Roatan Best Island Tour
Roatan Best Island Tour

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2018年8月 • 家庭
We booked the Best of Roatan Tour and we were not disappointed. Our tour guide, Jeff, was waiting for us right outside the gates when we arrived. He was very enthusiastic and passionate about Roatan and eager to share local popular attractions. Jeff encouraged us to try "bag" juice, lychee fruit, and pineapple cake. We enjoyed going to a private beach, eating local food, shopping, driving to a scenic overlook and hugging the sloth at Daniel Johnsons. Thanks Jeff for making our trip to Roatan memorable and relaxing!!

Jeff, Margaret and Erin H
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Joyce W
德克萨斯州Gainesville24 条分享
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2018年6月 • 家庭
We did a private tour with Victor Bodden. The meeting place is super easy to find from the cruise ship. Minutes away. We did the private tour and went to zip line first, which was awesome! We got hundreds of pics. Next we went to the monkey and sloth sanctuary. The animals were so sweet. We did not feel rushed. Lionel our guide then took us on an island tour. When we mentioned snorkeling he found us a guide to take just us out to see the reef. Then he took us all around the island and to a lighthouse so we could get some amazing pictures. This day went beyond our expectations. Lionel was awesome!
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德克萨斯州休斯顿10 条分享
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2018年5月 • 好友
Had a personal driver waiting with an air conditioned minivan as soon as we departed the ship terminal at mahogany bay and walked about 1/4mile uphill & downhill. Jeffrey was friendly, patient & knowledgable of all the sites we wanted to see. He even added extra sweetness to our trip with a local juice refreshment stopover. We felt safe with our things throughout the 4-5 stops we had. Our guide took us to a local restaurant to try Honduran food & view the zip lines nearby. Jeffrey even recommended a local chocolate factory which offered delicious samples. We highly recommend selecting this quality excursion with plenty of time to see & do what you want. Thank you Jeffrey!
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2018年1月 • 好友
We were fortunate to have an experienced cruiser with us, our friend Sylvia. Who took the time to research our options for a tour that would fit our itinerary. Time is valuable and we wanted to make the most of our brief visit to Roatan, Honduras. Sylvia’s initial conversations with owner/operator Victor Bodden were specific. This would be a private tour. We were to let our tour guide know our interests, preferred activities, sights. That pertained to our wants/desires. He was exact with his directions for Sylvia on where we were to meet to start our tour. Asking we arrive within 2 hours of the ship’s arrival. Otherwise the guide would be released for other tours/guests. Note: Important information provided by email.

We were met by our guide, Marty, in a well maintained van that seated 7 of us comfortably. Our names were on his current tour list. First thing Marty did was drive us to the top of a hill overlooking Mahogany Bay. An opportunity to purchase local crafts. A way of contributing to island culture. Maybe you will meet “The King of the hill” as we did, the local cat who wasn’t phased by all the visitors. We then discussed with our guide about going to a local supermarket where the islander’s shop. He drove us to Eldon’s. Personally I could have spent many hours here. We purchased local coffee, spices, at local prices. My last name is Toda, loved the “Toda” 🐓 bullion. Foodie heaven!

We went to Victor’s private zoo, Victor’s Monkey Business. Such fabulous value. Our private tour was $25.00 US each and this got us into the zoo for $5.00. We had a private guide. Who told us to let the monkeys choose us. If they wanted to play with you, take their lead. They seemed to like us Canadians. We had exotic birds landing on our heads. The best moment of the day. The sloths. Omg.

These loving animals, you hug them. They hug you back. One winked at me, a loving gesture whether from a human or animal. This experience will stay with me forever. Am truly grateful to Sylvia for doing her homework, and all the extensive research that goes into planning a trip. Thank-you Sylvia. A very memorable day. After hugging a cuddly sloth, you are left with a permanent-grin for the rest of the day. Loved, 💕 this experience. Saw our first breadfruit well as many beautiful Hibiscus flowers, and noted wild birds flying in the air.

Marty drove us around, and we enjoyed seeing local houses, navigating narrow, muddy roads, and seeing breathtaking scenic ocean views.

Marty showed us his house, he was born and raised in Roatan, living in the same house. Throughout the day, you felt as though you were family as he would see family or others he knew. You cannot get more personal than this.

We wanted to try some local fish. We were taken to a restaurant on the ocean. If I close my eyes I can see the waves crashing. I can taste the salt. I see my friend’s enjoying their 🐒 Layla drinks. Some of us enjoying massage while waiting for lunch. $1.00 a minute. Lunch with a view, good conversations, and laughs. How fortunate we are. Always cognizant of coming from a free country, where we have the opportunity to travel. Always a thought to remember how you may contribute to local families with donations in kind. Anything is appreciated.

Marty drove us to Coxen Hole, another tourist area for shopping. I had my hair braided after talking to a local woman who said business was slow because of recent bad weather. Then joined the Gals for some shopping. We found a store that supports local families. “Made in” run by the Cowan’s. Non-profit, currently 26 families benefit from selling their crafts. Beautiful jewellery, sea glass, coffee bean art. We purchased many wares. It feels good to support local, knowing people such as the Cowan’s, missionaries, are dedicating their life purpose to serve and help others. They explained that after costs are recovered, generally in a few months, then all monies go to the families. We travelled from Canada. We know how fortunate we are, how blessed. To give back in any way possible. To think outside yourself.

Our day:
- playful
- slow hugs
- coffee
- spices
- lunch with a view
- Hibiscus
- breadfruit trees
- curious monkeys
- winking sloths
- beachside massage
- sea glass
- friendly, knowledgeable tour guide
- experienced world traveller
- laughter

Tourism is the industry. Tips are always appreciated for service. Our service was exceptional. Highly recommend Bodden Tours, Best of Roatan, private tour. Owner/operator Victor Bodden.

I was unable to add any photos today. Will post some to my blog
The sloths were amazing,

Christine Toda
Canadian traveller
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Stephanie W
伊利诺伊州芝加哥3 条分享
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2018年1月 • 独自旅游
Sadly, Roatan is a very poor island. This tour, at minimum, provides a glimpse of the condition of the people. I believe the tour helps to boost to the economy; even if it's miniscule. I agree that it wasn't great, but if ships don't dock here and not tours are offered, I believe the people of Roatan will be forgotten. So, I have given this tour an average rating, simply to help the economy.

This is a great place to do mission work.
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Barbara L
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2017年12月 • 夫妻情侣
This was our first port of call on the western Caribbean cruise on The Norwegian Getaway. We left Miami on Christmas eve and we thought the best of roatan would be a safe bet. We are not divers or snorklers and this was the logical choice to spend a few hours seeing the sights.
First. Because the country is so poor, expect poverty. The roads were absurdly potholed. Children stood in the streets with a shovel and dirt trying to get drivers to pay them to fill the pot holes. The drivers were driving erratically, trying to avoid the potholes. Couple that with the large number of scooters and you will see driving just short of bedlam.
The guide referenced the high costs of electricity and gasoline. Again, poverty. She also spoke of the wealthy foreigners and I quickly understood the class system.

We drove past some larger homes, but sadly poverty, is the real sight.

The stop at the mangrove and boat ( platform with wooden sides, rails, etc.) Hang on to the kids. Saw nothing I could not see from shore. And that was the best attraction. From there it was downhill.

Stopped to see native dance, and a demonstration of native cooking. Was offered homemade food for sale, but could not take any on board the ship. Would not have purchased it in any event

Another similar stop to see native made items. Again, extreme poverty.

There are shops at the pier (diamonds international, etc).

All things considered, maybe just stay at the ship's pool.
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加拿大埃德蒙顿1,306 条分享
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2017年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Did the Best of Roatan Island tour as part of the cruise package offer by Celebrity Cruise line. The tour was really nothing more than an excuse to shop. There were some cultural events but very little. In my opinion, this Island is desperate and not worth visiting. I am surprised Celebrity stops here.
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Andy G
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2016年12月 • 独自旅游
It was my best time ever.
They took me from place to plece and all of them was amazing.
This Island tour just great i can real recomend Roatan Best Island Tour to any one
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Jametoria B
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2017年4月 • 家庭
If you are interested in the history, culture, language and people who are descendants of the Motherland Africa along with settlers from mainland Honduras, this is the excursion for you. I loved all the tours, but as a person interested in history and culture of many places, this tour was particularly interesting and intriguing to me. As a first time cruiser to Central America, I was very interested in seeing the aspects of the Africa diaspora in Central America. Aside from the boat tour of shipwrecks and Musgroves, that water was absolutely beautiful, but hearing the stories of the people, how they really live, what they've overcome, and how tourism has increased their stand of living was even more interesting to me. We went into the villages and purchased food, gifts, jewelry and other gifts that helped support the people living there. We also witnessed a show performed by the villagers that told of their experience. For me, the connection to people was spiritual, yet the experience was very much geared for tourists. The people are very friendly, warm, welcoming and thankful for the tourists who come to visit their island and villages.
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Helene B
加拿大隆格伊12 条分享
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2017年3月 • 好友
Le tour était bien mais l'autocar était très petit,pas beaucoup de place pour les jambes. Le tour de bateau est aussi correct mais les vendeurs qui nous suivent à chaque arrêt ça devient agressant.
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