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Warnbro Beach


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As an avid user and lover of free beaches
the port kennendy free beach is a lovely beach

unfortunatly there are a few weirdos that tend to hang and hide out in the sand hills.
observed clothed men going into the sand hills and then returning 20 to 30 minutes later fully clothed.???

people like this give this place a bad name.

otherwise nice beach, not crowded
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Ben S
澳大利亚Mount Hawthorn6 条分享
Warnbro Nudist Beach is Gem of a spot to get bare into nature.
The water isn't ruff, but crystal clear and delightful.
Friendly atmospheres through other characters enjoying there way of life along the beach.
People walking with or without there dogs up and down the beach.

Always great people to say hello and have a yarn with.

Looking forward to our next experience. . . . .
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澳大利亚珀斯95 条分享
Warnbro Beach is a great beach for long romantic walks, cool refreshing swims and parts are dog friendly. There is always something to see in the waters… dolphins, seals and very occasionally a penguin or 2.
It’s clean and safe. Easily accessible from a few carparks.
Unfortunately there are only toilets and water ( showers and drinking fountain ) on the north half of the bay.
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I must’ve picked a bad day to go here. First visit too. After walking the stretch of the beach, I picked a nice, remote spot secluded from the other nude beach goers. Relaxed there for ten or so minutes and got starkers.
Low and behold, two lone fellas have, in this time set up spots within spitting distance of me.. no biggie.. I think to myself, I’m a strong independent young female. Being such, I head in for a dip.. ( with one of the men hot on my helels)..
Well this dip turned into a 2 hour long soak (I’m embarrassed to admit I stayed in so long for fear of getting out and re-emerging onto the beachscape that progressed while I was in the water).
In this time I watched all sorts emerge from the dunes beyond the beach. One old fella actually playing with his ahem, unmentionables. I didn’t know what to do, so I kept my eyes on the oceans horizon, swam out deep. But each time I’d look back to the shore it’d do less to soothe my unease. In the end I made a beeline for my towel, dressed then walked back to the car park entrance via the water (as opposed to the walking track behind dunes that I’d arrived on).
But I suppose what really grinds my gears and likely the reason why I’m writing this.. I’m walking on the footpath about 100m from car park, down the street & back to my bus stop, when a car behind me slows down to a crawl.. it’s one of the original creepy men! The guy that followed my into the ocean and throughout my swim is now in his car, window rolled down to ask me if I’d like a ride with him! The freaking nerve of this guy!
..I mean.. this is after avoiding eye contact, conversation, facing away from his direction..then moving away from him, on land and freaking sea! Not engaging whatsoever & doing my best to ignore his and the other men’s presence. What the hell made this man think this behaviour was okay?!
I’m sure the beach is mostly visited by decent people who just want to go nude at the beach but I really lucked out today. I’d give it another chance, perhaps not on a Sunday or alon again though.
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natasha b
澳大利亚珀斯52 条分享
I've just moved into the neighbourhood and couldn't wait to go for a bike ride along the beach. I picked a fantastic day and headed out. On the way back I had an unavoidable stack due to a mum and daughter taking up the pathway on 2 bikes, 1 with trainer wheels. While it was no one's fault maybe some more "Keep Left" signs could be posted along there and some blind spot mirrors? I noticed its a dual pathway and has heavy bicycle and foot traffic both ways and so many twisting blind turns which seem like hazards waiting to happen. Some parents were really vigilant about keeping their children out of the path of oncoming traffic, others seemed oblivious to this potential danger. I'm still recovering from my injuries and my new bike needs repairs.
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So sorry to hear of your accident, Natasha. How are you feeling now? I'm going to pass on your comments to the City of Rockingham's engineering team. If you'd like to speak to someone to discuss this further please call 9528 0333. Hope you're back out enjoying Warnbro Beach and the cycling networks along the coast.
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Jana C
捷克共和国布拉格4,618 条分享
One of the best beaches in the Southern suburbs. Came here many times for a walk recently and always loved it. The sea calms you down and you feel much better and less stressed.
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Absolutely Jana - nothing better than Vitamin Sea.
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Ian D
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This is a lovely nudist beach - plenty of couples. Flat smooth water with no breakers before mid-day.
Only a short walk from parking.
A great laid-back beach and a lovely place to work on your tan and enjoy some exercise.
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澳大利亚珀斯39 条分享
Arguably one of the best Beaches in the Perth metro area and it just happens to be nudist as well. There is a long 7.6km beach that extends from Safety Bay Boat Ramp to Port Kennedy Beach. This incorporates a 1.4km section of Official Nudist Beach at the Southern, Port Kennedy end. Access to the beach is from the car park at the end of Bayeux Avenue down a concrete ramp to within 50m of the shoreline. The nudist section starts about 100m to the left of the Car Park beach access ramp to about 500m before the Port Kennedy Boat Ramp. Please stay between the Official signs at either end of the Nudist Section of the beach. There is also a paved cycle/walk track behind the dunes with several beach access pathways along it’s length. The entire foreshore is well protected to the east by the coastal dunes and to the west by a reef. There is little or no surf or wave action because of the offshore reef. The beach is gently sloping for the most part. This is a friendly Nudist beach with the Northern (Car Park) end being the most popular. The beach is frequented by many couples and single females as it is a very safe beach. The best time to use the beach is in the morning before the Onshore Sea Breeze kicks just before Midday.
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We nervously made our first visit to a nude beach in our late 30s, read some reviews and took the wise advise from other reviews to stay close to the car park, we went at 7am there were a few older men spread out and the odd couple, every one was very pleasant and just enjoyed the morning thankfully no weirdo's.
We enjoyed our visit and we definitely recommend giving it a try
You only live once :-)
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Allan M
澳大利亚珀斯65 条分享
I have lived in the surrounding area for approx.10 years and never been to the beach. I still haven't. I parked at the Dog walking beach car park area and was left shocked, stunned and speechless by the beauty of the view to the beach and the surrounding area. I was there to walk along the pathway up from the beach.
Do yourself a favour and go to the car park area and look out high above the beach. You will not be disappointed. As Arnie says "i'll be back"
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