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Splash Country Waterpark(奥罗拉)

Splash Country Waterpark


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Figueroa C
伊利诺伊州Montgomery107 条分享
I felt I needed to do a review after our recent trip this past weekend. I purchased a Groupon for a family of 4 which was an awesome deal! We arrived 20 mins before opening and I seen one line to purchase tickets and another that said season pass holders. I found a worker to ask what line to get in and they said the line to buy tickets. I thought that seemed odd and thankfully another Mom overheard me and said she had just asked and was told to go through the season pass holder line. So that was really nice! The park was super clean and offered a very nice large pool. My daughter loved doing her hand stands in the pool and swimming. The 2 waterslides were a pleasant surprise. Even though it was extremely hot they were not super crowded like other waterparks. We grabbed our tube (which there were plenty) and headed up to the slides. We did this several times with no wait. It was a lot of fun. The lazy river is fun too with water spraying out in certain spots again plenty of tubes were available all free unlike other waterparks. The concession stand was reasonably priced. We got pizza, bratwurst, cheeseburger, cheese fries, slushy all was $18 nice area with umbrella table to enjoy your lunch. With living only 10 min's away I think this place gets overlooked and not the attention it deserves. I found the locker rooms to be clean, pool was very clean, water was warm. I don't have any complaints at all. It was nice to be somewhere that wasn't over crowded and within a budget for a family. I recommend getting there before they open to get in line so once you get in you can grab chairs in the shade. We had a great time!
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亚利桑那Litchfield Park409 条分享
Took my grandkids there today, it was our first visit. The kids, (under 10 years of age) had a great time. I had difficulty getting them out of the water. The park doesn’t have many slides but there are several areas for small kids. Some parents didn’t supervise their kids and lifeguards didn’t say much. Needed more supervision when kids were running into each other at the bottom of a slide. The water is shallow and most people aren’t there to swim , they just want to lounge in and around the water. If you decide to go there take a lock for your valuables. There are small lockers but you’ll need a lock. Life vests are also available at no charge but they can be found on the ground outside the bathrooms. Lounge chairs were available around the park but today wasn’t very crowded. Lots of lawn space for sitting as well. Parking lot is small but I didn’t have a problem finding a park. Nice sitting area near the concession stand. Granddaughter scraped her knee and ankle on the bottom of the pool but we didn’t go to the first aide station.

There was garbage can over flowing but no one bothered to empty them. You can bring snacks into the park. Some of the bathrooms didn’t have toilet paper and people were asking you to pass them tissue from the next stall. The floor was wet and it had wet toilet paper and trash on it. I was afraid for my granddaughter’s suit to touch the floor! Filthy!!! I would suggest bypassing the toilets and changing areas. Wear your swimsuits and dry off as much as possible before you leave. The park has some nice qualities but wet floors with wet paper and trash is not acceptable to me. The park opens at 10:45 per the website and we arrived at 11 to dirty bathrooms and dressing areas.
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伊利诺伊州Oswego1 条分享
While attending today I watched an older woman almost drown. The life guard never moved. Even when I shouted for help. Two people jumped in to pull her out. Still the lifeguard never moved or
Asked if the lady needed medial attention. I asked the lifeguard about it and she said the people jumped in to save her so she felt like she didn’t need to. Not what I expected. And not want I would want to happen to any of my loved ones.
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Liz F
马萨诸塞波士顿55 条分享
Very affordable. Went with our 2 year old and stayed for 2-3 hours before her afternoon nap. Perfect for a small child. The pool was gradual decline which was helpful since she is still a little nervous around water. Nice lazy river and a few waterslides.
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伊利诺伊州奥罗拉126 条分享
We went there with friends from out of town who have pre-teens. It was way less expensive than going to a "big water park." They have a longer lazy river and some good size slides. I would definitely recommend this for a first time eater park experience. Getting an annual pass would save you even more money. They offer swim lessons during off hours, you can host a birthday party there. If the weather is bad or cool, they won't open so call if it is in question. Another upside, Reuland's food service is their caterer.
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Omaha62 条分享
We stayed at a resort about 40 mins away that had an indoor water park, but we really wanted to go to an outdoor water park since the weather is still warm. We found a GREAT deal on Groupon for Splash Country that we just couldn't beat, and we are glad we gave it a try. For a fraction of the price of the indoor option we had, Splash Country offered more.

They have 2 big water slides, a splash pad, huge pool with a zero depth entry and kiddie slide, as well as a lazy river. This kept our kids ages 5-13 busy for quite a bit. It wasn't too big and overwhelming like some water parks can be with smaller kids - it was the perfect fit for our family. You don't have to pay to use inner tubes for the lazy river (unlike a lot of other larger parks!) which is nice. The only downside to that is you have to wait in line for a tube. If people go the one lap around and give their tube back, it works great but can be a longer wait during busier times and when people don't want to take turns. Despite that, it was a great afternoon and we had a great time. We'll go back again if we're in the area during the summer!
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sandy a
南卡罗来纳格林维尔28 条分享
This is a favorite of our 3 grandkids ages 7, 11, and 19. This year we were there for 1 day. Because of the extreme heat, we reserved a retreat. We thoroughly enjoyed having a place to chill, watch some big screen tv, and order food which was delivered quickly and accurately! A nice touch was the afternoon delivery of a fruit and water gift bowl.

The park has lots of guests but not enough restrooms to accommodate them. Recommend more rides to allow shorter wait times.
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Susan J
威斯康星Menomonee Falls212 条分享
With the walk-in, no steps pool entrance the main pool is great for young children - and adults who enjoy sitting on pool chairs in shallow water to read, relax, etc. The park is well patrolled by life guards and they are quick to settle down any older kids, etc. who get too rambunctious in the pool area. The lazy river is great and there is also a nice area for children to be doused with water, walk through squirting water, etc. Covered areas are well stocked with reclining chairs to relax in the shade and picnic tables are plentiful. Concessions are available, although, not having visited the area, I do not know what is sold or for how much money. While most locals have annual pool passes, admission is not expensive.
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Troy G
伊利诺伊州Geneva431 条分享
Fun water park with lots of different things to do. My kids love it and really enjoy it. Totally worth the trip and expense.
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Karen M
伊利诺伊州奥罗拉20 条分享
I took my grandkids there, since they are 13,12, and 10, I sat by the lazy river, and could see them on the waterslides and floating in the lazy river. They had fun, and I relaxed.
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