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Regina Rica(Tanay)

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Reviews by Enzo
5 条分享
Perfect place to feel close to God.

When I went here I felt my personal burdens lifted and seems so small. It shows how peaceful the place is.

Place is well kept and is really beautiful with natural animals roaming around like small pigs and horses. Plus the flowers and plants are well maintained.
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2022年3月 • 家庭
a memorable trip for our family - 8th birthday of my granddaughter Andrea and she took time to gave her birthday flower to Regina Rica ... A must visit for everyone
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明尼苏达Forest Lake187 条分享
This is a pilgrimage site and worth the drive. Filipino rewarding site that is worth it. s are terrible drivers and the trip can be a bit stressful. The tricycle drivers especially. They don't understand slow traffic stays right or anything else, but the trip is beautiful for certain. The site is also beautiful and opens at 8 and closes at 5. So you can spend all day there and it is an emotionally . It is always desirable to renew you vows and religiosity and the gift shop which only accepts cash has many things for a blessed home and person. For Catholics this is a MUST!
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Lynn G
菲律宾吕宋岛23 条分享
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
A very solemn place to meditate and pray. Far from Manila but worth the drive. It's in the middle of nowhere. Drving is kinda challenging be sure your car is full tank. I love going here.We will definitely comeback.
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Maria Teresita C
新西兰Huntly19 条分享
Very good religious site. Lots of people though but the nuns are able to ensure that pilgrims are orderly and there are signages all over as to the boundaries. The mass was very inspiring as well.
Please consider other people who would like to have the quietness when you visit this place
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Justin Van Rivera
菲律宾马卡蒂3 条分享
It was a privilege to see this majestic statue of Regina Rica. I was able to reflect and contemplate about life. I would like to recommend for retreats, excursion, and those who want to join pilgrimages.
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菲律宾吕宋岛6 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
From antipolo going to tanay is a perfect time for an hour of road trip going to regina rica tanay
Passing through curves of mountain roads with a relaxing view from our car
Reaching Regina rica for a sunday mass and an overlooking views makes us really refresh from a weekdays activities....
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澳大利亚珀斯334 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
This isn't really my thing, however we visited with family. Like most religious site's, make sure you are wearing something appropriate, although shawls and long dresses can be provided if need be. Can be busy so judge the timing of your trip, remembering traffic can be crazy. Nice grounds, and tranquil area's if you're able to find a quiet contemplation area. A short little sky walk over a small valley/greenscape with running water helps melt the memory of the metropolis of Manila and was not really used by anyone other than our party while here. The main attraction, being the statue of Mother Mary, was strangely captivating even to me and the lighting of candles for a small fee maybe your thing.
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teacher dory
菲律宾达斯马里尼亚斯市19 条分享
Actually I have been to Regina Rica twice. Going there is always a spiritual task. Visiting such a good place that gives comfort to soul will always be treasured.

The personnel in this place are very accommodating. They will guide and help you find your way in this huge place.. You can also ride in their service vehicle for a minimum amount. The church is very quiet. The chapel/space for worship is serene. The services they offer is on voluntary basis only. Guests always have options.

Going here is a good family affair. You will not regret being here. You will also have that feeling of staying here for you feel close to Mama Mary.
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We visited the place sometime in October 2018. The place was very solemn inside its premises. Visitors wearing shorts or mini skirts are given skirts to wear when going inside solemn places like the chapel/church. There was a mass when we went there but we were not able to attend because of limited time and it was getting late. Over all the place is conducive for self renewal.
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