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Subtropical Swimming Paradise
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2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Would be great to consider an adults only/ quieter time slot per day.

The amount of boisterous children pushing past you all the time, screaming and generally disobeying the rules is quite off putting.

Not everyone going to CP is there with/ for young children especially during term time.

Lots of foliage in the water and dated neglected changing areas. It did feel unsafe at some times like covid didn’t exist in the swimming pool.

Contrary to some of the previous reviews, I did see some lifeguards blowing their whistles.

The slides and tropical cyclone were great! I loved the rapids. However the last segment does go a quite fast and you could easily injure yourself on the walls - one to bear in mind if you’re not a strong swimmer.
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carrie w
英国伊普斯威奇1,156 条分享
2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Went here twice during our stay. The first time we went around 1pm and it was a nice swim, the waves are now back on. There was an ok amount of people in the pool and surrounding sides..
The next time we went was about 3.30pm and it was packed. Loads of older children going down the rapids, and holding onto the sides near the end - no lifeguards around the rapids (just one at the start). The landing pool was packed. Staff weren’t hurting people up to get out - it was crazy!
When you looked around the edge whilst being in the pool you could see lifeguards chatting to each other not watching the water. This later swim felt quite unsafe and disappointing! Maybe we were unfortunate with the timing of our slot but still never experienced this at CP before and we’re regulars!
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英国诺福克郡11 条分享
2022年1月 • 家庭
This place really needs an adult only time slot for people like us who were fed up with screaming, over tired kids ruining it for everyone else.
Totally understand that people want to bring their children swimming but it shouldn’t be to the detriment of other people who come here for a relaxing swimming experience.
I don’t think we will be returning any time soon unless changes are implemented
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英国诺丁汉8 条分享
2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
I broke a pool rule very innocently, took full responsibility for my actions, but the manager insisted on banning my entire family for the rest of our stay (most of whom weren’t even at the pool at the time).

Not really sure how that’s justified by any means and there was absolutely nothing to indicate that would happen if you came off the raft in the cyclone

We’ve been coming for 20 years but probably our last stay after this incident.
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heather s
英国诺威奇57 条分享
I know its meant to be a fun, leisure pool but it was extremely crowded and noisy. There was litter around pool edges.
Changing rooms were obviously very busy so no time to clean between people so again dirty with litter etc in them. Some lookers out of order, well we had to try 3 before we could get one to lock. Slides etc well used and obviously enjoyed by most people who go to pool. Having never been before I think I expected it to be more 'spa like' with some actual swimming areas and maybe not assume all adults have children!
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英国伦敦174 条分享
When booking you get one 3hr slot in the Swimming Paradise per night of your stay, ie if you are on a 3 night stay you can book 3 slots in the swimming centre. The changing village seemed clean, although some of the cubicles seemed tired, but generally it looked well maintained. Just to the right of the entrance to the actual pool area there is an inflation point where you can blow up pool inflatables (it may be suitable for armbands, but I would think that it would inflate too quickly). The pool area seems well maintained. My perception is that the pool area was cooler than the 29.5 degrees advertised (I don’t have anything to back this up, apart from the fact I felt cooler than I did in the swimming centre at another Village)

The younger kids section is separated from the rest of the pool, giving it a good safe feel.

The hot tub ‘whirlpools’ are great for relaxing in. The outdoor rapids are nice and warm and it’s great to go when it’s cold outside as it’s very atmospheric with the warm haze coming off the rapids. While we were there they had decorations along the sides and on the overhead bridges. The rapids are exhilarating enough without being too rough or challenging.

The two flumes were thoroughly enjoyed by our 8-year old as was the Tropical Cyclone ride.

The wave pool is great. They have a safety barrier across the pool to keep non-swimmers in the shallows. The waves are challenging but safe, especially at the shallower end of the pool.
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英国英格兰2,578 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Loved the swimming paradise at centre parcs Elveden. Best parts being the flumes and rapids. All really well organised but did prefer the one person at a time covid rule on the rapids from last year.
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英国Haverhill325 条分享
2021年11月 • 好友
We had a lovely cabana (although the young girl that showed us through to the cabana couldn’t tell us how to use the safe or bother to find someone that could!) Great fun in the pool and rapids but the swimming pool itself is absolutely freezing!!! Far colder than I remember it. Why can it not be as warm (or almost as warm) as the outdoor or lagoon pool? Changing rooms were fine, clean, plenty of lockers and thankfully the showers and hairdryers are open again. Have no issue with the booking slots, in fact for us it makes sense as the numbers are controlled making a much better experience, although I completely understand this is far from ideal for families with young children.
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英国Sidcup445 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
Enjoyed the swim, not too busy thankfully due to covid restrictions. Enjoyed the waves and also the rapids. Would definitely go again.
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Rob Leigh
3 条分享
If you go to Centre Parcs you have to take little ones here, its so much fun, it keeps them entertained and the time just flys by!
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