Alaska Draft Horse
Alaska Draft Horse

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2020年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Ron was absolutely AMAZING! Not to mention the gorgeous & docile horses. We loved every single minute of our time with them. Definitely will be back. Ron made us feel like long time friends. I even lost my phone during the trek & he went out of his way to search for it himself, then brought us back to his home, gave us beers, then we went back to the area where I lost my phone & we found it. He told us all about the local plants & animals. Taught us about the horses & their histories. We fell in love with Justice, Liberty, & New Horse. Cannot say enough about Ron, those beautiful horses, & the good time & views they showed us!! We will be back for SURE!
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Michael F
伊利诺伊州McHenry8 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We found Ron’s Alaska Draft Horses on the internet and were considering booking with him when we got to Homer. When we saw our hosts at Alaska Adventure Cabins recommended him, it cinched it and we called him last minute. He quickly texted back and we were meeting him on his property near Anchor Point just a couple of hours later.
When we arrived, Ron met us at the gate. After a short but info-packed introduction to horsemanship for me and an explanation of how he trains his horses for my wife (she’s an amazing experienced rider) he introduced us to his beautiful Percheron horses.

After a short introduction, we hopped on our horses (with a step up to make it easy) and away we went. The scenery was beautiful, interior Alaska. Ron kept a lively conversation going, explaining about the horses, the vegetation, the trails and his history of how he ended up taking tourists for horse rides outside of Homer, AK.

The horses were, as i said, beautiful, enormous and good-natured. While one of the horses is apparently a little more “argumentative,” Ron rode her and my wife and I rode solid, easy-going horses that each did well with my inexperience and my wife’s expertise. It was clear that Ron loves his horses and takes wonderful care of them.

I’ve been coming to Alaska for over 20 years but I’d never been to Homer. Now, it’s one of my favorite places in the state and our trip with Ron and his huge, gorgeous horses was a highlight of my visit.

I would highly recommend this trip.
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Michelle L
夏威夷基黑64 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
We booked our horseback ride on a whim after seeing an advertisement in Homer and are so thrilled we did. Ron's horses are extremely well cared for and good tempered and it was a joy to be able to spend time with them not only during our trail ride through the hills, but before and after as well.

Ron was very knowledgeable about the area and his horses which are clearly treated as pets not work horses. He took lots of time explaining details about their care and riding them in general for us in case we needed a refresher on the dos and don'ts.

The forest ride is an easy trail and looks out over a little valley. The length of the ride was perfect for us as we had other plans in the afternoon so it was a great way to spend the morning.

We are already looking forward to making reservations again next year when we're in town.
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2019年6月 • 好友
Truly an amazing experience! These are well kept and well loved healthy, beautiful horses! We had a fabulous time riding them with our guide Ron in the gorgeous alaskan scenary! Ron is excellent at sharing his knowledge of horses, wildlife, history and botany! He is a fabulous teacher.
I would recommend this adventure to everyone!
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俄亥俄梅森5 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
This was a very enjoyable horseback riding adventure. Ron was very experienced and full of interesting knowledge. The scenary was beautiful and horses friendly and experienced. Best part of my first visit to Alaska!
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Charity H
12 条分享
I took my 12yr old horse crazy daughter to see Ron and his horses and we had the best time! She was easily able to ride the draft with just a halter and lead! Using a step to mount, these were easily the largest horses either of us had ever ridden. Ron led us on a path through the brush, showing us the native flora and even introduced us to the surprising taste of watermelon berry shoots! I highly recommend Ron and his mounts to anyone looking to get off the beaten path with great visibility.
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阿拉斯加瓦西拉2 条分享
2018年7月 • 好友
I live in Alaska, I have seen the signs around Homer for the rides, but I waited. Don’t be like me don’t wait. This was amazing. I have been riding for several years but went with my roommate who has not been on a horse in years. Ron made her feel comfortable and gave very good directions. He was firm with his direction but very friendly. Justice, Liberty, and Truth are amazing horses and he takes very good care of them. They were steady and stable and can hand the beginner rider to the more advanced. The views and peace is amazing. Ron has amazing knowledge of the land and will share this when asked or let you relax with the breeze though the grass and the calming peace. Again do not wait even if you do not know how to ride but you have always wanted to try, take the chance and let Ron show you the way, you will soon be addicted. Local or visiting this is a repeate! I will be going as often as I can and sending friends as much as possible.
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Angela G
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2018年7月 • 独自旅游
Had a great experience today riding with Ron in the Alaskan terrain. Views were beautiful, but more than anything the ability to enjoy the view and be away from everything for a while was great! Ron was super knowledgeable and gave a great description of the land and his horses. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to experience a real Alaskan guide.
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密歇根弗林特62 条分享
2018年6月 • 好友
My friend booked this ride and we had a blast! Ron gave us good directions to his place. He was super friendly on the phone. In person, he was easy going and confident. I felt like we were in really good hands. He gave good instructions and information about how to ride (neither one of us have ever really ridden.) The horses were super sweet and easy going. The scenery was great. It was raining and we barely noticed because we had so much fun! This was a wonderful experience. If you have the opportunity to do this. Do it!
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Brian B
阿拉斯加安克雷奇18 条分享
2018年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Me and my lady read about the Draft Horse Experience, we called and booked a ride.
On the ride out I was a little skeptical, its located down a long dirt rd, not well maintained, but easily navigated. Upon arrival we met the proprietor, Ron, a big mountain-man looking gentleman waiting with the horses. We met the horses, received a safety and orientation brief. The terrain and horses where unbelievable. I had offered to pay more for a longer ride, he did not have later reservations, so we where able to go out longer than normal. Ron is a very easygoing and pleasant man willing to teach and explain anything about Alaska. We felt we where in very capable hands. I would rate this experience as the best ride I have ever paid for. No doubt it would be one of your best rides also. It was and will be the best money i and you will spend in this area of Alaska. Thank you Ron, for some awesome memories will will not soon forget.
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