Memo's Boat Service

Memo's Boat Service(旁塔哥达)

Memo's Boat Service
1-2 小时

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墨西哥墨西哥城26,979 条分享
No esta en servicio
2019年1月 • 家庭
En enero del 2019 Tenía planeado viajar de Punta Gorda (Belice) a Livingstone (Guatemala), por ello en el muelle me dedique a buscar Memo's Boat Service y me informaron que No estaba operando ya esta ruta. De manera que fue necesario ir a Puerto Barrios y desde ahí tienes que tomar otra lancha hacia Livingstone.
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Prague21 条分享
How to get fast to Livingston
2017年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We chose memo's boat, because we wanted to go directly to Livingston, Guatemala. There are a lot of boats, but they usualy goes to Puerto Barrios. The price for the boat to Livingston is 50 belizean dollars.
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Erling G
爱沙尼亚Viimsi31,680 条分享
Guppig båtresa över havet !
Båtturen från Punta Gorda i Belize till Puerto Barrios i Guatemala, var en lång pina för kroppen ! För äldre människor är denna sjöresa inte att rekommendera, på grund av det kraftiga stötarna mot vågorna som alla passagerare blev tvungna att utstå ! Dessutom blev vi blöta, trots en presenning som skydd mot vattnet !
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Brenda C
新罕布什尔州沃尔夫伯勒18 条分享
Livingston Guatemala Bound
2016年2月 • 好友
I've traveled twice with Memo on his Livingston, Guatemala trip. Memo runs a professional service and takes great care of his passengers. Memo is friendly, well-traveled, and kind. So jump on board and let Memo take you to Guatemala!!
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俄罗斯Tikhvin251 条分享
Из Белиза в Гватемалу
2015年11月 • 独自旅游
Скоростной катер курсирующий между Белизом и Гватемалой. Из Пунта-Горда в Пуэрто-Барриос 25 долларов сша. Для меня немного экзоотично. В лодку запихали кучу багажа и людей и по карибскому морю отправились сквозь брызги. Ходит несколько раз в день.
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Drew E
德克萨斯州沃思堡76 条分享
Only option, it seems
2016年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Was $60 US dollars for two people to ferry to Livingston. Buy you ticket in pink building next to courthouse across from immigration. Ferry leaves early am or afternoon found out so plan on hanging around to buy your ticket and to leave.
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伯利兹霍普金斯8 条分享
Ripp Off-Bad Buissiness Man
2016年6月 • 好友
I recently went on a 4 night trip from Punta Gorda, Belize to Livingston, Guatemala. I took Memo's Boat for the trip. The way over was fine and left soon after buying my ticket. I was with 2 friends, the three of us bought a round trip boat ticket for 120BLZ.

We left on a Tuesday to Livingston, Memo was to pick us up on Saturday to bring us back to Punta Gorda. Memo had written on all our tickets to be at the port at 3-3:30pm for pickup. We arrived at the port at 2:30 and waited until 6pm for him. He never showed up! We had spent all our $, had to change more $'s to Guatemala $ to pay for another night hotel as well as dinner. None of us could really afford to do this, we had no choice, thanks to Memo! We called him after we re-checked into the hotel to find out what happened to him, why he didnt pick us up when he had promised. A lame excuse was given, not even worthy of repeating, he said he would pick us up the next day and he would "make it up to us" when he saw us. The next morning, as we headed back to immigration to make sure our "stamp out" of the country was still valid and we wouldnt have any troubles returning to Belize, Memo appeared. We yelled at him, told him we needed to "discuss" and for him to make up for all the financial extras we incurred because of his negligence. He said OK, gave us $20 for breakfast, while we waited for him to take us back to Belize and discuss futher compensation.
Now I'm from NYC. When I am "wronged" or "inconvenienced" I like to be compensated for my troubles. What would of made me feel rectified would have been to be reimbursed for the return ticket as well as the hotel and dinner for the previous night. I also would have been happy with just the hotel and dinner paid for by Memo. I felt the $20 for 3 breakfasts was an apology, a kick in the bucket for all my inconvenience and financial ruin.

Now my 2 travel buddies were offered a free trip back to Livingston at a later date, they happily accepted that as they have friends there and knew at some later date they would return, they were content with his offering. I, on the other hand did not accept that offer, I didnt plan on returning, nor would I trust him for a future trip. I told him at least he needed to pay for my hotel and dinner, a mere 60BLZ, $20US and I would leave his life forever, semi content. He told me he had no $ (liar!), he had to go back to Guatemala, make a pick-up and come back before he could give me $, in other words, I needed to wait around for the next 4-5 hours, if I were to have a chance of any payback. After being held up already for 24hrs, with 2 angry cats waiting for me at home (I feel comfortable leaving my cats for 3-4 days with someone stopping by to feed and water them, I was now at 6 days and stressed), I opted to leave w/o any payback and a VERY bad taste in my mouth.
Memo is a liar and has no "Scruples", dont trust him, dont rely on him and definitely NEVER do a round trip or you might not get picked up for a return.
I have only one "good" thought about this ordeal, about Memo, as I travel a lot and at times need to follow a strict schedule. My good thought is....
Thank goodness I didnt have a flight to catch in Belize City, that I would have missed!
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