Coral Divers Belize
Coral Divers Belize

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2023年2月 • 家庭
I can only say good things about the Coral Divers crew. They wrangled our family of 13 without flinching and kept the biggest smiles and best attitudes the entire time. We took two tours with them, a half day snorkel at Shark Ray Alley and Hol Chan and a mainland tour including Altun Ha.

The water tour was smooth and unhurried from launch to return. Our family is no stranger to the ocean so they kept an eye on us with a very loose leash. For those less experienced, they would undoubtedly bring the same chill vibes with just the right level of personal instruction.

The long day trip to Altun Ha with leading jungle zip line and cave tubing was exceptional as well. Our guide was unbelievably knowledgeable and though he had a laid back demeanor, kept us right on schedule for this challenging itinerary.

You can’t go wrong with Genie, Cris, Gladimere, Carmelo, and Joey. They’ll go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need. Though we didn’t take him up on it, word on the street is that Genie will take you out to catch, then cook an unforgettable fresh seafood meal. On our next visit, we won’t pass up that opportunity!
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加拿大渥太华742 条分享
Did 3 short snorkel tours with these guys. Prices were competitive. Capt Cris and Carmelo were great. Picked us up at our hotel dock. Gave us lots of time in the water, didn't rush us or push to get going and get it done. Spotted some neat stuff. Kept an eye on us as we did one trip where we snorkeled on our own (no guide IN the water with us) and currents and waves were up. They moved the boat around to make sure we were okay the whole time - which we were - but it is comforting when you are offshore in strange waters and distracted by all the cool stuff underwater to look up and see you're not a few hundred meters from the boat, and getting tired). They were friendly and easy going. Only negative is 2 of the 3 tours they were late. They did advise us about 30 min before were supposed to be picked up and they did extend our snorkel time and on one trip we did an extra short stop to get in the water with sting rays. So all in all a great experience!
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Janet B
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2023年1月 • 好友
Top rated service all around. Knowledgeable guides, great crew, fantastic captains! Every excursion occurred without a hitch, whether on land or sea. Happy customers was their goal. Well done, Genie!
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德克萨斯州达拉斯2 条分享
Our group of 5 loved our fishing and snorkeling experience so much that we booked 2 additional days during our trip. We caught various fish, conch, and crab and had an amazing time snorkeling! Shark Ray alley was so much fun and a truly great experience. I cannot recommend Coral Divers Belize enough!
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加利福尼亚卡利斯托加41 条分享
2022年1月 • 好友
Fabulous day on a boat on Ambergris! Very flexible team, both Genie and Ruben are easy going, knowledgeable and great cooks! Couldn’t ask for a better day.
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俄勒冈Sisters5 条分享
Was the best Christmas our family of 5 (3 were young adults) has had together. We spent 2 days with Reuben and Gladimere, who were awesome. We spent a day snorkeling, then another day fishing. After snorkeling, Reuben dove and gathered up a bunch of conch, we stopped at a grocery store where we bought veggies and then proceeded back to our beach house (Iguana House) where Reuben and Gladimere made ceviche. We all sat together on our beach front house deck eating fresh ceviche with vodka juice drinks. Loved hearing about their families and growing up in Belize. After a great day fishing & spear fishing, Reuben and Gladimere took us to a nearby beach (along with a great dive bar) where they prepared and cooked up our catch. Best Christmas meal ever. These guys rocked.
Genie arranged a mainland tour of Mayan ruins and tubing through caves. Our guide Joel was great and super knowledgable. When we return, we'll call Coral Divers again.
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Judy U
弗吉尼亚弗吉尼亚海滩15 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
I highly recommend Coral divers! I chose them because the price was right and we definitely got our money’s worth. We booked a snorkeling trip to Hol Chan and Shark ray alley. We went to the wrong dock and it took a half hour to get things straightened out but our guide was gracious as ever and gave us our whole tour regardless. I was really nervous about snorkeling and he was great with me. He patiently worked with and even pulled me on a life ring until I was comfortable. He was able to identify all the fish species we saw and was great at pointing things out. His friendly disposition made for a great experience. I would definitely recommend a trip with Coral divers!
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科罗拉多布鲁姆菲尔德16 条分享
We recently went on an all-day excursion around Ambergris Caye. We toured the entire island and it was a fun adventure. We did some snorkeling, learned about the island, drove through the mangroves and spent some time at a little museum. The best part was the food! We all caught some fish while on the boat and Rueben speared some lobster. While we snorkeled they made us fresh ceviche. Later we went up on the beach and they started a fire and cooked up all the fish and lobster while we explored. They made a great spread. Chris and Rueben were the best and they made sure we had a great time!
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Wendy L
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2021年11月 • 好友
A five star day to be sure! Genie and Ruben customized our trip, meeting our needs over the top. We swim with the nurse sharks, lots of rays and big ones. We swam with a manatee, Which are as big as a couch… We swim with the turtle at surface three or four times right around us. We brought up a few orange starfish that were huge off the shallow reef and looked. We explored some seahorses saw a barracuda massive eel and Ruben pointed and explained many many beautiful colored fish. We snuggle three times in the same day had some run punch on board fed the terrapins out of our hand experience some dolphins around the boat and ended up at Caye Cocker For lunch. We met him again in an hour and a half after and join in incredible lobster curry veggie meal. There was dancing and festivities at the split where we met and regrouped with our boat. There were lots of laughs for the day Ruben and Genie were informative, friendly, confident and made our day an incredible five star. We will use Coral Divers again and again.
Wendy Lee and June Hanson
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Nancy S
马里兰Severna Park32 条分享
Our family had an excellent time w/Genie the tour guide & Reuben (the Jacque Cousteau of Ambergris Caye) . They took us out to Hol Chan for snorkeling-we swam w/nurse sharks, rays, manatee & saw the beautiful colorful tropical fish plus some lobster on the ocean floor. We fed the tarpon fish & saw the orange starfish. They were both knowledgeable about the fish and history of the Caye. We stopped in Caye Caulker for lunch. They both made the full day adventure fun for all of us. Since it was a private charter they were flexible with the schedule!
Thanks you to Genie & Reuben at Coral Divers
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