Salmon Cove Sands

Salmon Cove Sands

Salmon Cove Sands


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加拿大伦敦79 条分享
2022年5月 • 好友
Beautiful place. Soft sand and beautiful scenery. We visited before it opened for the season opened and it was nice to enjoy the sound of the waves and walk along the beach to the rocks
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加拿大圣约翰202 条分享
2019年8月 • 好友
Came here with friends on a Sunday afternoon. $2/person or $6/car for entry. There are outhouses on site. beautiful soft sand! Can be a bit windy but that's not unusual for newfoundland! We arrived around 12:30 and parking was a breeze but when we left around 4:00, the cars were parked all around and very far. So arrive early if you have a stroller or need accessibility.
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密歇根Allendale15 条分享
2017年7月 • 好友
Salmon Cove Sands is one of Newfoundland's most scenic and user-friendly beaches. Wide beach, soft sands, offshore isles and sea-cliffs, low dunes, a stream mouth -- a great spot for a day at the beach, or just a short strop to enjoy the view.
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印第安那印第安纳波利斯1,142 条分享
2017年9月 • 夫妻情侣
This is one of the few sand beaches on the rocky coast of Newfoundland (and it is fairly large). Even more unique is the fact that the sand is black, although depending on the sun, sometimes is does not appear real black.

There was a CASH charge of $2.00 per person to enter the area.

Worth the time to check out if you are somewhat close to the area.
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Wanda A
1 条分享
2017年7月 • 夫妻情侣
I misplace my perception glasses Someone found them and turned them in. I, made several efforts to retrieve them by someone else. unsuccessful. I called to make sure they were on hand for me to pick up, she said they were no longer there, maybe some threw them out. These glasses were. 2 weeks old . So don't leave any personal stuff behind. That was our first trip there
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Holly R
18 条分享
2017年8月 • 夫妻情侣
This was my first trip to Salmon Cove and I did not know that this lovely beach existed! What a beautiful place to spend a summer day! Sand and lots of it. When the water is at low tide, you can walk out past the rock outcrop! You have to check out this beach!
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Makayla K
加拿大纽芬兰及拉布拉多91 条分享
2017年7月 • 好友
This beach is beautiful, it is sandy the whole way across, minus a few rocks and broken shells. It is fairly large and has a beautiful scenic view of hills/ rock cutting into the ocean. They offer a snack shack, but I usually pack a cooler full of food so I don't have to purchase anything besides parking. It was 7 dollars for a car load of people for the day. There is walk in fees if you are doing that, it's 2 dollars per person I believe. You still have cell service at this beach unlike northern bay sands. It has many Tables for eating at, one there is covered. One complaint I do have is the seagulls, the last visit I had they swarmed us for chips and it was scary. Although the birds and other wildlife you can't really stop them from coming around but there is a few things they can do to try and help. Also People are allowed to bring their dogs onto the beach here, you must clean up after them and they need to be kept on leash. Which I really enjoy. It's also closer than northern bay sands, although you cannot camp here and if it is a slightly windy day there is no where to tuck away from the wind (like the rock wall at northern bay sands, that will block the wind and you can still enjoy the day)
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Charles G
加拿大渥太华984 条分享
2017年6月 • 夫妻情侣
After spending close to three weeks visiting all corners of Newfoundland, we find this amazing beach... yes, a beach, with real sand, in a most beautiful landscape. OK, maybe not the best for swimming in early June but still quite a surprise. Very rough road to access the site but hopefully, it will have been fixed by now.
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加拿大彼得伯勒632 条分享
2016年7月 • 家庭
We packed a cooler and spent the day at Salmon Cove. It's a beautiful beach. The water is really too cold to 'swim' in, but our children loved just slashing near the shore and playing in the sand - it's perfect for sandcastles. If you go to the far end of the beach, there's a small stream that flows out into the ocean; that water is warmer and we did swim in that. There is an island just out from the shore and at low tide you can walk to it. This is a great place to visit for a few hours or a day to really relax.
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加拿大滑铁卢128 条分享
2016年8月 • 家庭
Its ~$7 to get a car in for the day. There is a small snack shop and excellent bathrooms (they had air fresheners!). The beach has great sand for castle making. And the views are stunning. A great beach to play on with the kids.
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