Culture North Night Show

Culture North Night Show(派希亚)

Culture North Night Show

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Helen W
新西兰奥克兰中心地区8 条分享
2013年9月 • 家庭
A very informative and inclusive show, entertaining at the same time as educating in history of our nation. Great the way they bring the kids in to be part of the show
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俄罗斯彼尔姆325 条分享
2013年3月 • 好友
Фольклорные мероприятия посещать рекомендую посещать везде - ведь на них можно увидеть аборигенов! В Новой Зеландии аборигены особенные - в качестве устрашения противника они изо всех сил выпучивают глаза и показывают язык! Кому страшно, а многим зрителям смешно... по-этому перед шоу просят проявить уважение к культуре Маори и не смеяться. А то Маори расстроятся ;0)
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St.Cloud16 条分享
2013年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Frommers had rated this 3 * and the cost was $65 per person. We were expecting a great show with cast members showing the Maori tatoos and costumes as shown in the Frommer's book. The cast consisted of mainly high school age people and none of them had the traditional tattooing. A couple of the small cast looked uncomfortable performing and didn't even know the words or steps to some of the songs. We can't believe they charged $65 for this show! The main character was sick and so another one read his script using a notebook. It was very unprofessional. Since we had spent so much money on it we didn't attend another Maori show in New Zealand. It was the only disappointment of our New Zealand adventure. Please check into a show before you purchase tickets, maybe Rotorua ? This one was a total rip-off.
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Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand90 条分享
2013年1月 • 家庭
Interesting history, but I could only understand a few of the actors. Many of them did not speak clearly. It was a one sided depiction of that time in history. The actors and director were very interested in what they were presenting and very friendly with the audience. They were all open to answer any questions the audience might have.
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maorichikita17 条分享
2012年6月 • 家庭
I thought the show was very entertaining. Not just a performance of maori songs but a story telling the history of the area and people. An excellent way to share the maori culture with the world.
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Pauline B
英国诺威奇251 条分享
2012年2月 • 夫妻情侣
By the time you get here you may well have seen a "culture show" but this is different; it actually tells a story as seen through Maori eyes and is really worth a look. Not just singing and twirling balls!
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新西兰Opua83 条分享
2012年12月 • 好友
I have been to this show a couple of times with visitors. Transport to the event is included in the price but when the bus does not stop to pick you up, as it can do, it rather puts a damper on the evening. This area of the operation needs improving. Letting folks pay on the bus and not on the sidewalk would also improve the quality of the bus ride experience.

The idea behind the show is great, with an old man remembering things from the area's past that he tells to his grandchild. The show is a good mixture of song, dance, and dialogue.

After a short briefing, where leaders of the audience for the night are chosen, the show starts with the audience making an approach to a rival village. Here they are challenged in the traditional way. If all goes well they are accepted into the Treaty House.

It is great to see the cast switch so easily from English to Maori and from ancient to modern. It is an upbeat, positive, and entertaining presentation. There is a turnover of performers and it appears that new cast should put in a bit more time and effort to properly learn their parts.

After the end of the performance there is a lovely opportunity to chat with the performers and to take photographs with them. Great fun.
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弗吉尼亚罗阿诺克13 条分享
2012年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This is an interesting way to learn about Maori history. The presentation is well done by some talented people. It was also nice to talk to the performers after the show and ask questions. The Treaty Grounds are lovely and well kept.
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新西兰Kerikeri4 条分享
grandfather tells his grandson about the journey to new zealand and the arrival of the first settlers. Good set-up show, professional crew
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科罗拉多威斯敏斯特42 条分享
2012年4月 • 夫妻情侣
As we left this show, my husband described it as "charming" -- until I told him what we'd paid for it...then all of the little things that had gone wrong seemed to add up, and we both felt we'd been cheated.

For starters, we took them up on their offer to pick us up at our B&B due to the late hour and our wariness of driving on the left-side of the road in the dark (we'd been doing this for less than a day). We provided the name of our place and were told we'd be picked up at 7:30pm. As the promised time rolled around and passed, we stood outside waiting for our ride. Eventually, we got in our car and drove to the treaty grounds, where the show had already started. We were politely told to wait outside while someone would find out whether or not we'd be allowed to join. There was no apology for failing to pick us up or expressions of "oh good, you were able to make it" - nope, they were annoyed that we'd inconvenienced them.

As we took our seats, the performers went through a series of songs and dances that were fairly well done - some of the young girls in particular had very powerful and moving voices. Unfortunately, we noticed a lack of enthusiasm from a number of the young males (except when performing the Haka - they seemed to all really enjoy that) and many missed lines throughout. At about the halfway point, one of the young girls made a mistake and seemed unable to recover -- the remainder of the show seemed drained of energy without her (though that did provide us with an opportunity to hear her mother's beautiful voice as she stepped in to lead the songs).

All in all, if this had been a third or fourth of the price, we would have left pleased with how we'd spent our evening, and would have brushed off the little things as unimportant...but when you factor in the very high cost, this show just wasn't worth it.
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