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got an guide through the cathedral; top of an hill; fine to see. Also the martyrs are remembered as the popes of the last decades!
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2021年2月 • 独自旅游
This Cathedral is located on Lubaga Hill and maybe that’s reason it gets a lot of attention from far away. The façade has a small resemblance of Notre-Dame in Paris, albeit the entrance of Rubaga Cathedral has only one. The Cathedral has also a painting of the Ugandan Martyrs.
In times of Covid, the Cathedral is doing a great job keeping the social distance.
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Chiel B
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If you are trailing the life of the missionaries who went to Africa, this is a must visit. The tour company i used organised with the church and we had a guided tour around the church and inside the cathedral.
I think this is the only cathedral with the Gothic like structure that i saw during my travel through East Africa.
It has a rich history relating to the African Missionaries and the stories are worthy listening to.
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意大利博洛尼亚157 条分享
una chiesa moderna in stile antico, non andrei in Uganda per vederla sinceramente, fuori un mare di bancarelle stile mercato, noi abbiamo assistito a un rito che di cristiano aveva poco che sembrava quasi un esorcismo più che una preghiera fatto da una sorta di santone laico ai fedeli... un po' da brividi però amen
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肯尼亚内罗毕38 条分享
I attended Sunday mass and it was great to see how the Catholic church is universal - it was just like home. The order of the mass and best of all how they kept time as they had a number of masses following each other. Reminded me of my church - Consolata Shrine in Nairobi. Oh and they sang some songs in Swahili. That was awesome!
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2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
I am not very religious, so can not really comment on the spirituality of this place but rather the tourist experience. We walked by the church and decided to peek inside. We were immediately welcomed by a guy who without further questions started telling us about the history of the church. He took us on a short tour - approximately 5-10 minutes, then he demanded we both pay 20.000 ush as a "donation". Now I don't actually mind donating something as churches have expenses and as a visitor I think it is fair to contribute to those. That said, I mind not being told about costs beforehand and I mind paying 20.000 pp for a 5 minute tour that I did not ask for. Especially in a church, where you don't really expect any hidden costs. In comparison: entrance to the grand mosque including a very  informative tour and visit to the minaret (fantastic views) is 15.000 Ush.

Now this might have been a scam, although if so a very well prepared one with a guest book etc., so most likely tolerated.

The cathedral itself is very big and has some interesting glass windows. That said, in my opinion a visit is only worth it if you are very interested in churches and African churches in particular or obviously if you want to come for a prayer.
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Way Farer
克罗地亚里耶卡134 条分享
Kampala is not a city with too many landmarks on offer. Sightseeing is pretty limited, as in many other African cities. Among the few that rank as highlights is Saint Mary's Cathedral Rubaga, one of the two most imposing religious edifices in town. The other one being the Grand Mosque. I suppose you can pass by, and maybe even have a look inside, on any day. However, if you care to visit the cathedral, try to do it on Sunday when you will not only see it (and attend a mass if you choose to), but the people in their Sunday best are also a part of the spectacle, together with numerous souvenir vendors.
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monic Jonnie
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St. Mary's cathedral rubaga , is a good place for both learning the historical facts of the fore fathers of faith in Uganda and a about also the baganda kingdom also, good environment for any body to rest in.
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2019年4月 • 独自旅游
Rubaga stands for a place of celebration. Known for its religious celebration. This is the sit of the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Uganda, you may want to check it out while you are on your visit to Kampala.
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瑞士伯尔尼437 条分享
2019年1月 • 好友
...kathedrale. ich ging am sonntag zur messe, einfach aus neugier.zuerst ist die messe in luganda, um 8.40 dann auf englisch.
ein paar tage später kamen wir zurück und wurden zur kostenlosen tour eingeladen. war eine kurze sache. am ende wollte man dann doch noch eine spende...schade..
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