Stone House Wine Bar & Kitchen

Stone House Wine Bar & Kitchen(达尔文市)

Stone House Wine Bar & Kitchen


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澳大利亚阿德莱德683 条分享
Lovely old building with a cool interior ambience that was most welcome after exploring all that Darwin has to offer. Good choices of wine by the glass and platters to share. It was so nice to relax in this classy place that we returned 3 times during our visit.
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Philippe L
1 条分享
Last night I walked into this restaurant. I have a hospitality background. I walked into a busy restaurant with no reservation. I walked by a couple of tables of customers and stood at the start of what was a bar to my right.
All the service staff were bounced up into a corner of the bar polishing glasses and discussing between themselves whatever it was they were talking about. Not so important but I’ll paint the picture. I was standing there and most not all the staff bar a couple who had their backs to me made eye contact or at the very least noticed a human being standing there waiting for some acknowledgement of some sort.
It was at that point two waiters broke away from the group, one wearing round glasses and walked by me making a concerted effort not to look in my direction. I understood that it may have been urgent to find that bottle of wine they were looking for but all the same a simple, ‘we will be right with you sir’ would have done.
So being the patient person that I am and the fact that I was in no hurry, I stood there some more waiting for someone to just ask if they could be of service. No one did ask but they all made quick sneaky little glances my way to see if obviously I was still there. You know the sort of quick glances you get when they want you to go rather than the glances you get that are welcoming and warm.
Why I’ve written this review is because of what happened at the end when I gestured with my arms in a defeated fashion that I was not welcome.
The staff noticed this and were all stupidly smiling at me like as if it was a professional courtesy to me as I was obviously leaving the restaurant because of zero acknowledgement. It was truly like out of a comedy scene in faulty towers, a we screwed this up moment so let’s all smile as we have nothing else to offer. I opened the front door on my way out and as I looked back there was a girl and guy still polishing their glassware, all the wait staff huddled into the corner behind them. I turned around to look if anyone may have been on the off chance heading my way but instead I noticed the girl saying something to her co worker who had his back to me. He then turned around with a broad smile on his face as I was exiting the restaurant.
In summary this is meant to be a ‘French Bistro’ of sorts. A French Bistro in France is a welcoming warm place where locals and visitors are treated equally. I should know, I’m French born, and have worked in Paris too. If this is someone trying to represent French culture in Darwin, then please understand Darwinians that this has nothing to do with French hospitality. Nothing.
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13 条分享
What a great spot.
Stone House has a great vibe. Low key , inviting, cosy, relaxed, fun, but quality. Our waitress was fun and knowledgeable, and the margaritas and negronis were excellent.
Full marks Stone House.
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Mark B
28 条分享
Very poor choice of American cab sav.
At best $8 glass.
Why would you sell American Wine over Australian.
Beautiful south west Australia or south Australia wine.
Coming here for years.
Very poor choice ☹️
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darwin350 条分享
Local but my first visit.
Absolutely loved it.
Lucky to get a table..should book in advance for a Friday afternoon at least! Extensive wine list, cocktails.
Food mainly grazing platters but have to be best selection I've come across in a long time in Darwin.
Spent a great couple of hours..lots of locals in amongst tourists.
Only complaint is the acoustics...became quite noisy but then that's part of the atmosphere.
Great fast professional service .
Love it and will return
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Vicki J
澳大利亚Woodend523 条分享
Enjoyed a lovely Clover Hill sparkling here with my husband. Great spot would not be out of place in the bigger cities. Very impressed with our waiter he has clearly poured wine before. Wonderful wine list which makes choosing hard. Loved the décor and vibe of the place will be back for sure. Loved everything about the place which was recommended to us by a local.
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Geoff F
241 条分享
After a quite place to visit and relax with a beverage. This was the perfect place. Both indoors and out this was was perfect with no loud music or large groups. Perfect.
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Stuart B
澳大利亚悉尼8 条分享
Both the cool stone walled main bar/restaurant and cute outside garden are pleasant spaces for a civilised drink and a bit to eat. There is an extensive wine list encompassing Australian and Old World wines, and lots to tempt on the menu (think tapas grazing style – charcuterie, anchovies etc). The staff are also very friendly and helpful. We will be repeat visitors while we are in town
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Craig P
澳大利亚悉尼510 条分享
A very comfortable sophisticated wine bar and kitchen easily well placed in a larger capital city. A great and interesting range of wines, beers with some rotating taps and cocktails. Staff were helpful , friendly and smiled. Finger food and snacking available. Indoor and outdoor seating and tables. Very nice.
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澳大利亚Greater Perth1,009 条分享
Loved the quirkiness, sassy vibe of this place. Staff were helpful , friendly and smiled. The outdoor area at the back was sensational too as the weather was great for the night. Cannot fault the place abs even the Spice Pulse drink was amazing. A must when in Darwin. This place has class and it’s like you in Europe.
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