Shoilo Propat

Shoilo Propat(Bandarban)

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Mushfiq Ahmad
孟加拉国达卡市856 条分享
Its a mini waterfall. Its a place u can easily visit this place with your family. Hope you will enjoy this place very much. Please don't through plastic bottles or any kind of plastic. Keep place net & clean.
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Mokammel Hoque
44 条分享
During our Bandarban tour, we have taken a break at Shoilo Propat for taking photo. we have purchased some local processed fruits from local people.
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Shahajada Selim Tufan
孟加拉国达卡市128 条分享
Its not that kind of waterfall, it can be called water flow. Be careful when crossing the flow because it is very much slippy. If you go at the rainy season then it could be ideal place to visit but in other seasons, it is a waste of time. Better to explore other parts because Bandarban has many beautiful things to see.
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科威特Kuwait City231 条分享
2018年4月 • 好友
Charming natural view but should be maintained properly. And this place is for rainy season. Its better to make a package with Nilgiri. It’s 08 km away from Bandarban city. It’s possible to go by Open Jip (chander gari-local name), CNG and Bus. There is a office for Chander Gari, opposite of Hotel Hilton. The price for a package of Nilgiri, Chimbuk Hill and Shoilo Propat is 3200 bdt and 300 bdt for parking charge in Nilgiri (upto 1:00 pm). There is 11-12 seats in Chander Gari, you can share with others. If you wanna go by Bus, you get the first Bus at 7:00 am and every hour there is one. For coming back the last Bus is at 5:00 pm.
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意大利贝加莫100,626 条分享
2017年2月 • 独自旅游
Shoilo Propat è una delle cascate naturali più famose e visitate del Bangladesh. Durante la stagione delle piogge il flusso di questa cascata può essere notevole. Si trova a pochi chilometri dalla città e si può raggiungere con una jeep noleggiata. Vicino a Shoilo Propat c'è un piccolo mercato con prodotti artigianali e cibo.
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孟加拉国Chittagong Division104 条分享
2017年10月 • 好友
If you never see waterfalls then it'll be charming place for you. But if you already visited other waterfalls like khoiachori or napittarchori waterfalls it will be nothing to you. Don't spend much time, go directly other places. When we reach there we saw a narrow drain (Nala), water sliding. Remember every waterfalls become shoilo propat after thousand years of water sliding. So we didn't see any speciality of this place. That's it all. We stay here less than 10 minutes. Don't climb metal stair of the shade, it was hugging by one screw when we visited. Thanks
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孟加拉国达卡市1,101 条分享
2017年2月 • 好友
Shoilo Propat is a mere stream but even that can turn out to be like a monstrous cascade during the monsoon. In reality, this is just a glimpse of what the entire Bandarban region has to offer. The government has made a stairway to access to the cascade. Nice unique stone formations can also be observed during the dry season.
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Lincoln Shahid
孟加拉国达卡市281 条分享
2017年4月 • 家庭
Visitors can reach this tourist attraction driving about 25 km from Bandarban. It gives opportunity to enjoy waterfall from old stone structure. It is a small but beautiful place. There are stairs to go down to the stone beneath where water flows. Visitors need to be caucious.
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Zia Ur R
印度加尔各答(亦写作“Calcutta”)1,137 条分享
2017年5月 • 家庭
what a charming place ..absolute serene ..sometimes compels you to fear ...located among the greenery ..absolutely bewitching!
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Sirajum M
孟加拉国达卡市22 条分享
2017年4月 • 家庭
When our car stopped I was confused as I could see nothing in front of but when I followed the direction of others I saw a Stream beneath a hill. From the top, it seems like a long way down to underworld! We got down from the hill at the bottom we found some local tribal people who are collecting water from there and washing their clothes after bathing. This stream is called “SHOILO PROPAT” and one of the local people informed us about the destructive beauty of that silent stream. When rainy day comes it washes away everything even humans have washed away if someone stands anywhere in the way as in rainy season the current becomes so strong and people are often warned to go there. But it is safe to watch the beauty from a short distance. For the first time I have seen any stream and it was a beauty itself.The water was cold and we stayed some times there. Nature can play hide and seek this way by hiding her beauty underneath the surface. I enjoyed that place by feeling the water and stayed sometimes there. We climbed the hill again and tasted some local fruits there.
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