Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

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Julie W
内华达拉斯维加斯390 条分享
If you've ever studied anything about nature and heard about old growth forests, you've heard how special they are. We never really realized what this meant until we visited Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. There is something quite magical about this place this sets it aside from any other forest we've visited in the U.S. Named for Joyce Kilmer who wrote the famous poem, "I think that I will never see a poem lovely as a tree...." this place is a lovely tribute to both the poet and the trees she wrote about.
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Vonnie J
卡罗莱纳州格林维尔161 条分享
2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Wanted to hike the Loop Trail, but the lower loop was under maintenace. We could still get to the Upper Loop. Enjoyable hike, but we did not do the whole upper loop since we wanted to drive part of the Cherohala Skyway. It was a good trail except there were several muddy spots due to recent rainstorms. Would like to come back later in the spring and try it again.
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田纳西金斯波特512 条分享
Visited on a beautiful October morning. With some mobility issues and closure of the shorter trail we were not able to walk the trails. There were restrooms, picnic tables, and several displays at the trailhead. Sorry we were not able to hike a short way on the trail to the large trees. We had visited years ago and did back-packing in the area. Nice to return if just for a short visit.
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John M
卡罗莱纳州罗利1,846 条分享
This is a must-visit forest to experience what they were like pre-Columbus. It has a wonderful history of why and how it was preserved as virgin forest. The poplar trees are immense and magical. And it's part of a much larger area called the Slickrock Wilderness, and it sits on the NC/TN border. There are two loops to hike to be in the very peaceful poplar grove - the #43 trail. The left side of the lower loop is closed due to a landslide. You can hike up the open right side and then do the upper loop around the grove. The hike is fairly strenuous with its elevation gain and some stairs. It's around two miles in total. There are clean restrooms at the bottom.
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Ty B
卡罗莱纳州戈尔兹伯勒170 条分享
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
My friend and I enjoyed an afternoon hike at this lovely spot tucked back in the Nantahala National Forest in far western NC. It's a rare old-growth forest and really peaceful. The only drawback is the well worn (and on this occasion muddy) paths. It's a popular place and gets a lot of traffic it seems. Nonetheless, well worth your time to enjoy some serenity in nature. Really beautiful in the summer.
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This was a beautiful, moderate hike. Lots of greenery, some cute wildlife, and a fun trail!

Because of high waters, one end of the trail is the closed so you can only enter from the right side. You can do most of the loop, but then you have to turn around and go back the other way, making it about 4 miles rather than two miles :)
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Chip P
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2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
If you’re already in the area, this is not a bad hike, but I wouldn’t recommend traveling any distance to see it. We traveled 2 1/2 hours & honestly we’re a little disappointed. The lower half has more downfall than any hike I’ve ever been on & no large trees. The upper half is nice with some very large Poplars & was enjoyable. Overall, about a 3.
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mnta667 条分享
We had the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest circled on our weekend getaway to the superb Snowbird Mountain Lodge in (actually well above) Robbinsville. We were blessed with a gorgeous albeit chilly morning. The staff at Snowbird (outstanding) laid out the trail hiking options, from moderate to extra-strenuous. As first-timers we opted for the “lower” and “upper” loops, aprx. 1.3 miles and .08 miles, respectively. Without pausing we accomplished the loops in 90 minutes. We were gifted with forested tranquility high-lighted by some of the most impressive, diameter and height-wise trees in the eastern USA. Magnificent Towers! If you plan a similar trek here are a few suggestions. First and foremost, wear sturdy hiking boots. Anything of the tennis shoe variety is foot and/or ankle disaster-in-waiting. The trails are slick. They are covered and coated with rock-hard root systems that, for us in November were often hidden under the fallen leaves. A couple of early near-tumbles convinced us to look before stepping. (Leaping out of the question.) The elevation changes afford a decent cardiovascular exercise, so long as you do not stop and gawk at every giant tree or focus on constant photo taking (selfie sticks not advised). The path is damp/wet due to melting frost and stream trickle/runoff. There are more rigorous and challenging trails for those keen on going all-out. Be sure to have the trail map in hand. Getting lost in this natural wonderland can be attained without warning. Another reason we visited – My uncle served in the same regiment as Kilmer, 165th Inf…but in World War II vs. World War I, where Kilmer was killed in action. Read his poems, particularly “Trees” and you will want to visit this magnificent “memorial” to Joyce Kilmer.
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田纳西Huntingdon34 条分享
Trail passes by several very tall poplars with large circumferences. The branches of the tall trees are located near the tops, with the lower portion of the trees without branches. Standing near the trees, it is difficult to see the tops due to their height. Amazing to see. I found the trail difficult to navigate due to many exposed roots, rocks and erosion in some areas. The trail is moderately steep, with the largest trees located on the upper loop. Younger and experienced hikers did not have any problems and moved quickly. I do not recommend the trail for senior citizens with health issues. Observed that several large trees had fallen and were in various stages of decay. Some of the remaining trees have exposed roots and holes near bottom, caused by disease or climate changes? I feel the trees are endangered and will not be there for our grandchildren.Take a hiking stick and wear comfortable, quality shoes or boots.
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乔治亚蓝岭908 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
Beautiful and peaceful hike through a lush, green forest! The giant hardwood trees are stunning! Trail is very rough and rocky so hiking stick is recommended! Full of birds too! Wonderful place for a peaceful walk in the woods!
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