Vazhachal Falls

Vazhachal Falls(Athirappilly)

Vazhachal Falls

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Mrs kumar
kochi22 条分享
2021年1月 • 家庭
I went to this place while traveling to AthiraPally with entire family.this place is also one of the best place but it's small compare to Athirapally.also there are so many monkeys if you are traveling with kids they will love to see them I went with my cousin is so romantic.we found local restaurants which was budget friendly and hygienic.
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印度卡拉拉266 条分享
Vazhachal cascading falls
2020年2月 • 家庭
Vazhachal is a cascading falls 5 KMS upstream of Aathirappally falls. The road to Vazhachal falls from Aathirappally is well paved though it is narrow.

The entry tickets (charges applicable from April 2019, is Rs 40 for adults
Rs 150 for foreign nationals) issued by the forest department is for both Aathirappally and Vazhachal ( for those coming from Chalakudy side)

Vazhachal falls is a beautiful spot to spend time while visiting Aathirappally. The access to the falls is restricted due to safety reason . The periphery is fenced but this donot obstruct the view , one can see the falls in a good length . There will be a minimal flow during summer ( it doesn't dry up) and it will be amazing to watch this cascading fall during monsoon and post monsoon.

There is a small park for kids and a snack bar. Toilet facilities are also available.
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Boaz W
以色列Jerusalem District374 条分享
נחמד מאד
הכניסה למקום כלולה במחיר הכרטיס של הכניסה למפלי אתירפילי. כדאי לשמור את הכרטיס ולהכנס איתו. ההליכה למפל קצרה, והמקום נקי ומסודר
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以色列耶路撒冷59 条分享
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
בקרנו במפל זה.
היה מאכזב מכמות המים שראינו.
כנראה שבחודשים אחרים הזרימה יותר מרשימה.כנראה שבאוקטובר או נובמבר הזרימה מרשימה יותר.
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印度浦那2,206 条分享
Laidback Gently Flowing Waterfall.
Compared to the Athirappilly Falls, the Vazhachal Falls is a very laidback gently cascading waterfall which tumbles down the rocks in a leisurely manner. Nevertheless, it is in a very beautiful setting at the edge of the lush green Sholayar Reserve Forest with lush green trees all around and a lot of monkeys to give you company. There is a fencing along the flowing water so as to prevent people from venturing on to the slippery rocks. The falls are in full force during the monsoons.

Vazhachal is upstream on the Chalakudy River and we had to drive up another 5 km from the Athirappilly parking area along a very narrow but well paved road. The road was so narrow that we had to literally squeeze past the cars coming from the opposite direction. The forest entry charges are common for both the falls. Vazachal was less crowded than Athirappilly on the Sunday when we visited. There were some snacks and coffee shops near the falls.
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83 条分享
waterfall nice view from close
nice water flow and the ambient was good. Also crowded during weekends as not too far from Athirapilly. good for slow mo or time phase shoots.
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英国阿伯丁160 条分享
Beautiful falls
Went to Vazachal falls as part of trip to Athirappily Falls. Not quite as impressive as the latter but easier to get to from the roadside.
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Joji J
印度柯钦3,094 条分享
"beautiful waterfall"
The vazhachal falls is the right place to enjoy the beauty of the nature, waterfalls in the forest, cascading in several steps and we can go near the falls but stay behind the fence. The water flows like milk and sprinkles on us when we go near the fence and it's not advisable to try to swim in the area since the water flow is strong and the roack beneath is slippery. Nice place to spend some time with family or friends.
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印度班加罗尔321 条分享
Beautiful fall in Gods own country
Vazhachal Falls is one of the most beautiful falls in Kerala. Thanks to the kerala government to keep it neat and clean. The gentle flowing falls gives you an amazing view.
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Jishnu R
印度Bangalore District136 条分享
Good falls
2019年12月 • 家庭
It's near famous athirappilli falls and same entrance ticket can be used for it. Not allowed to enter the waters due to security restrictions.
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