Chunchi Falls

Chunchi Falls(Kanakapura)

Chunchi Falls
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印度班加罗尔1 条分享
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Perfect For one day outing place around Bangalore. Just 78km from Bangalore .
10 or 15min walk to reach the waterfall and beautiful view ..totally recommend
Best time to visit : monsoon

For details follow me on social media
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Bala Tripura S
印度班加罗尔3,120 条分享
This falls is around 30km from kanakapura near to Bangalore.There are buses near to this falls from Kanakapura.Chunchi is a remote village near to Kanakapura.This falls is around 1km from bus stop.There is plenty of water in this falls as it rained heavily recently.There are 2 beautiful view to this fall.Police staff are not allowing people to get into waterfall and there are some local guides who will take you near to the fall and we need to pay 150 rs for the guides.I feel this is kind of business they started as some people died recently after getting into the fall.
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1 条分享
2021年9月 • 独自旅游
It is one of the worst place to visit.... Tourists are I'll treated and locals are not welcoming.... I understand weekend curfew and all but we as tourist follow covid protocol and maintain social distance but locals are not that educated... Kids are trained to collect money for local festivals by stopping vehicles, it is worst experience. If someone is generous to donate, they will donate or if the locals want to make money they may sell some eatable but this place is worst and not well maintained. Tourism is a source of revenue and even the locals in this place don't act like civilized and I'm sure u will have a worst experience.
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2020年12月 • 家庭
Went for a day trip to Chunchi Falls. I was very reluctant to go there, as I was under the impression that final few kms. to chunchi falls, driving would be tough because of mountainous region. But my doubts were wrong, as most of the trip till parking area was smooth and after parking, you have to trek all the way to falls. We were allowed to go to a marked place by paying a nominal amount to some boys. By paying more, they even take you very near to falls( But that is only for young)
And yes, Falls were amazing after a hard trek. You can spend time there sitting on rocks and experiencing the falls view. Went in December 2020, and falls had enough water and mesmerizing view. You can spend half day there and then plan to go to Sangama , not very far from here.
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Lakshmeesh Hegde
印度班加罗尔3 条分享
There is not much water falls as compared to river flow. One need to trek about 500 meters from parking point. hardly can spend one to one and half hour. Road from Bengaluru was very bad due to under-construction. Not suggestable to plan this as single destination for the day.
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Khubaib Ahmed
1 条分享
2021年1月 • 家庭
Chunchi falls is a very ill managed tourist place. It is a long walk with no security railings, no walkway safety. It is very sad that a tip from where it is dangerously easy enough fall down the depth of the hill there is no security grill or closure. No washrooms. No change rooms. It did not seem a place for anybody other than non tourists and non family members to visit. Risky. Heard it is in private land. Requesting authorities and land owners to please make it a safe place and way to visit with moderate charges to manage...
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1 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
Tracking is good but water fall is very small even in the peak season time. Don't keep high expectation before going there.
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印度班加罗尔350 条分享
We were looking for a one day outing away from crowd (COVID days !!) and decided to take a trip towards Cauvery river. The entry to Cauvery was blocked, so we decided to go for a drive nearby. The drive to Chunci falls is amazing. There are number of meadows on the way where you can just relax or play and enjoy nature. We found the place to be worth a visit, especially after rainy season.

On the way, we could spot many waver bird making nests and some other interesting village views (like silk work cocoon farming, potters etc)
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Aditya Kumar,
印度波帕76 条分享
2019年9月 • 好友
have been visiting this awsome lap of nature with mountains trees n fall... stunning landscape. but recently locals have started spoiling this over controlling the premises. first they charge money for gram panchayat entry. then parking charge. when u reach near thefall they will charge 25 ₹ per head to go near the fall. earlier we used to take bath at some safe places now they need 100₹ to allow u for this. overall this place is really beautiful for day outing out of city's noise.
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Mohit Bawankar
印度班加罗尔267 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
Not well maintained falls because they very long to distances and not any good to see any awesome seen too because this place very long from bangalore and nothing to seen
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