St Ives Shopping Village
St Ives Shopping Village
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澳大利亚悉尼26 条分享
The centre itself is quite nice, a little lacking in shops but it's got most things you could want and a great Harris Farm. The problem with this place is the SHOPPING TROLLEYS! How can people be so unbelievable self centred that they think it is acceptable to dump their trolley in car parking spaces, next to curbs and in the middle of walkways? Have some self respect and respect for other peoples property and mobility! This centre doesn't seem to care, numerous complaints and nothing is ever done about it? They need to move to a coin based system. Every time you park here you are risking your car being damaged or having to get out and move a trolley because the space is blocked by one. Not good enough centre management. Install a coin system and more return bays and get this problem solved. Until then, I would not recommend shopping here. Shame on the people that do this, and thank you to all you considerate people who do the right thing and return your trolleys.
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津巴布韦哈拉雷356 条分享
So many facilities all in one compact place. More negotiable size-wise than the usual mall. It feels like it has an age-friendly focus. I love the wide selection of coffee places and restaurants and community facilities such as the library, which is within easy reach. Parking is plentiful, and the ambience encourages one to visit the place over and over again.
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1,388 条分享
The shopping centre is carpeted and has a upmarket feel. Even shopping in the Woolworths is a much more pleasant experience than at other Woolworths perhaps because it is bigger and carries more products. There is a Harris Farm here also - lots of cafes to stop in and have a coffee. Plenty of parking but it gets very busy on the weekend.
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2020年6月 • 独自旅游
My recent experience at the village during the weekend wasn’t a pleasant one, I had arrived to the centre and parked in the under ground car park to make a short visit to the pathology. I entered the car park at 1pm and exited at 1:30pm only staying a short 30 minutes as I had to attend to another appointment which was due 2pm in Macquarie park. I then return on my way home to re enter the car park to pick up essentials but unfortunately this is where my experience became extremely unsatisfactory and my my surprise at the boom gate I was expected to pay a fee of $30 when only staying in the centre for 30minutea the first time and 2 hours the second time but the sheer fact that I returning not 5-10 minutes later but 50 minutes later because I had to do my weekly shopping I endure a fee!! I explain this to concierge the following day as I was forced to pay the payment at the gate otherwise I wasn’t able to leave. There apparently is a “re entry fee” for returning to the car park within the limit of 1 hour & 15 minutes on a small pathetic sign displayed tot he side of there parking hours but now where else to be seen inside the shopping centre walking in and out of the entrances to familiarise yourself with this kind of information.

For someone who isn’t a regular of the centre or for someone who doesn’t spend more than 1hr at a time if that but to even notice the sign in regular small-medium text/font and when you approach the gate it immediately lifts up without time to even stop to look at the sign so if your quickly in and out wouldn’t even notice or look out for it because it isn’t noticeable.

Anyway the moral of the story is that this village has no aspect of customer care or service and if that I went to seek help the following day at concierge and an awfully rude women by the name of KERRY who works for the village who offered awful customer service and pretty much argued with me rather than assisting me and listening to my experience.

A friend of mine who was a stand buyer had to tell her to calm down on a number of occasions because she was becoming extremely irrational and upsetting herself by the way she was acting. Also when I was given a moment to speak If that, she would place her finger over her mouth to tell me to be quite as she was speaking.

This baffled me & had never received such disgusting customer service in my life and I work in customer service as a manager and deal with a lot of difficult people and I myself have never treated nor would I dread of treating someone with such disrespect that day I was visiting.

Instead of simply just listening to my experience she was on the defence and attack when I approached her with cool and calm intentions as I simply wanted assistance on understanding why I had been charged this fee and to simply just be assisted in a refund (I just want to add that car park in all Westfield shopping malls close by and in Australia are complimentary as well as Macquarie centre) but this centre seems to like sterling money from people

This women was absolutely not trained nor was she doing her job appropriately, I’d advice to be careful when traveling to this centre to either walk if close by, travel via public transportation or get dropped off as if you make an honest mistake you will simply be treated poorly for an honest mistake and quite happily steel money from you and not sympathise, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

I would advice to visit WESTFIELD SHOPPING AND MACQUARIE CENTRE as they most definitely would never treat customers like this and truly advice and assist to their maximum ability.
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Mike G
澳大利亚悉尼19 条分享
What a delightful place to have coffee and more,These guys are friendly efficient with a product to match.A magical team, Try them - you will not be disappointed and I am not on a commission
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英国沃辛207 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Visiting family in the locality we visited here a few times going into the 3 main chain super markets, and stopping for a coffee in a few of the many cafe/ restaurants on offer. Lots of classy ladies and men's shops, and many others I can't name.
It has great access to each level , but parking is quite busy especially weekends. Anyway I think you could easily loose a few hours here!!
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澳大利亚Riverwood39 条分享
St Ives Village promises much but lets you down with only average eateries, and exceptionally poor parking. A good variety of shops and many offer good things. One of these is Sorrento, which has good designer homewares, however the attitude of the senior staff is extremely disappointing, very sullen, not welcoming, no smiles and whilst the goodies on offer are tempting, one is not encouraged to return, which is unfortunate.
The centre needs to be re-enlivened and a multi storey car park included.
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Graeme S
40 条分享
2019年8月 • 独自旅游
A good range of shops including Woolworths and Coles. A number of very good stores such as one of the best delicatessens in Sydney and a well stocked independent bookshop. Plenty of banks, a post office, travel agents and wine shop. Several small cafes and eateries. Recommended.
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新西兰剑桥71 条分享
The mall is close to where we stayed. We enjoyed being able to walk to get a coffee or do any kind of shopping - its so convenient and has everything you need. There are lots of different eateries available. A good range of shops to suit everyone.
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澳大利亚圣艾夫斯3 条分享
It’s a small but personal shopping centre. It has most shops that we need. Parking can be a bit congested, especially on Fridays and the weekend. Very good now that we have Coles. It gives us more choices. There are 2 vacant food shops on the second level. Centre management should try to get tenants. There needs to be more food shops on this floor
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