Manawakie Park

Manawakie Park(罗丹)

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Very personal! Amazing experience!
We booked instead of going through the cruise, and we were so please with our experience! William was our personal guide for the day and he was amazing! He was so knowledgeable and takes such pride in teaching about his island. So much better than going in a large tour bus with a bunch of people, more time to spend with the sloths and monkeys!
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Manawakie Eco N
Thank you for your feedback, it was a honor for us to be part of your vacation experience
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Seattle23 条分享
Animal Cruelty for profit - I was horrified
PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE MONEY! Animals kept in tiny cages for entertainment and profit. Only uncaring selfish idiots would go here. And they do exploiting these animals for their social media photos.
AWFUL EXPERIENCE! I couldn't sleep for days knowing these kinds of places exist!
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Scott M
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Bucket list item
Well that’s a bucket item checked off the list! Our Tour Guide Tyron was exceptional and thought us about the herbs, fruits, and medicinal plants on the island. He was very patient with our questions and seemed to love his job. He also gave us a brief history of the islands heritage and cultures. We really didn’t expect the tour to be so thorough but we learned a lot. While I’m not really a monkey guys we stop by the monkey enclosure. The Sloth Keeper Hector was knowledgeable and put us at ease immediately. He thought us the proper way to hold the sloth and kept an attentive eye on the proceedings. Fell in love with “Flash” right off the bat! Wish I felt that peaceful all the time.
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Joseph O
佛罗里达Poinciana341 条分享
Loved everything

GREAT!!!!! We were cruising on the Carnival Mardi Gras and booked this tour. This was one of the best tours we have ever taken.

William Brown is the manager and Danny was our driver. Two very nice men, friendly, warm and willing to do all that it would take to make sure we had a blast.

They succeeded and we did have a blast.

The monkey's were so friendly, I would of been happy with just this event. Really cute and funny. Of course the sloths were adorable.

We are cruising again in November and might go back for another visit.

Danny our driver gave us a tour of the Island and told us the history of his people and the island.

After the park visit we asked William if Danny could take us to a local restaurant for lunch. Danny knew just the place, all the food was wonderful.

Do not miss this!
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Cori W
弗吉尼亚福尔斯彻奇16 条分享
So much fun!
We loved every minute of our visit to Manawakie Park! Our guide, Tyron and our sloth keeper, Jerry were both so friendly, knowledgeable, professional and polite. They let us take our time, answered all of our questions and even helped with taking photos. There was even a souvenir stand with a great variety of items and the vendor was very friendly and not pushy at all. One stop shopping for me! I’d recommend this place to anyone!
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德克萨斯州Conroe6 条分享
Fun Experience with the Animals
This nature center was cute but, small. The tour guide explained the vegetation and history of the island and he was very sweet. He let me go into the monkey cage and play with the monkeys as long as I wanted to! There are 4 monkeys and one spider monkey that was newer so we were not able to play with him. There were only 2 sloths that were available to see. The other 2 were a pregnant female and a juvenile. They were too fragile to play with. There was also a macaw and other parrots. This nature center is more natural but pricey for the size and number of animals. We still enjoyed it. We went by ourselves since we had a car so we had the place to ourselves. They also had a small gift shop and toilets for guests.
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Jay M
德克萨斯州达拉斯6 条分享
Exciting animal tour
Driver William is a really cool guy. He helped me with some other things on the island aside of driving for the tour, knowledgeable. Had an excellent experience with Tyron. He's knows great island history and is good with handling the animals.
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科罗拉多丹佛134 条分享
Great experience!
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
The hubs and I did this as part of an island tour. We are happy to have supported a smaller rescue center. Tyron was our guide and he was awesome. We walked first through the natural plants area and learned about some of the history of the island. It was a brief overview but appreciated.

The funnest part by far was the monkeys. All four had been relinquished from being pets (why people why?) so we felt good about interacting with them. They are obviously used to humans and we thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with them. It was clear how much Tyron cares about these guys.

We also met a three toed sloth. It was a very gentle experience and although I still wonder if the sloth likes human contact versus being left alone, it was nice to see one up close.

Overall this was well worth our time and they support either rescued animals or with the sloth, animals that are endangered on the mainland so we can get behind that any day.
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Chad P
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Fantastic experience
There are multiple sloth zoos here in Roatan but this is the hidden gem with the personal customer service that makes you feel like your the only visitor there with the guide. Learned a lot and just had a heck of a time playing with all the animals. Yes, we played with the animals and not just hold them. The guides really made it fun as the monkeys went up and down my shirt and jumping on and off of me. Don’t worry, they don’t scratch and they are super soft but if you don’t want them jumping on you , just say so. I had a blast playing with them. Highly recommend.
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Elizabeth G
华盛顿西雅图27 条分享
Monkey, Macaws and Medicine - Oh My!
I had the most wonderful time at Manawakie Park's Sloth and Monkey Encounter. In addition to interacting with the resident wildlife (shout out to Pancho, Speedy and Flash), I learned about the trees and plants of Roatan (many with medicinal properties), as well as the island's history. Tyron was an excellent tour guide and I appreciated his insights, information and advice as we toured the park. Thank you for a memorable day!
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Manawakie Eco N
Thank you very much for choosing us we are so happy to know you enjoyed our Eco park an servece, God bless you
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