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Jake's @ Tri-Lakes
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纽约州18 条分享
2021年11月 • 家庭
Amazing place so much fun, I believe I had even more fun that my baby going up and down. This will become my to go place when it’s raining. I read some reviews of people nir happy and clearly they are just poor costumer that will sell their mother for 1 pound refund . Moaners
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Jo S
63 条分享
It’s okay, some improvements needed, very expensive in comparison
Positive - The indoor soft play has 1.5 hour session - the play areas are very good, look clean and not overcrowded.
Negative - In my opinion it is expensive for such a short session. Would be better to have at least 2 hour session or reduce entry price.

Positive - The farm area is quite good. Two bouncy pillows which were great, nice park area, sand pit play area, and construction play which was fab.

The goat area looked good, and small animals looked like they have good living area. Tortoise needs company.

Negative - I was not impressed with pony area, that needs to be a bigger area for them, and a more grass area , it’s drab and unsure how happy these animals are.

The boats were good, but incredibly expensive on top of already paid admission fee.
The train is an absolute rip off and should be included in entry price.

Overall impression - Some improvements needed with appropriate animal enclosures being a top priority.
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英国沃金5 条分享
Great day out for all ages
2020年8月 • 家庭
I visited Jake’s for the first time in August and had a really great time. I took my daughter and her 2 cousins, ages 7 months, 5 years and 9 years old and all of them had a great time. The farm is set on a lake so the location is beautiful. It’s an added bonus that you can drive a boat on the lake, the kids loved it!
There is enough to do to keep kids amused whilst adults can enjoy a coffee! The numbers were limited due to COVID and that made it feel safe. Will definitely be visiting again once my daughter is a little older to really enjoy all the facilities.
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Andrea C
英国坎伯利1 条分享
Poor animal welfare
2020年9月 • 家庭
Have serious concerns about the animal welfare at this farm. Small furries seemed to be ok but the sheep, goats and pony were not kept in adequate accommodation. All enclosed in tiny areas with no grass to graze on. The pony was in a tiny enclosure by himself. All of the above looked very depressed. Will not be returning.
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2 条分享
Great time out
2020年9月 • 家庭
Good day out with my friend and her 2 and half year old. Lots of things to do, we did the inside play and fed some of the animals.. She loved it! Outdoor play area was fun too. Good with covid too, lots of sanitiser and wash stations around.
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英国纽伯里154 条分享
Great for younger children
Took our 5yr old & 3yr old twins here for the first time after booking our morning slot, was very impressed how clean & safe it all was. Plenty of hand washing stations with actual water & soap not just sanitizer, plus toilets were cleaned after each use. They have a morning slot or an afternoon one with an hour gap for cleaning to take place. Many activities for younger children to enjoy with the JCB digger area the favourite with ours, would have played in there the whole time if they could. Assortment of animals to see with a large lake to walk round & plenty of picnic tables. Had a really enjoyable visit & will come again in the future.
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英国布拉克内尔1 条分享
Terrible customer service
2020年8月 • 家庭
Lovely playbarn and farm , terrible customer service. Our original trip was cut short due to bad weather where we were issued a gift voucher (very nice not complaining about that) wasn’t told to re book my next session as a member , so I called up advised have a voucher etc etc , was told to re book and then I could get a refund ( again nothing mentioned about a members booking ) when I went to get the refund when I arrived I was told no I wouldn’t get one ,other people had booked as members and used there vouchers but I couldn’t get a refund and it was basically implied that I was lying even though i explained I called up and wasn’t told to do it that way , I was also told that only supervisors or managers deal with this so either they need more training or whoever answered the phone should have checked and not just told me yes I would get a refund .
I don’t like to give bad reviews but £31 extra paid out is not a small amount of money , yes they didn’t have honour a gift vouchers in the first place but don’t give out wrong information over the phone and also if you are doing as a goodwill gesture then honour it not just fob people off.

Will not be visiting again due to the poor customer service received.
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西班牙巴塞罗那12 条分享
Not suitable for all ages
2020年8月 • 家庭
Not suitable for a range of age types, my eldest become quite bored and lost interest. This was a shame as he is only 6 however my youngest got on fine with the park. Would not recommend the food very burnt meal and over priced. It’s a shame this play area don’t offer a discount if your a family of 4. The chickens are allowed to run wild which is sad seeing them get chased by kids.
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英国11 条分享
Stress-free day out.
2020年8月 • 家庭
WOW, we had such a great day yesterday. The staff were just awesome and the cleaning
of the park constantly made my day less stressful. I mean having people clean the toilet after every use just shows how serious you're taking this.
All you guys should be super proud of yourselves!
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Andrea T
Wales18 条分享
My pregnant daughter in law saved up and booked 3 adults and 2 children for a session here, we looked at the emailed tickets Straight away and saw that she had booked the wrong day, for which we were already booked elsewhere, so could not use. We rang the company within 2 mins of booking to explain the problem and they refused to change the booking. This is disgusting, and she did not have the money to take them anywhere else for the day.
I AM DISGUSTED with this companies behaviour. DO NOT USE
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