Black Hill Lookout

Black Hill Lookout(巴拉瑞特)

Black Hill Lookout
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Jeffry b
澳大利亚埃森登10,373 条分享
Black Hill Lookout is a hill that overlooks Ballarat. It is a tall hill, that gives a fine view out over the city of Ballarat, by day or night. It is easy to access along established paths, which have been upgraded recently.. Black Hill is best known in Ballarat as a venue for downhill racing, by BMX and mountain bikes. By the way, it is wise to stick to the established paths, there are many dangerous abandoned mine shafts in the area.
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澳大利亚巴拉瑞特5 条分享
Since they have upgraded the lookout area with the bike trails, it is a lot safer to be up there at night. You can get gorgeous views from the top of Ballarat - perfect for watching the fireworks. You either go down one of the bike trails with selected difficulties, take a walk down one of the walking trails, It now has public toilets and a bbq area for picnics.

BEWARE! This is a mining area and going off-trail can lead to falling down a mine shaft. There are a lot of exposed and unexposed mine entrances so be careful.

The open parklands on your right-hand side as you drive up to the lookout is perfect for younger kids on their bikes if they aren't ready for the slopes.

There are 6 cross country trails, 4 downhill trails, 2 pump tracks, a skills area and an advanced jump park available.
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澳大利亚托基595 条分享
2021年1月 • 夫妻情侣
This lookout is easy to get to, it offers good views of Ballarat. It is primarily a mountain bike trail park with easy to challenging courses. Worth a visit, definitely worth a visit if you love a BMX or mountain bike challenge.
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roy v
澳大利亚特拉拉尔根4,082 条分享
While staying in the area we went up to the lookout.
Nothing really there but it does give you good views out over the city of Ballarat.
You can also take steps down into what looks like a quarry site , looks like there are lots of bike tracks there.
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AJ Pato
澳大利亚Kempsey612 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
Hidden treasure. Black hill lookout. Awesome scenic views just out of town. Lots of great walks and picnic areas. Take the push bikes.
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Samantha F
澳大利亚巴拉瑞特1,170 条分享
2019年3月 • 独自旅游
I agree with other reviewers that the view from here is very average, lots of trees and bush's blocking the view. And what you can actually see is basic. There is supposedly a walking track around here, but could see no sign of this. What I did love was that nobody was here. There is like 50 car spots and I was the only person. Great place if you just wanna get away from everything.
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澳大利亚墨尔本153 条分享
Not sure what is so good about this, did not see much at all so not worth the drive up this hill! It was not that high and view was mostly blocked by bushes or trees.
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澳大利亚瓦南布尔34 条分享
2018年11月 • 好友
On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon my friends and I headed up to Black Hill. Two of us hadn't been before and our guide was very enthusiastic. Lots of different length nature walks, from the type that suits a lazy ambler, me, to something for the more enthusiastic and robust, none of us. There are marked trails and a sheltered picnic area. It's also a favourite BMX type area. I also saw a couple of motorbikes heading down one track.. I think this is not allowed.
Lovely views of the area including Wendouree but I needed a pair of binoculars to have a decent look at points of interest.
Worth a look.
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Corinna S
932 条分享
2018年12月 • 独自旅游
Das “große“ Schild mit dem Hinweis zum black hill lookout war nur von einer Seite sichtbar, von Osten kommend sieht man nur das kleine Straßenschild (die Abzweigung unmittelbar vor dem lookout). Auf dem gesamten Weg (zumindest aus der Richtung aus der ich kam) habe ich keine Schilder gesehen. GPS ist auf alle Fälle hilfreich.

Parkplätze und Picknickmöglichkeiten vorhanden.

Ich habe den lookout unter der Woche kurz vor der Mittagszeit besucht und es waren nur zwei andere Leute da.

Der Lookout ist ca. 2 Gehminuten vom Parkplatz entfernt, aber nicht wirklich spektakulär. Ich hätte mehr erwartet bzw eine bessere Übersicht. Teilweise versperren Bäume die Sicht und der Punkt an dem ich die Fotos gemacht habe ist ein bisschen abseits des Weges.
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Sam H
澳大利亚巴拉瑞特80 条分享
2018年5月 • 独自旅游
I often visit the Lookout on walks to take in the scenery and truly appreciate the size and beauty of Ballarat. Recently a lot of work has been done to improve car parking and aesthetics and this has made it a much nicer place to visit.
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Hi Sam! We really appreciate the views over Ballarat from the lookout, too. It's good to know that the improvements have been noticed. Thanks, Kieren
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