Wayos Beach Bar

Wayos Beach Bar(圣佩德罗)

Wayos Beach Bar
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00
上午10:00 - 上午12:00

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Laura U
11 条分享
My husband and I visited Belize during the off-season, and enjoyed eating dinner at a nearly-empty Wayos Beach Bar. We benefited from attentive service and enjoyed visiting and chatting with the staff. We were given complimentary shots before we ordered our drinks and dinner. I loved the shrimp ceviche so much that I drank the juice at the bottom of the bowl (like I said, we were the only couple there, so who was going to judge me?). The open-air bar filled up as the night went on, and the DJ played great music for our slightly-older crowd. Wayos was recommended to us by locals, and is definitely a place we would recommend to others for a great evening.
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爱荷华爱荷华城193 条分享
We went around 5, they had happy hour. We both had rum punch. It was fantastic! We ordered sliders and chips/salsa. Excellent! Friendly staff, great breeze off the water, would definitely recommend!
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71 条分享
Start your trip here! Best bar on the island. We had such an amazing time and the bar owner is awesome.

Great drinks and music, and super clean bathrooms!

Can’t wait to go back!
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Galveston, United States41 条分享
Great Beach Bar! This became our lunchtime hang out. Fortunately, we met Jason on our first time in and he was the best part of the place. Extremely friendly and accommodating. While the menu may be limited, the food is very good, and the bar is well stocked. We went for the wine every time, which was a treat for a beach bar sitting. A great place to relax in the middle of the day as you sit over the water. And at night it is a great hangout. Be sure to at least stop by for lunch.
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6 条分享
We stopped by Wayos on our way back from Secret Beach and it felt like we were walking onto the set of Cheers! The staff was so welcoming and friendly. They make a mean Rum Punch - Happy Hour starts earlier than other bars. Their food was yummy too. The best part was meeting and chatting with the employees - Jason, Thai Two, Marshall and Jason. What a great group taking care of us. Thank you for making us feel like we were home!
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3 条分享
We stayed in hotel close to this bar. Went there two times. First night was ok. We had some drinks and some bites. When we were leaving they told us that next day dj would be playing in their bar. We decided to came back next evening. Want to say food was good, we liked it a lot. Drinks was good first night, second night was good too, but first night was better. I would probably come back to this bar (especially because it is so close to our hotel), but after today's accident, I would never go back there again and don't recommend to anyone. We had great dinner today. Dj was playing some music, but I think it was a bit boring, and even nobody was dancing. After dinner we asked our check. Server brought us check ($63 bz). We gave $100 bz ($50 us). Server took check with money, turned out from our table, made few steps and dropped money to the floor, and $50 slick through the hole in the wood to the ocean. When it happened, he was like , "oh no, again!" Those were his words. Few minutes he tried to look it up with his flash light through the holes in the wood (it was so dark by the way). My husband tried to help him as well. Of course because it was already night, they even didn't see it anywhere in a ocean under the dock. I was wonder what would happened next. So many years I worked in restaurant business, and a lot of situations were solved by me. We are not rich family, and working hard too, to pay all our bills. Whatever we were ok didn't have a change.. of course our dinner even wasn't worse $50 (my husband even doesn't drink alcohol). So, the most what was shocked me it when Server came back and told us, if we ready to "compromise". My first thought was that he is so sorry that he cannot give us change, and migh offer us another drinks. But he was telling us, to pay our bill again!!! Excuse me.. what??? I told him that we gave him money, and he dropped it! He started to tell us that it was kind of our fault that we didn't put money under clipper… he added that it was up to us, but he had to put his own money to pay a bill, and it would be nice if we paid it again. He told us that he would give us some minute to think about it, and left. I was really shocked with service. I asked him how he was going to give us our change. I think he even didn't think about it. I asked to call manager. He said that manager is not there. I asked anybody who was lead Server. Another guy came and was so nice. He said sorry about everything happened and offered to us some drinks. We reject offer and left with very bad mood. I will never come back to this place!!!
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John H
德克萨斯州休斯顿6 条分享
Fun bar. Great staff and drinks. Live music some nights. Nice location on the water. Lots of locals and tourists. The burger sliders were great!
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St. Louis30 条分享
Wayo's is a must on the island! Wayo sets the atmosphere for his staff, fun, fun and more fun. He is friendly and kind and always attentive to your needs. He and his staff sincerely want you to enjoy your time in Belize. Whether you are there for a drink, food or advice on other island amenities, they make sure you get what you need! Another comment mentioned family, it is so true, they make you feel at HOME! The view is great too! Thank you so much for the fun memories, we will definitely be back!
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Denver, CO17 条分享
It’s the cheers equivalent in Belize…where everyone knows your name! And if not they’ll learn it in the first 2 minutes you’re there and never forget it. This place is a Diamond. Cannot wait to go back! Had so much fun playing games, having beers with an awesome view, and the food was great as well!! Will never miss this stop on any returns back to San Pedro!!
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密苏里欧塞奇比奇58 条分享
Maitland was our server and he was just awesome. The food was great and the drinks were cold. Maitland kept checking on us and was the perfect server. My family and I loved everything about this place. Can't wait to go back!
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