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南达科塔州拉皮德城13 条分享
This dive shop was great to work with. We completed 5 days of diving with them. All of our dives were on local reefs. We didn't adventure out to the Blue Hole. The first day the reef was very rough so we were restricted to a 12' dive in their local marine park. Doesn't sound like much but was actually very full of sea life.

Alvi (boat captain), Sergio (DM), and Juan (DM) provided a very enjoyable experience for our group. They picked us up at our resorts dock each day and provided fresh pineapple between each dive.

Thanks all for a great time!!!!

Jeff, Corinna, and Shawn
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加拿大12 条分享
Yesterday, my wife and I went on half day snorkel trip to Hol Chan/shark alley. Great ratio of guides/dive masters to clients. Eleven clients in total with three leaders; one for a couple who chose to scuba, one for weaker swimmers, and one for those more comfortable in the ocean. Pleased to see safety is top priority. Great time, and we are returning for another excursion.
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James H
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I just recently moved to Ambergris Caye. I picked this place as the YT video I watched said it was where people came to relive their 2nd childhood. I knew I was going to dive again (held and advanced open water certificate in my 20's) at 64 years of age. It had been over 40 years since my last dive. I walked in and told them my situation and their dive master, Juan, recommended I take an online reactivation class. So I did.

Then we spent a session in a pool and the training was excellent, We finished it out by diving offshore. We saw all kinds off sea life including Sting Rays, Morea Eels, Groupers, Porcupine Puffers, all of it, and no sharks. The boat Captain, Divemaster's and people who work the desk are all truly professionals.

I think I found where I will be diving from a lot.

They pick you up by boat at your resort and after your done take you back to their place. Just an awesome experience.
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Amber Y
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2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Very responsive about our trip coming to Belize. I had inquired ahead of time about the cost and availability of getting our dive certification completed!
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纽约州纽约市14 条分享
My first dive experience was in Mexico last February in a resort course (not with White Sands). The water was very rough, cold, low visibility, sea sickness was getting to me, not a great experience (nothing being the instructors fault though). I was determined to have a redo and get my full cert, and Belize is the best place to do it! Clear, calm, bath warm water (even deep), flourishing reefs and marine life. You will not be disappointed! And now that I have my cert through White Sands, every time I come back my gear rental is free! I completed my open water diver certification through their other shop located outside of town. Julz helped us easily arrange everything and helped me when I had issues getting my account set up for he PADI eLearning portion. My instructor was Buzz and he was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend him. I was lucky to be able to have a 1 on 1 course with him over a weekend. I’m a fairly quick study, but if I needed to take my time with anything or needed him to repeat anything he was happy to go at my pace and answer any questions. He made me feel totally comfortable, safe and at ease. My husband, who is already certified, was able to join on my training and fun dives (all at different dive sites). We had such a good time we squeezed in an extra night dive was well, which was a total blast! I can’t recommend White Sands and Buzz enough!
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connor s
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I did my certification dives with White Sands and I had a great all around experience.

Scheduling was made easy and they were very accommodating to my schedule. The certification dives were located at amazing dive sites close to the shop which was super convenient. No complaints!
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德克萨斯州Tomball3 条分享
We went diving for 3 days with White Sands at the end of June and used them to arrange our trip to the Blue Hole with Amigos Del Mar for another day. I can't speak highly enough about the staff at White Sands. We first reached out to them by sending them an email through their website, and Julie from the office responded within an hour. From that point on, Julie was always extremely responsive and patiently responded to all of our question, often responding within minutes, even after business hours. And she is extremely welcoming and friendly when you go into the office!

We had 2 people that got certified on this trip, and Buzz was absolutely amazing with making them both comfortable and teaching them the necessary skills. We had a group of 8 divers (including the 2 newly certified divers), and we all agreed that our divemaster Raul was one of the best divemasters we have ever experienced. He did a great job when giving the briefing for each dive, and each of the dives were interesting and full of marine life. Sergio picked us up at our own dock each day right on time, and brought us back to the dive shop to begin our adventure. We will definitely be calling White Sands the next time we are on Ambergris Caye!
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Robert Groff
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Spent 2 days diving with White Sands this past week and used White Sands to arrange my trip to the Blue Hole with Amigos Del Mar. There was a bit of a mix-up on a nitrox request for my first day, but the staff managed the simple mistake professionally and courteously. unfortunately nitrox is quite expensive in belize ($18 additional charge/tank) even though it would seem well suited to the diving depths, etc. The reef dives are quite close (5-10min boat ride) from the dock and surface intervals are spent at the dive shop. Typical dive profile of 50-80 ft. We had great visibility and almost zero current for my dives. Wide variety of healthy coral, diverse tropical fish and few sharks. Raul acted as our divemaster both days and managed the group well.
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Chris H
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2022年6月 • 家庭
Dive shop is third world with substandard gear and equipment.Horrible through every aspect of setting things up to getting gear to trashed boats. Their dive guides were great and tried hard but they have nothing to work with and their admin team did nothing but overcharge us consistently.
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Wow! I'm shocked. 'Third World' Oh my! Sorry you had such an experience. I wonder what we did to upset you so. I reviewed your invoices and can't see you were overcharged for anything. Our prices are comparable with the rest of the island's dive shops. I'll check the dive shop, boats, and gear for Third World ratings.
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Scott B
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2022年5月 • 独自旅游
Just the best! Had a great snorkel out to Mexico Rocks. Very professional, safe, and fun. It was a cloudy, rainy, terrible day, rare in Belize, but the crew was still excited and ready to go. We saw two sting rays, a turtle, lots of Grouper and smaller fish. The coral is fantastic.
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