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Darren H
Daisen-shi, Akita, Japan1 条分享
I agree with the other terrible reviewer about Crank Adventures. I have sent numerous emails and inquiries about mt biking with Crank Adventures when I travel to thailand this month. I have not received one response from them. Its too bad because they look like they run pretty decent trips. Oh well, I don't know what the deal is but its time to take my business elsewhere.
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Peking11 条分享
2010年12月 • 独自旅游
Damian and MR. Winn very relaxing and perfect Guidance. I did several trip in the south and other operators before. Not even close comparable what these guys have worked out.
If you really like a Moutain Bikier this is my big discovery and the only Guys who understand to get on single trails as much as possible. Guiding you to beautiful landscape and giving you an insight into local Thai Mountain living. to address to.
Never had soooooooooo much fun in challenging Up- and Downhill Riding in 10 years riding hole Asia. I took my own fully bike and had a hart time to follow Daimian with the hardtrail on the technically difficult downhills. I am in again asap.
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Gretchen B
Boston20 条分享
What an experience! Damian and Mr Winn did an incredible job getting us all of the adventure and activity we could ask for. We went way off their form, and combined bamboo rafting, a village stay, an incredible zipline, and mountain biking! They made the mountain biking work for my incredibly fit husband, my not so fit 12 year old, and for me (somewhere in the middle)... They took us to an open air market, and really helped us understand the culture, and were able to explain it all to our daughter. They are absolutely hilarious, and we laughed the entire way. I was worried when I originally saw their site because they wouldn't tell you where they trips were going... Thank God, because we passed tons of "tourists" all doing the same thing. We really like to try and NOT do the tourist thing, and they REALLY know their stuff! I only wish we had done the whole thing with them, I am always afraid of just going with one outfit incase it is not good, but hese guys could have done the whole thing , (saved me the time and research) for our elephant experience at Patara Farm ( which was also incredible), they were wonderful about making reservations, recommendations, and were game for anything. It was not one of those follow the leader tours, it was a unique experience for our family! One that we will remember forever. Thanks Damien, and Mr Winn!
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加利福尼亚旧金山1 条分享
After just a few email exchanges, Damain sensed just what I was after and crafted an ideal 3-day tour for my girlfriend and me. There was no overpromising or underdelivering, and many pleasant surprises along the way. My tour was managed perfectly. Damian and assistant guide Mr. Win were a pleasure to hang out and chat with. Riding through rolling hills far from any other tourists and arriving at a hill tribe homestay was one of my life's many travel highlights.
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加拿大多伦多4 条分享
We booked a last minute flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to take a morning cooking class and wanted to do some mountain bike riding later that afternoon before heading back to Bangkok. Crank Adventures was very accommodating and provided the 2 of us a private tour through the hills that same day.

We had a fun day and our tour guide, Win, was great to hang out with.

Highly recommended!
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明尼苏达明尼阿波利斯38 条分享
Perhaps this would have been a good experience had anyone returned any of my multiple emails to try and arrange an outing for single rider. Really inexcusable in my opinion!
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Unfortunately we can not trace whether we have missed your emails as your username does not match any of our records. If we have missed replying to your emails we apologise, however it is possible that we did not actually receive them. We pride ourselves on replying personally to all messages and focus on taking care of lone travellers and matching them up with others to create memorable group adventures. Feel free to contact us again with an actual name so we can check to see if indeed we missed your emails.
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Christine K
Christine K
马来西亚吉隆坡257 条分享
We had a half day leisure cycling trip with Crank Adventure and it was the highlight of our tour to Chiangmai. My whole family, including my 71 years old dad enjoyed it very much. It was really a good family activity. We had so much fun cycling through villages and taking photos of the beautiful sceneries along the route. A different experience than the usual sightseeing and shopping that we always have. Both our guides, Damien and Win are also very attentive and accommodating. Great job Crank Adventures!
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Whitsundays3 条分享
What an awesome adventure. we did the 2 day biking and bamboo rafting. Although my only training for this trip was lockins in the uk with copius pints of lager and curry I was still pretty keen to attempt this ride. after a few up hills I realised it was all a little 2 much and took the easy road inside the aircon with driver Mr win.
What a great move that was. Mr Win was so full of local knowledge and even shared the delights of the bubble tree, a tree when using the right tecnique you could blow bubbles from. We drove on to the village of the mong Tribe where we were to be spending the night. As my partner Kristian was still riding, Mr Win took me all around the village and showed me the local school. It was fasinating.
When Kristian returned he was on cloud nine he'd had an amazing adrenalin filled few hours. And I too had had a brilliant day.
We had a swim and checked out one of the locals putting together our raft for the next day. Both Damian and Mr Win were a wealth of Knowledge, we were fed extremely well.
The rafting the following day was really good so much good beautiful scenery.
overall had a fantastic time.
The Guys at Crank Adventures really made this an unforgetable trip.
I would definitely reccomend Crank adventures to everyone.
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澳大利亚Mackay7 条分享
Hi fellow travelers, I have just finished a top holiday in Thailand. My highlight of the trip was this 2 day trek with Crank Adventures.
The journey started off with being picked up at our hotel by Damian and Mr Win. Damian is originally from Australia who has lived in Thailand for the past 10 years, he is full of great information on just about every subject we brought up and very easy to communicate with, he is the founder of this company that he started with a very strong passion for the sport of mountainbike riding. This shows with the bikes and safety gear that is provided of top quality and well maintained for the amazing trails that have been found by Damian over time. (awesome countryside)
Mr Win is a local legend of Chiang Mai who drives the support vehicle, takes photos/videos, shows you fascinating things such as the bubble tree, cooks Thai meals in hilltribe kitchen and much more!
We drove not to far from Chiang Mai through beautiful hillside to our starting point where we set up bikes and are given a demonstration on riding and safety in this area. Then off we go further into the hillside taking in all its beauty for a couple of hours, to rest up for lunch at a bamboo house built on the river.(mmm Pad Thai)
The next part was just simply the best riding i have ever expierienced, with lots of downhill, twisting turns, creek crossings, timber bridges, numerous villages to see with local kids running out to wave as you cruise through,
We finish at a neat hillside village where Mr Win showed us around and taught us all the history of the village and surroundings.
Our accomadation was a fabulous expierience staying in a bamboo and timber house perched over the river where we had a refreshing swim. Dinner was cooked by everyone who wanted to help out in the tribal kitchen over the hot wok. A few cold drinks and a few stories about the day to finish off the night nice.
Morning time we pack our gear into the car and head to the river where our bamboo raft awaits which we watched a local build the day before. We ride the long raft down the river for a few hours, with plenty to see along the way. Ending up at the village we had lunch at the day before for another tasty feast to end our amazing journey. We were driven back to Damians place which is also a bar and small restaurant where we freshened ourselves up enjoyed some beers, had some fantastic pizzas and then dropped off at airport by Damian, this service was second to none. We were treated like we were family, Please do experience this for yourselves!
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日本荒川区9 条分享
Damien and his guide (sorry, bad with names), had every aspect of the trip planned. Great bikes, great trails, nice cold beers after, definately do it again. This dude loves bikes, and Chiang Mai.....only way to go
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