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Sunrover Tours
潜水与浮潜 • 四驱车、沙滩车与越野游览 • 自然与野生动物游览
上午8:30 - 下午12:00
上午8:30 - 下午5:00
上午8:30 - 下午5:00
上午8:30 - 下午5:00
上午8:30 - 下午5:00
上午8:30 - 下午5:00
上午8:30 - 下午5:00
上午8:30 - 下午12:00

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德国纽伦堡12 条分享
2023年4月 • 独自旅游
3 days 2 nights tour on Fraser Island leaving from Rainbow beach review!

- 10/10 tour!!!!
- Steve was an amazing guide, funny, kind, helpful and very knowledgeable about Fraser Island!!
- The camps were very good and comfortable with very well equipped toilets and showers!!
- The food was quite good!!
- The tour plan was also really goo, we’re we saw and explored all of Fraser Island.
- We were 1 car and 6 people.

Highly recommend this tour !!!
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Barney H
1 条分享
2023年4月 • 独自旅游
Really good tour, Andrew and the guides very very friendly and knowledgable and the camp has everything you need. Didn’t want to leave the Island and the group is the perfect number. Recommend for literally anyone. Think this looked better than the bigger tours I wouldn’t say Fraser is the best place for a piss up so I’d choose this one every time as a 22 y/o solo traveller.
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英国大伦敦200 条分享
2023年4月 • 好友
We were really looking forward to our trip to Fraser Island. We were picked up from Brisbane and put in a van with seating benches either side facing each other. These were really uncomfortable and we felt unsafe during 100km on the motorway before we even got to Fraser Island - as they only had seatbelts round the waist. See photos - it sits 8 people! We were then told we would be using the same vehicle for the next 2 days. We were upset by this as this is not the experience you are shown on the advertising and you’re paying £400 per person. Our driver said we had the ‘uncomfortable bus’. Other guests were in other vehicles more suitable. 4 elderly guests were moved to these better vehicles as they knew it wasn’t suitable. We were left in the van though and had to leave the tour before we got to Fraser Island as it was so bad - with no refund. I explained I had hip surgery previously which is not a problem if you have a seat you’d expect in a 4WD and not the make-shift DIY seating they had in their vehicle. I was told it was my fault for booking a 4WD tour even though they had moved customers who visually wouldn’t have been able to ride in the vehicle. When I explained my condition they said ‘sort it out with the other passengers’. I wasn’t about to ask others to swap with me as no one else would want to ride in the vehicle. The staff were also rude and said it was was my fault as the transport depends on guest numbers. Just see the replies to other less favourable ratings and it gives a good indication of how they treat customers. No refund for $1400 even though it was their service that was unsuitable. We sadly missed the terrible ratings on trip advisor before we booked - you’ll always get some but there are a large number here which says a lot. Please please please book with someone else. These guys will ruin your holiday and they will not care in the slightest.
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Linn S
2 条分享
2023年4月 • 独自旅游
I went solo on a 2 days/1 night tour to Fraser Island with Wayne as our tour guide and I absolutely loved the trip! I can really recommend this amazing tour. The island itself was amazing and we got to se all the highlights around it. Not only that but also all the guides around where just incredible and made the hole experience so much better.
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英国纽卡斯尔6 条分享
2023年3月 • 好友
We had a fantastic trip. Our guide Rhett was a fountain of knowledge on all things Fraser Island, ecology and we were treated to a fantastic star gazing talk at night.
Rhett joined us on all our hikes and activities, making it really inclusive and we felt we got the most out of our trip! This tour was one of the highlights of our trip
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Fay O
2 条分享
2023年2月 • 好友
This was such an amazing trip! It was so much fun and Andrew our tour guide was great! He had so much knowledge of the island and really looked after us. Would really recommend!
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Sarah Hatson
3 条分享
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Our 2 day tour of Fraser Island was fantastic! Jeff was a great guide, he had so much knowledge of the Island and its attributes, and was also hilarious! We had such a memorable time, Lake MacKenzie being an highlight - absolutely gorgeous. We would definitely recommend to anyone!
Thanks Jeff and Sunrover, Sarah and Gray!
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瑞士1 条分享
2023年2月 • 独自旅游
Amazing 2 day tour with Jeff. A lot of interesting information because he grow up at Fraser Island. It was super nice :-) Thank you!
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16 条分享
Rhett and Jim were our guides for a 2 day trip to Fraser island.
Overall we loved Fraser island but were disappointed in Sunrover tours for the reasons below:
1. The "small group" was in fact 17 people crammed into two old vehicles; one of which was very uncomfortable.
2. Our guides thought everyone was on a 3 day tour and the 6 of us who had booked onto the 2 day tour were made to feel like we had caused an inconvenience. They tweaked the itinerary and the result was probably a less than optimal experience for everyone.
3. The food was very poor. There was no lunch at Rainbow beach on day 1 as advertised and no explanation. When we arrived at camp there were some basic pre-made bread rolls. On day 2 we had breakfast at 7am and no further meal was offered. We got back to Rainbow beach at around 4pm because a vehicle broke down and required a tow. There was no recognition of how hungry people were. The description of the food provided is misleading. "fuit" = apples on day 1; "buffet" supper = cheapest sausages and burgers. There were no marshmallows as advertised.
4. Information from guides on Fraser island itself was ad hoc. Those in the back of the vehicle could not hear it.

Overall this felt like a real budget trip but without the price tag to match and the company website is misleading. All those who took part on our trip were OK but the vehicles used were not suitable at all for anyone with any kind of physical limitations - massive step up into vehicle and extreme discomfort - this should be made clear on their website.

The cabins we slept in were clean and comfortable and Rhett's enthusiasm for stargazing was appreciated. We realise that the breakdown of the vehicle was a problem to our guides on top of the mix up over who was on what tour and were grateful that they were able to get us off the island, but we honestly felt like we were a massive inconvenience.
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2 条分享
Highly impressed with my tour, 2 day 1 night, and guides Andrew and Jess. Andrew was extremely knowledgeable about the Island and area. I don't believe I ever heard him respond with "I don't know". I remember saying I wish I had taken the 3 day 2 night tour instead because I didn't want to leave so quickly. It was a definite highlight of my time in that part of Australia.
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