Augusta Raurica
Augusta Raurica
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Tim S
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2023年11月 • 家庭
Augusta Raurica provides a fascinating peak into Roman history and architecture and is located just outside of Basel proper. Plan on spending at least two hours there to walk the grounds exploring the ruins and wonder through the reception and exhibit center modeled after a Roman villa. BUT!!! Whatever you do, make sure you thoroughly investigate the transportation options from downtown. And by all means, avoid taking a taxi on a Sunday. We made that mistake, and it cost us $150 for a round trip ride to and from the Hyperion Hotel that took less than 30. The hotel clerk who called the taxi for us might have warned us ahead of time, but of course that did not happen. We knew that everything in Switzerland is expensive, but that felt like highway robbery. Enjoy Augusta Raurica; you will not regret going there. Just don't let yourself get ripped off like we did.
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华盛顿西雅图714 条分享
This is definitely a roman sight with a tiny museum and a map to help you walk around the ruins. It is well organized and the countryside is interesting, but I'd say if you're looking for amazing roman ruins, this is definitely not it. Still, if you are passing through, worth an hour or so.
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Fabien F
法国坦恩36 条分享
Très belle visite en famille des ruines d'Augusta Raurica. Balade extérieure en profitant du soleil d'automne et juste avant de repartir car nous n'avions plus le temps de visiter la maison romaine (il était 16h45 et cela fermait à 17h), le vigile nous interpelle de façon très sympathique et nous propose d'entrer gratuitement, ce qui nous permet de voir une petite collection d'objets en argent, mais surtout de visiter la maison, tranquillement et tout seul, jusqu'à 17h.

Merci pour votre accueil et votre sympathie Monsieur le Vigile !
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6 条分享
Men probeert hier zoveel mogelijk te tonen hoe de Romeinen vroeger geleefd hebben. Jammer dat er soms zo weinig nog zichtbaar is van de originele vondsten. De site zelf is erg groot. Bijna beter met de fiets doenbaar dan te voet. De weg met de verschillende "tijdsborden" is wel heel boeiend.
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We loved this site but only had tine to explore one part of it. This is an extensive excavation of an ancient Roman colony dating from about 44 AD until 400 AD. It was largely abandoned around 350 due to invading Germanic tribes and the people buried massive treasure in anticipation of return. They did not return.
The part that we walked around included a large private home, beautifully reconstructed above the site where it was excavated, that is also a museum. There is a detailed exhibit on an important recent find, “The woman in the lead coffin”, discovered in 2016 by a crew installing water pipes in someone’s front yard. The treasure trove of silver discovered in the mid-20th century is jaw-dropping.
We did the shortest of the walking trails, mostly flat and all paved. It included a bakery, the theater where plays were presented, the amphitheater where gladiators battled and a temple that doubled as a health spa.
Some highlights we missed were a trading house, a fort and bishop’s house on the Rhine, and a small zoo with animals authentic to that period.
To get there we took Uber from the Messeplatz in Basel, roughly 40 Swiss francs each way. Public transit is much cheaper but takes an hour each way. Uber took 15 minutes.
This is a wonderful site for anyone interested in history and especially for families. They work at making it child friendly, though it would probably be a bit much for toddlers. They help you to visualize sites that are largely in ruins through telescope-like viewers that fill in the missing parts.
Although we didn’t need it, there was a nice, large map for people with accessibility issues, showing the best routes for people who use wheelchairs or have other physical challenges.
We hope to return here some day.
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希腊Pinakates77 条分享
Very nice environment and very well presented also for kids. We were there in the morning but already some kids were involved in Roman games.
The site is extremely well kept and gives a good idea about a Roman city and his inhabitants
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荷兰399 条分享
What a location! Feel yourself in the medieval again! Also the museum was awesome. A must see and walk venue!
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意大利罗马102 条分享
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Il percorso di visita si può separare in 2 parti: museo ed esterno. Il museo con casa romana è interessante ma davvero piccolo: non c'è confronto con i musei in Italia; ha comunque una digressione ricca di spunti e approfondimenti sull'archeologia e sulle nostre capacità di scopera sul mondo antico. La casa romana è insieme al museo ed è in realtà una ricostruzione moderna per mostrare come poteva vivere una famiglia agiata romana: interessante vedere una ricostruzione "a grandezza naturale".
La 2^ parte è quella esterna e gratuita: si sviluppa davanti al museo e dintorni. Non è però un vero e proprio parco archeologico: i siti sono liberamente accessibili dalla strada e fanno parte dell'abitato. Il teatro è la parte più carina e meglio ricostruita. Quasi nulla l'anfiteatro o foro romano..essendoci poco, alcune installazioni cercano di rendere l'idea di come avrebbe potuto essere (ripetiamo che comunque si tratta di una zona gratuita). Mi sarei però aspettato qualche cenno in più sulla storia romana in Svizzera o sulla colonia di Augusta raurica: la parte storica è purtroppo assente.
In ogni caso un luogo interessante e simbolico da visitare.
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Christophe G
法国雷恩468 条分享
Le site est immense. Même s'il y a une belle volonté de mise en valeur, les restaurations sont trop importantes pour bien entrer dans ce monde.

Point important : la visite est gratuite
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区787 条分享
If you're already in the area, this is a nice place to stop and see Roman ruins in Switzerland. It doesn't compare to ruins in Mediterranean countries but still provides a sense of what life was like for Romans living in this part of the world. The silver artifacts they have on display are unique and well worth seeing.
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