Taylor Park

Taylor Park(圣海伦斯)

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Shaun M
英国Eccleston21 条分享
Beautiful park with a real problem
2021年8月 • 家庭
Such a shame as its a beautiful park ! Great children's play ground , boating lake, beautiful surroundings and a cafe in the centre of the park . The problem the park is full of dog poo, with those black poo bags scattered all around. Really struggle to get my head round why dog owners use bags and then throw them into bushes ! If it wasn't for the dog poo situation I would have scored this park a 5 !
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Lisa H
1 条分享
Great park, disappointing cafe
2021年6月 • 家庭
Taylor park is a great place to go, my daughter loves it, it really helps her cope with her autism, lots of quiet places if she gets overwhelmed, however we have been to the cafe twice as she has gotten hungry and wanted Nutella and toast and twice we were told the grills were switched off, the second time was at 1:40pm which in my eyes is a little early as they shut at 4pm.
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Merseyside45 条分享
Nice to walk but no toilets
2020年11月 • 好友
Feed the ducks, geese, walk around a beautiful area, we're encouraged to meet in parks etc, take exercise in fresh air, I arranged to meet my friend, she travelled for an hour on the bus to meet me, it's a lovely park, cafe selling drinks & snacks, we needed the loo, no public toilet in a public area. Let's not blame Covid!! We had to cut our meet up short as we got taken short!
Surely if Liverpool can have their public toilets open then surely Taylor park can, I'd advise people to go elsewhere.
Be more considerate Taylor Park - what happens if someone has a disability?
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英国利物浦101 条分享
Afternoon out
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Nice well maintained park with a nice lake and childrens park.
Lots of wildlife and walks to do, will beback
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Alan R
61 条分享
historic park
Only live just around the corner from this park so i know it well. Views from the top of the big hill are great. Its just a pity that the dont have rowing boats any more on the lake it use to be very good.Stiil its a place to visit.
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英国圣海伦斯5,105 条分享
Lovely lap of the lake
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Great local park. Perfect for dog walking or a lap of the lake with a pram or the children. We regularly come here for a stroll
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英国利物浦143 条分享
Cafe Rip Off
2020年1月 • 家庭
Went Taylor park today with 2 year old grandson and daughter, a nice walk until you stand in all the dog mess, couldn't beleive how much there was in this park it's everywere, our daughter stood in some and I walked in front to shout out were to avoid it, the cafe is a disgrace I needed to us the toilet before heading home but they wouldn't let me said it was for customers only bearing in mind there are no toilets for miles unless you went into the city centre, had to spend a minimum of £3 to use the toilet, I got a bottle of water for £1.20 which is no word of a lie you buy in a 12 pack for £2 and had to get a can of coke just to use the toilet, discusting won't be back will go sherdley park nxt time
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Kev P
英国圣海伦斯42 条分享
2019年12月 • 家庭
Great park with lots to see and do, feed the ducks or squirrels. Two play areas basketball court woodland walks boat lake. Cycle hub and cafe. Council run free kids activity’s Throughout the year much loved by families
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英国St Helens129 条分享
Love my local park
This is a fabulous park with so many friendly regulars. I love sitting with the responsible, lovely dog walkers and Alan at the boathouse cafe most mornings. It’s wonderful watching other dog walkers, children playing and people exercising. Lovely cafe with cheap eats and nice cuppas. A beautiful park.
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2 条分享
Taylor Park is lovely. Large open spaces. Plenty of places to park. Good playground. There are plenty of dog mess bins & litter bins but unfortunately there is a lot of litter in the park. If litter louts didn't spoil the park if would be beautiful. Pauline
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