Barbuda Cocktail Bar

Barbuda Cocktail Bar(布拉格)

Barbuda Cocktail Bar


区域: 旧城区
这里是布拉格最古老的城区之一,也代表着布拉格的中世纪心脏。所以,这里一天到晚满是游客。在 Križovnický 广场上可以眺望背依布拉格城堡的查尔斯桥,这里可能是布拉格最美丽的广场。哥特式的房屋和教堂、鹅卵石街道以及广场营造出一种独特的历史氛围,而石塔又与现代城区和谐共存。大量的酒吧、餐厅、舞厅、国际品牌商店、画廊和酒店为这片老城注入了新的活力。就在这魅力四射、美丽如画的鹅卵石路上,尽情享受难忘的夜生活和派对吧。
  • national Ave • 步行 6 分钟
  • bridge • 步行 8 分钟

25 条点评

Justin C
英国卡迪夫11 条分享
2016年6月 • 夫妻情侣
The title says it all. Patricia and Julia were running the bar, these two deserve a payrise!

We came in and were given nothing but the very best treatment and cocktails!

Lovely and welcoming atmosphere, chilled music, great company and conversation, a clean bar, and the very best prices. What more can you ask for?

10/10 will be back!
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Chris B
3 条分享
2016年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited after reading reviews in trip advisor, welcoming atmosphere and absolutely great staff. Before we knew it we had gone through 6 cocktails and 4 shooters..... Definitely will visit again
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捷克共和国布拉格1 条分享
Perfekt service, lovely drinks, beautiful bar with spirit. 100% recomandation! I was really happy, visitting this place and get really nice experience. You have to visit this place for sure.
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Челябинск155 条分享
2016年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Неплохой барчик в центре Праги, недалёко от Карлова Моста. Зашли совершенно случайно, выпить по коктейлю. Девушка бармен обслуживает быстро, напитки были вполне качественными, голова не болела.
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Orr B
1 条分享
2016年3月 • 好友
Been here a couple times this week, and had a pleasure every time. Great cocktails in a good price and an excellent service.
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ofek Sorkin
以色列荷兹利亚1 条分享
2016年3月 • 好友
Best place for great drinks in Prague! Good music great service and a very cool place! If you are near by, you have to get here a drink
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德国39 条分享
2016年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Durch Tripadvisor gefunden, sehr angenehme Bar. Nicht leicht zu finden, dafür aber auch nicht überfüllt. Beim nächsten Mal in Prag kommen wir wieder! Die Cocktails sind sehr lecker!!!!
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Carolina S
捷克共和国布拉格7 条分享
2015年11月 • 好友
I highly reccomend this small but beautiful place, coctails are amazing and the bartender is the biggest proffesional I have ever seen. This is definately the best coctail in Prague and once you go in you stay till the morning :)
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4 条分享
2015年8月 • 商务型
The internationally experienced owner and bartender mixes some of the best drinks in Prague in this typical for the Czech Republic underground venue.

She's extremely accommodating of groups and there are no challenges for international visitors speaking English here. If you're looking for a great place to get together with friends or colleagues and have a beer or cocktail - or for a private venue to rent to do the same - I wholeheartedly recommend Barbuda.

If you're bored with the expensive mixologists down the street, this is a great alternative at a much lower price and an awesome bartender who has passion for what she's doing!

Two warnings: don't bring your credit card. Cash only, is accepted. As is usually the case in bars here, smoking inside is permitted.
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丹麦欧胡斯13 条分享
2015年7月 • 好友
Do not miss this bar! It will be the best cocktail experience you will ever have!

From outside it is difficult to see, that this place really is a bar. But go down the stairs, and the adventure will begin!
It is a medium sized place, which does not seem very busy. The bartender, Zuzana, will take very good care of you. She is an experienced bartender with an amazing skillset. She has the best ingredients you could ever image for you cocktails, which without a doubt will tickle your tastebuds!

There is a great variarity of cocktails on the menu, but if you talk with Zuzana, you can get the cocktail just as you want! She might Even suggest different variarities of the cocktails that you want! How about a Mojito with raspberry or Blueberry?

Please, do not miss this place! These cocktails will make you come back there, over and over again! 5/5!
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