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Stacey M
3 条分享
Soooooo fun!!
2021年9月 • 家庭
We went for my 9 year old daughter's birthday. Myself, my husband and our 4 kids aged between 14 and 9 so we opted for "Bunker 38" the "easiest" room haha. We thought we'd be out in 10 mins to be honest. We weren't expecting much but it was quite tricky in parts and had to ask our host Nicola for help several times. It was so much fun and exciting watching the time ticking down. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and my husband and I are definitely coming back to try the harder ones with friends. I would absolutely recommend it for something fun and different. Nicola was a great help and made it exciting for the kids. My daughter definitely had a birthday to remember, thank you!
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Marie J
4 条分享
Excellent escape room experience
2021年8月 • 家庭
Absolutely brilliant escape room. Cell block was exciting and fun...Great clues and puzzles...enjoyed every minute. Can't wait to do another one. Rachel our host was superb. We loved it from start to finish. Suitable for everyone...plenty of room..not scary or can get out if you panic..its really not frightening.
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steven m
英国桑德兰47 条分享
Excellent escape room experience
2021年8月 • 家庭
Excellent escape room experience, cell block C the room we booked, will definitely book the dungeon of doom next, our host Rachel was brilliant 👏
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Amy Moody
英国哈特尔普尔328 条分享
Really good value.
2021年8月 • 好友
Visited recently with a group of friends and opted for their dungeon of doom escape game. We all found the game really good fun with a wide range of tasks and challenges needed to solve all at varying levels.

Our host was very friendly and helpful and explained eveything in detail in advance to us and was available for clues if needed.

We added on a game of golf afterwards to make the most of our visit.

Price wise we found it all really good value and genuinely couldn't complain.
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Ashleigh B
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Dungeon of doom escape room
2021年8月 • 家庭
Completed the dungeon of doom with around 12 minutes to spare. The room was exciting but sometimes had us stumped so it gets those brains working. Puzzles were exciting. James our host was so friendly and welcoming, made our experience that little bit better. Overall an amazing experience and would definitely recommend to other groups.
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Rachel H
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vault escape room
2021年7月 • 好友
james was friendly, he was polite when giving clues, when asked for help james replied almost instantly ensuring we could stick within the time frame, would definitely book an escape room again :)
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2 条分享
Great first escape room experience
2021年5月 • 好友
Had a great time escaping from cell block C, the puzzles were well put together and the room had a good flow. It was some of our groups first escape room experience, and it definitely surpassed expectations.
Nicola was an amazing host, always polite and helpful, making sure we were on track when we came to a dead end.
Would highly recommend doing a room here, we are already looking on when we can return.
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英国桑德兰5 条分享
Very fun and enjoyable experience
2021年5月 • 家庭
Excellent escape room. Managed to escape with 17 minutes to spare but was definitely stumped at times. The riddles were well though out and were very interactive rooms having to use props and water to help you escape. Staff were lovely and friendly, explained everything loud and clear and were even keeping up with the room in real tome making sure we were on track and having fun. 100% recommend. Looking to go back to do the other room.
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英国达勒姆2 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
Second escape room completed here. Cell Block C is small space for 3 people (2 Adults 1 child) however enjoyable. Bring on the Dungeon next... then hopefully the Casino :)

Nicola was a great honest and very friendly.

Worth a visit for something to do with the family.

We usually participate in a game of golf after too, which is also a great game to play, something different to the norm playing it in a bit of darkness.
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英国桑德兰6 条分享
Clue-d Up
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
As a Xmas present I was given a voucher for one of the escape rooms at Clue HQ in Sunderland town centre. There were 6 of us taking part - myself and my partner, her sister and husband, and their two kids aged 15 and 11.
After a few minutes we were taken to our one of the four escape rooms available- Bunker 38. After a quick introduction and video from our host/games master, James, we were in the room and the hour to escape started.
The story basically was that we were in a nuclear shelter and needed to get out. To do so you need to follow clues, and use imagination to work out how to get out. Obviously I can’t say much more because that could give something away, but with a few clues over the walkie talkie from James, we managed to get out with seconds to spare!
Overall we had a great time, but it’s not as easy as you may think, and really gets your mind working. We all enjoyed it, though the 11 year old struggled a bit at times.
A quick photo afterwards by James for their Facebook page, as well as one for us and that was it. James was spot on with us, giving the odd hint or clue when we got stuck, and overall was a really friendly and helpful young man.
We expect to go back and try again, especially as we now have a better idea of how to proceed and know how your mind needs to think.
Highly recommend !
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