Palacio Nacional
Palacio Nacional
历史景点 • 艺术博物馆 • 历史博物馆
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Héctor José G
墨西哥Celaya610 条分享
2023年1月 • 家庭
Su construcción fue ordenada por el presidente Jorge Ubico y fue la residencia presidencial. Hoy día puede ser visitado por turistas previo registro para la visita guiada. Es un lugar hermoso tanto fuera como por dentro.
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4 条分享
Es muy importante conocer la historia que se esconde en este lugar, hay una excelente guía que explica todo.
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6 条分享
Un lugar tan lleno de historia y lujos en Guatemala, si bien fue construido en el gobierno de un dictador, es impresionante todo lo que se puede ver ahí.
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多米尼加共和国2,062 条分享
Bello y gran palacio gubernamental verde aguacate por eso el nombre popular El Guacamolon, ubicado en el centro histórico, plaza de la Constitución, actualmente aloja el Ministerio de Cultura, obviamente es una visita obligada durante el paseo por el centro, es un edificio con fachadas de linda arquitectura, aunque no ingresamos, vale la pena hacer un parada y escuchar su historia.
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Caio Giomo
巴西Pedreira112 条分享
2020年4月 • 好友
Recomendo muito o tour guiado. Durante esse passeio o guia aborda muitos temas gerais da Guatemala, porém obviamente o principal foco é o Palácio, no qual ele entra a fundo no tema detalhando desde a construção do prédio até as obras de artes que estão dentro do edifício. Chilero!
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西班牙托莱多7,673 条分享
Palacio que te encuentras lo quieras o no en la Plaza de Armas si vas a visitar la Catedral y es sinceramente de lo poco que se puede ver en esta ciudad
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Myo M
加拿大高贵林市22,928 条分享
On a "guided tour" for about 45 minutes, it was "fairly impressive" to see the 2 levels of this great building (one of a "pretty long" length to see from outside before entering) starting from its "inner courtyard" (also another similar one later on) to the great-sized & colorful murals beside 2 stairways (of which I was quite impressed by the one depicting a battle scene or such between the Spanish & the natives which is just "quite a detailed one" with plenty of human figures) to 2 rooms on the 2nd level each with "a fair amount of splendor" inside (one room with like a perfectly-kept big national flag on the wall straight ahead & an impressive dome above, and the other room with a number of beautiful stained-glass drawings on windows) back to the 1st level to go through some gallery-like area (with modern art paintings) and finally finishing the tour at the museum-like area back near the entrance (where on display some more paintings, a number of antique-type items & a "pretty-good-sized" miniature of this palace which I would also describe as a smaller "identical version" of this building due to its impressive craftsmanship!). And, it was overall a "nice work" by the lady who conducted the tour making sure that we saw all needed to be seen, and yes such a tour is a good idea I would say for this building with its interior kind of "spread out" (compared to the 2 other "national palaces" visited later in Mexico, namely in Merida & Mexico City, with their interior settings more-or-less similar to this palace but with "more limited" areas to walk around which can be done easily on one's own).

Located on the north side of the city's "main plaza" Plaza Mayor de la Constitucion, also to have a worthwhile time is on the "nicely spacious" plaza itself (with a fountain & a big national flag in the middle where there's also a "raised platform" to go up, and also with just plenty of pigeons seen at the time spread out all over its ground), and yes definitely should not be missed along with the Palace & Plaza is the city's "main cathedral" Catedral Metropolitana on the Plaza's east side (with its "main aisle" one of greatness lined with nice-sized paintings & "super-sized" medals of such never seen at any other cathedral). And if you're for some souvenir shopping & "local meals", a very nice place for those is Mercado Central in just a close vicinity to the Plaza (by turning left onto the "pedestrian street" from the far-left corner after the walk across the Plaza from this palace).
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Lionel Corzantes
危地马拉危地马拉城45 条分享
El Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, se debe apreciar no solo por fuera sino se debe entrar, el cual el acceso al turista es posible. En su interior tiene gratas sorpresas, sin embargo al ser un edificio público gubernamental depende de las actividades politicas que se realicen, por lo que su acceso no siempre esta disponible
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巴西里约热内卢8,621 条分享
At the very heart of "Ciudad de Guatemala", at its historical "Plaza de Armas" (now known as "Plaza Mayor de la Constitución"), you will find the monumental "Palacio Nacional de la República de Guatemala". Designed by Guatemalan architect Rafael Pérez de León, it was inaugurated on November 10th, 1943 and housed the national presidential palace. The eclectic building, with characteristics of different architectural styles (neo plateresque, Spanish baroque, Spanish renaissance and neo mudejar), was converted, in the beginning of the years 1990's, into a museum and is now known as "Palacio Nacional de la Cultura", as well as "Palacio Verde" (Green Palace, in English). The palace is also known as the origin point of "all" roads in the Republic fo Guatemala and, even inside of one of its halls, one will find the sign of the very initial "Km 0". An amazing curiosity! As a museum, collections of paintings, sculptures and temporary exhibitions can be visited. Furthermore, the magnificent building houses also some government offices, as the "Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes" and the "Secretaria de Comunicación Social de la Presidencia". Guided tours, at expensive 40 quetzals (for foreigners), are available. Enjoy!
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Ontario, Canada189 条分享
This palace is of historic interest. Built (in 1937) on the site of a Chinese Pagoda . It has a spot known as Kilometre Zero, where all roads in the country begin. It is till used for major government functions, but also serves as a museum documenting Guatemala's history (from the Spanish perspective) Beautiful architecture!
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