Thunder Party Boat
Thunder Party Boat

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Ken C
Spring Hill,Fl., United States46 条分享
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It was one of the best days of fishing i have had in sometime.. We did an 8- hour trip in the Gulf of Mexico & CAPT. CHAZ put us right on the fish & the variety of fish was super . We caught everything from red grouper, hog fish.,GAG GROUPER to so many types.THIS BOAT HOLDS ABOUT 30-PEOPLE COMFORABLE. RECOMMEND TO ANY FISHERMAN.
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Joseph R
密歇根东兰辛44 条分享
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2023年4月 • 好友
Very nice experience at a reasonable price. 1 1/2 hours each way and about a total of 4 hours at a number of spots. The crew were great. They provided everything we needed to fish. We brought our own food and drink. Our group of 3 caught about 12 small fish, mostly grunts. Other customers were luckier but they seemed to be much more experienced than our group. They were filleted on the trip back. This is not a luxury boat but great for up to 20 people who just want to fish. I will do it again.
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Moriah M
佛罗里达盖恩斯维尔13 条分享
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2022年12月 • 好友
My mom loves going out on this boat and has taken me with her twice. Captain Chaz and mate Rob make sure everyone has a good time. The boat provides license, poles and bait. Although to catch the grouper you should purchase pinfish live from the bait shop next door.
Chaz and Rob can identify all kinds of aquatic life (I saw a mantis shrimp for the first time!) and are knowledgeable about size and catch limits. They can get you unstuck from the bottom or untangled super fast so everyone gets to fish as much as possible.
Also my mom walks with a cane. They are always super helpful getting her stuff on the boat.
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佛罗里达Hudson62 条分享
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No frils fishing charter! We're there to fish! Have been out with Capt. Chaz several times. Equipment provided is good; mate at the ready to help. Bait provided; can also bring your own. Bring your own food/beverages. Going out again in June '22.
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Nancy G
阿拉巴马Rockford17 条分享
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I'm giving a 5 star rating because, in spite of the very rough water we had the day we went out, Captain Chaz and First Mate Rob made sure we caught some fish, albeit not what they, or we, expected. Partly our fault, as we made the call to go out even though the water was rough. Weather report said it would calm down some, but instead it got even a little worse (2-4 ft. swells, some might have even been 6 ft. or more!). Some of our party didn't get to fish, due to seasickness, however, it was a beautiful sunny day. I highly recommend taking some Dramamine the night before, then again the morning of your trip!

The big fish weren't biting, despite Captain Chaz's best effort to find them. We did bring home a good many grunts ("Key West Snapper"), which are very good eating! We did catch one snapper big enough to take home, and several that had to be thrown back. Also one amberjack that was too small. And of course, several bigger fish (grouper maybe?) that "got away"!

Don't be fooled by the name... "party" doesn't imply what you might think... there was no partying going on, all serious fishing! Just means the boat will hold a large party, which is what we needed for our group of 11. It was a cool experience for those of us who had never been that far out. And even those who spent some time hanging over the railing might give it another try... but only if the weather report calls for CALM water! LOL

You won't be disappointed if you book a charter with Captain Chaz... hopefully you'll have better weather and the big fish will be biting for you!

Nancy & Perry Goodson
Rockford, AL
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Beginners luck
1 条分享
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2020年12月 • 好友
I went on the boat for the first time in December, 2020. No fishing license needed. I had a friend take me who had already gone several times. It was a great experience. They supplied the license, equipment, and the bait, and they were very helpful with the hooking of bait and the reeling in process as I'm no fisherwoman😁 They keep their eyes and ears open to make sure all fishing rules/guidelines are adhered to. Everybody caught fish.... some people caught a lot, but we were only allowed 2 grouper each if I remember correctly. I was zero mark which meant I caught the first grouper of the day..... beginners luck!!!! I caught another one, but it was a little short and had to be thrown back. Don't matter....I caught it!!! If the fish stop biting at one spot, they move to another. We went to 3 different spots. All fish were filet and bagged before we reached the dock. You can keep your fish whole if you choose to. Some people like the heads for soup, etc. so they clean/cut their own fish at home. The only reason I don't give all 5 stars is because of the bathroom. It is VERY SMALL and the seat was so high I couldn't even squat!! If I were smaller and taller maybe I could've managed, but ladies if you go.... don't drink anything a few hours before or during the trip.... trust me😉😉 Note...The bathroom at the docking area isn't ideal for women either. Empty your bladder well ladies, dont drink fluids before or during, and you'll have a great time. Dramamine is a good idea too... just in case. Oh... and ladies ..don't expect a lot of help from your guy...they paid and their goal is catching fish... not babysitting you🤣🤣
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Larry P
1 条分享
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2020年12月 • 好友
Had a great trip with captain chazz and Curtis on Dec 10 2020 caught alot of fish and great people will do anything for you very friendly will do again very soon ,Larry Peranio
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The Walls Family
1 条分享
3.0 分,共 5 分
Rented the whole boat for 10 of us as a bachelor party, or so I thought. Captain Mike sent someone else who is training this other person to be a captain for another charter boat who just happened to come along (did not pay for this person to come along). So as he is fishing, when he catches something we had to pull our poles in and wait as he caught his big fish. Not what I paid for. I paid for the entire boat. Also if your going to be on a boat you should be friendly, not rude. Everyone is trying to have a good time, and your not better than anyone else not matter what you know or don't know about fishing. Had to figure out what to use on our lines to catch the bigger fish since we were not shown what to use. Not happy with that all. Made a phone call for the captain to give me a call, and silence. I guess I will not be using this charter boat again.
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佛罗里达Spring Hill44 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2018年6月 • 好友
Lots of fish good time for allFor $70 they had a sign fish all day and clean them at the end of the day for us quite a deal stopped at Subway before I got there I had a sandwich with me and a couple soda pops also great day on the water will suggest this boat for anyone caught a couple grouper but they were out of season many many grunts some great size
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Bonnie M
科罗拉多科罗拉多斯普林斯3 条分享
5.0 分,共 5 分
2019年3月 • 好友
Four of us went, 2 had never fished in the ocean. Curtis was great at giving us fishing tips.
THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST fishing trip we've taken (including trips on Hawai'i).
None of us can think of a single negative comment. Absolutely the best time.

Go on this boat!

Worth every penny
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