioned by other reviewers, the lovely ladies running it also have to take admission money. This means there could do with being at least of 1 more of them - and meant quite a long wait for a simple order of cake and drinks, with few other customers that soon before closing. Also the pricing. Good though the cake seemed to be, £3 is pretty steep for a slice of cake.
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Thank you for your words. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit
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