Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge

Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge(Malungon)

Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge


Kalonbarak Road, Malungon民答那峨岛 菲律宾

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Thijs I
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Great place to visit if you are in the area. The road up is bumpy, but the reward when you arrive is amazing: comfortable temperature, amazing view and many huge spiders wherever you look! Funny enough I only find these black/yellow spiders in the cooler hills. Enjoy!
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Paul E
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2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge is about 45 minutes outside GenSan but the "road" from the Highway is mainly suitable for bikes or pickup trucks as in part it is very rough.
Once you get to it high in the mountains it is well worth the effort. The verys are wonderful and the site is well laid out.
There is a play area for children and plenty of seats for you to sit and take in the views.
It has been well landscaped and is not overdeveloped.
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菲律宾桑托斯将军城196 条分享
2019年4月 • 好友
The ride up here will become more exciting with motorcycle. My Mio Sporty can do it! More or less 7.5 kilometers from the National Highway.

Something you should know:
1. Entrance fee P100 per head
2. Spacious car/motorcycle park
3. Curvy and dangerous snake-like rough and cemented parts two-way road
4. Safe road trip houses along the road
5. With cottages for overnight stay however you can bring ur own tent for an outdoor experience
6. Gets so foggy and misty at late afternoon
7. Unlimited kapeng barako, they sell kakanin
8. With restaurant and snack house
9. Good lighting effects at night
10. No smoking and vaping allowed
11. Friendly staff
12. Not so big area but can be considered a good place for relaxing or adventure

We took off from General Santos City before lunch and back home at about 11 midnight.
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菲律宾桑托斯将军城80 条分享
The place is more than an hour ride from the highway but once you reached the place, it is a total respite from the bustling city life! It's cold there! The food is okay and the staff are very accommodating. The view is amazing at dawn break and sunset. I've been there twice the first was with my staff and the second was with my family. I would like you to try the place!
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菲律宾Los Banos41 条分享
2018年2月 • 好友
#wheninSaranggani visit Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge in Malungon - a tourist attraction 2677 feet above sea level. Relax while enjoying the over-looking view of the provinces of Saranggani, Davao and South Cotabato. Plus, you'll get to see the peaks of Mt. Matutum, Mt. Parker, Mt. Busa and Mt. Apo. This place is also ideal for camping 😉

📷 @jecaidelatorre

#choosephilippines #biyaheroes #kalonbarak #skyline #wheninMindanao #wanderingfeet #travelandtours #SOXisNEXT #visitSOX
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cayman15 条分享
2017年8月 • 好友
We went here a month ago with some friends. Tagging along are 7 kids eager to do camping. The view was just amazing, imagine being on top of the world. To get here, you can take a motorcycle ride from the main road, take a long hike or it would be more convenient if you have a car esp. when you have kids with you. It should be fun hiking though. There are no cottages for rent so you will have to bring your own tent. There are no corkages so so bring all the food you want. There is a tiny store at the camp site selling cup noodles, coffee, etc. If your tent wont take too much rain, (just in case) put it up on their huge gazebo. It's more fun outside though. Do not forget to bring warm clothing.

From late afternoon till daybreak expect it to be foggy. Set your tent on the edge but be wary not to fall over the edge. At night we opened a bottle of whiskey to counter the low temps and played some chill music. Your neighbors, i suppose, wont appreciate if you play some loud rockn'roll. The best view is in the morning. we took bunch of photos of the sunrise before hitting the road home.

The only complain I will have was that the TOILET was disgusting. In as much as people bring their own toiletries but there was no running water. It might be ok to increase the 20 pesos entrance fee for as long as the CR is clean. No one was in charge of their toilet.

With that said, I will still come back hoping changes for the better would happen to this place.
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菲律宾桑托斯将军城63 条分享
2017年7月 • 好友
My officemates were looking for a place to go to for a long weekend getaway not far from our place. Since Kalon Barak Skyline Ridge was pretty new and a hot item, we decided to visit the place.
There was a little write ups regarding this place still we decide to go.

Hopefully this will help:
You have to reach Malungon Proper about 45mins away from gensan proper. The kalon barak is known to the people of Malungon so you can just ask whick way going.
The road is pretty rough, you need a good driver for this one not for faint hearted as the roads are steep and both side are cliffs.
Make sure to bring spare tires you never know when you get a flat tire.
But there is motorbike for hire to go up to the ridge.
Last July this year the establishment were only asking for donation. I heard this month (august) they are already collecting entrance fee about 30pesos per head.
You can pitch your tent for a hundred peso (july) now it was like 200 peso per tent.
Toilets are dirty, using rain water to flush and wash.
There is no proper trash cans garbages are dumped on the side of the hill.
Visitors can be very loud during the nights and allow music untill wee hours in the morning.
There is a store run by local inside the premises but with a little higher price.
You can rent a tent but depends on the availability.
If this will go on this place will be ruined i hope they will have guidelines so they could preserve this beautiful place.
The view is spectacular sea of clouds, cold and Mt. Matutum standing proud.
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