Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple(Nilgiri)

Sri Mariamman Temple
Elk hill, Ooty Opposite to Ooty Market, Nilgiri 印度

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印度金奈(马德拉斯)958 条分享
2015年8月 • 家庭
Recently I visited this temple with family. You can see Very powerful goddess Mariamman and Kaliamman in one place. This temple is very near to ooty market and hence it is also called market mariamman. Temple festival is celebrated in the month of March and april. Main Pooja
Kaala sandhi at 7am,
Utchikaalam 12 Noon,
Saayaratchai 6pm and
Raakaala pooja 8pm

Temple timings 6am to 8pm. Visit this temple and get blessings.
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Theepak Hosatty M
印度乌提60 条分享
2014年6月 • 好友
Peaceful temple in middle of the town. Nothing special to mention. But on those festival times almost all community people take a day to honor the god in their respective custom. those whole bunch of week will be in great spiritual and fun filled in and around the town. Never miss it. Its just like a carnival.
Also do visit "Thulasi Maadam" which is nearby. Its the famous Rajinikanth's song shoot over there.
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印度班加罗尔546 条分享
2014年5月 • 家庭
Ooty or Udakamand, in Tamil Nadu, is a hill station and a beautiful tourist attraction in the world. In every village and town in Tamil Nadu, for that matter wherever the Tamil speaking people are found, you will invariably see Mariyamman temple, whether big or small in size. They believe that goddess Mariyamma is the protector of the residents of the village or place wherever she dwells. She would eradicate the epidemic diseases and smallpox to the children and take care of every aspect of their daily lives. This staunch faith in mother goddess Mariyamma has been there since thousands of years in India.

There is such powerful Mariyamman temple at market place in Ooty. She is the local goddess of the city. The temple is beautiful and attractive though not big in size. The Gopuram of the temple will seize your attention as soon as you reach the market place. It is quite interesting. You must enter the temple, no matter whether you believe in Her powers or not, and have darshan, take Aarthi, theertha and prasadam. It is worthwhile doing in your life time. By doing so, without your knowledge, you will see miraculous progress in your career.

The annual festival is celebrated during April every year. At that festival thousands of devotees do take part. Goddess, Mariyamman has thousand names. Here she is also considered as Mother Goddess Kaali. The other names in which she is worshipped in this temple are Mahamaayi or Seethala Gowri and so on. On the day of the festival, thousands of devotees visit the temple from various parts of the country to witness the festival. During the festival, many devotees walk on ‘Honda ‘(pit of burning coal) in barefoot. The female devotees make lamps from grounded rice (thambittu Aarthi) and offer the same to the goddess.

In order to make your visit to Ooty exciting and memorable a visit to Goddess Mariyamman Temple will enhance your knowledge as to the various cultures and traditions existing in Ooty.
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Coimbatore49 条分享
2014年6月 • 家庭
Whenever you visit ooty, don't miss Mariamman temple, situated in the heart of the city. This temple has two presiding deities Mariyamman and Kaliyamman. This is a very old temple and locals used to visit the temple almost every day.
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