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Maya Key(罗丹)


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Best excursion in Roatan!
We booked a RC cruise excursion for Maya Key in August, 2021. We enjoyed it so much and quickly made it our #1 place to visit in Roatan, and immediately returned in September. We had visited other Roatan beaches in the past, but the privacy of Maya Key was a welcomed relief from the nonstop haggling we had received at other locations.
The animal sanctuary animals were beautiful, well cared for, and they had large clean enclosures with natural habit that provided enrichment. The beach was spotless- clean and raked, as was the interior of the island, even fallen leaves were being picked up by their staff. Everything was well maintained, nothing was broken or in need of repair. We had no issues with sand fleas or mosquitos.
The pool looked great, but our time was spent in the ocean or sunning on lounge chairs. With so many activities going on, I did not have a change to replicated ruins.
The fish, chicken, and salad at lunch were tasty. It was nice to try something new- fried banana chips. The frozen drinks were perfect! During a brief shower, the bartender even covered my drink so it would not get wet.
All the staff were very friendly and helpful. I appreciated that they wore gloves, facemasks, and served the lunch.
We rented their quality snorkel gear so we didn’t have to haul my own. The snorkeling staff were very attentive. They constantly checked on the snorkelers that were in the group and snorkeling off the dock, and quickly responded to check and assist an older gentlemen who fatigued and was not a good swimmer. My guide both times was Oliver. He provided assistance with the snorkeling equipment, showed us a lot of fish while safety escorting us through the reefs, and no questions went unanswered. He even helped me with my camera. Words can’t describe the abundance of beauty both in the corals and the fish, so I will add photos.
My only disappointment is that the time flew by so quickly. I wish the excursion could have lasted a few more hours. But, I am already booked and looking forward to my next visit to Maya Key and snorkeling with Oliver.
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南卡罗来纳Belton19 条分享
Possibly The Most Relaxing Place on Earth
2019年5月 • 家庭
We went here on an excursion while cruising. What an experience. Well worth the money. Snorkeling, swim in crystal clear water, lounging on the beach, eating a buffet lunch of chicken, fish, slaw, drinks. Buckets of authentic Honduran beers. Honestly, this is my greatest vacation memory EVER!
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加利福尼亚圣罗莎7 条分享
Amazing resort with many amenities, fabulous snorkeling, or just swimming or sunning
We were at Maya Key 3/2020 on the RC Liberty of the Seas. Amazing resort, excellent snorkeling swimming, bar, beach & best staff! We had a lovely day sunning, snorkeling (with a guide, they are very safety conscious) a delicious lunch of local favorites was included in our very resonable price and the beach and water was pristine. We visited in 2009 and again 2020 mainly to relax and snorkel and and it was as pristine as 11 years ago. So blessed by this beautiful day in Roatan, Honduras. Please visit you will not be disappointed, only a short boat ride from the cruise ship terminal, lovely people, beautiful, safe resort. We're going back and staying on Roatan soon.
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密歇根沃伦11 条分享
Best Royal Caribbean excursion
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We were on the Harmony of the Seas March 2020, Maya Key is a excursion they sponsor. We have been on several cruises and this is one of the best excisions we went on. Very close to get to the island and just so beautiful and peaceful. Included a delish lunch, lounge chairs right on the shore, beautiful beach, everything was close by within walking distance. Loved the animal encounter with the monkeys, walked around the island, swam in the warm water and not very crowded
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Bobby S
路易斯安那州梅泰里58 条分享
Peaceful day at Maya Key
We did this at the last minute from our NCL cruise ship. It was only a 5 minute boat ride to the little island. My wife and I had a very relaxing day on the beach. The beach is not very big but it served our needs just perfect. We did not go snorkeling as we had snorkeled the whole day before in Cozumel. The drinks were very good and very reasonably priced. The buffet was quite tasty and we had a nice lunch on the veranda. The best part of the day was going in the cage with the monkeys! We had not even planned on this but went along for the tour. It was one of the highlights of our entire cruise.
Not going to knock your socks off but a very easy and relaxing day.
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Rob D
英国伯恩茅斯64 条分享
Maya Key Private Island Retreat
Maya Key Private Island Retreat - Its not what you think it is.
Make sure you know what you are being sold, it is a lovely little island and they are doing some good work with recuse animals although the conditions they live in are questionable.
The beach and free swimming area is tiny, I mean really tiny. You are better off going to the other side (ship side) of the island to swim.
DO NOT book this trip to snorkel as you will be very disappointed.
You have to pay extra for snorkel gear even if you have your own and you have to select a designated time to snorkel with a guide off of the pier.
It is very poor, do not believe the reports of snorkelling from the peer freely it is massively restricted and a bad snorkel area.
If you do make the mistake of booking it anyway make sure you take lots of money you will need it.
They don't make the whole situation clear and there were many people on the island caught out with no cash for anything else after paying for snorkelling they could not enjoy or do because it is a bad rough snorkel area.
At the end of the day it is your choice but don't say you haven't been warned.
NCL agreed with our complaint and paid us our money back, that has to tell you something.

For the best day in Roatan simply walk off the ship, turn left of the end of the pair and get a taxi to West Bay where you will get all you ever dreamed of. Just make sure you are clear with the price of the taxi and that it is for all passengers and not each passenger.
Roatan is a developing destination and they like a scam or two just be on your guard.
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西维吉尼亚New Creek79 条分享
Great Day
We booked an excursion to Maya Key on our recent cruise and were very glad we did. You board a boat transfer from the pier and it is about a 5 minute ride to the island. Someone was on hand to give us all the details as soon as we got there. There were 3 different ships in port with excursions to Maya Key but it never felt crowded because there is so much to do. There is a lovely gift shop where we were able to purchase all the souvenirs we were wanting and they held the packages until we were ready to leave. Everyone was very friendly and the lunch buffet was delicious. There was chicken, fried fish, rice & beans, salad, and fried plantains. We enjoyed our time at the pool and walking around taking pictures. However, many others were snorkeling, spending time at the beach, or walking around seeing the animals. It was a totally enjoyable day for us and is a place that can be enjoyed by all ages.
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意大利Casale Monferrato6,280 条分享
Il ruggito del leone marino - I Maya di Copan
Dalla Costa Luminosa sbarco a Roatan, poi per catamarano alla vicina isola privata di Maya Key. Arriviamo accolti da un pappagallo che a tutti ricorda Portobello di Tortora.
Da qui saliamo a visitare un piccolo tempio Maya, questa infatti era la città Copan, centro dell'arte e delle discipline umanistiche dell'antica civiltà, tanto da essere definita la Parigi del Mesoamerica (non dai Maya ovviamente). All'interno della costruzione due piccoli e interessanti musei (abbassare l'aria condizionata) ricchi di reperti come quello dell'oreficeria con realizzazioni raffinatissime che non sfigurerebbero in una vetrina di Valenza (città dell'oro italiana). Da qui scendiamo alla spiaggia attraversando il Centro di Salvataggio Animali e ci facciamo un'idea della fauna locale con giaguari, ocelot, tapiri, coccodrilli che sembrano abbastanza famelici.
E' invece uno scoiattolo quello che ci accoglie sulla spiaggia dove passiamo un po' di tempo tra palme, mare cristallino e sabbia bianca su cui qualcuno ha scritto un gigantesco "Un saluto da Villanova e da Casale". Il "colpevole" è il villanovese Giovanni Bellatore.
Buffet a bordo piscina con specialità caraibiche: privilegiamo il pollo in una salsina di cocco,

All'uscita foto a un leone marino (non lo immaginavamo così grande) che ogni tanto ruggisce, c'è tempo per una passeggiata in un'altra spiaggia per la delizia (ma non lo sapevamo) di piccole mosche che lasciano la loro firma.
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Amazing day at Maya Key ☀️☀️
2019年12月 • 家庭
Maya key was our stop at Roatan on our cruise and we were not disappointed!! It was a partly sunny day and there was something for everyone in the family to do! The kids loved snorkeling and the parents enjoyed relaxing on the beautiful beach. Everyone enjoyed the animal tour as well and feeding the monkeys! I Highly recommend Maya Key!
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Kristen M
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Wonderful day for family fun!
2019年12月 • 家庭
We LOVED this excursion while on our recent Christmas cruise! We were greeted right off the ship onto a smaller boat. The trip to the island was quick and easy and gave great views of our cruise ship. The island is large enough to spread out but small enough to fully explore. (Plenty of chaise lounges!) The snorkeling was spectacular and worth every penny. Several of us agree they were the best snorkeling views ever seen! A lunch buffet was included and the food was delicious. (Be sure to load up your plate as only one visit is permitted.) We loved learning about the rescued animals and especially enjoyed feeding and playing with the monkeys. This is, by far, our favorite excursion of the trip!
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