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加拿大蒙特利尔1 条分享
One of the best adventure and experience of my life!! I did an amazing trek with Sam and saw the pure wildness of north Thailand mountains. If you go to Thailand and you like adventure I recommend this trek 100%. I did a 4 days trek that Sam called physical challenge. It's a trek without a path, but Sam know the way. It is just incredible to be alone in pure nature. Sam thought me a lot about his country and nature. You need to be ready for an real adventure because we walked a lot but for me everything was perfect! Sam know very well english and even some words in french. He cooked for us everyday and every time it was delicious. Everyday I saw different landscape: forest, dry fields, plantation, rocks. Even walk and swim in a very nice river. We slept in the villages between the mountains, it was an enriching experience to see how people live in the mountains. This trek is an unforgettable experience for sure!!

Une des plus belles aventure et expérience de ma vie !! J'ai faite un trek incroyable avec Sam comme guide. J'ai vu la pure nature des montagnes du nord de la Thailande. Si vous pensez aller en Thailande et que vous êtes aventurier, je recommande ce trek à 100%. J'ai faite un trek de 4 jours que Sam appelle: le défi physique. C'était un trek sans chemin, seul Sam savait où aller. C'était juste incroyable d'être dans cette belle nature, sans aucun autre touriste. Sam m'a beaucoup appris sur son pays, la culture et sur la nature. Pour ce trek il faut être prêt pour une vrai aventure car il faut marcher beaucoup, pour moi tout était juste parfait!! Sam parle très bien anglais et même plusieurs mots en français. Il a cuisiné tous les jours et chaque fois ce fut délicieux. Tous les jours, j'ai vu des paysages différents: la forêt, des champs sec, des plantations, des rochers. Même que nous avons marché dans une belle rivière où nous avons pu nous baigner. Nous avons dormi dans des villages entre les montagnes qui fut une expérience très enrichissante. Ce trek a été une expérience inoubliable!
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Katya K
英国伦敦9 条分享
My family 2 adults and 2 kids went on 4 day tour with Sam in August 2019. The only good things that I can say about Sam is that he was on time and his English was good. The rest is unfortunately not so good.

I have developed the tour myself and emailed Sam in advance the locations for hotels and attractions we wanted to visit. He did not look up any of these locations and he did not use any GPS maps to assist to find some of them. He was trying to drive from memory and on couple of occasions I actually had to use maps.me on my phone so that we do not get lost. When we were driving to elephant sanctuary he started calling the sanctuary on the way trying to find out where they were located. Why could not he do it in advance and be prepared?

One of the locations was very remote and instead of phoning them to check where exactly it was, he thought he could figure it out on the day. He did not and we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere, after dark and on the road which his car could not take. Mobile reception was also not working. Talking about 30 years of guiding here and doing zero preparation.

He was more a driver than a guide, as he did not really tell us anything which I have not read in my guide book before, for the majority of attractions he would  also just drop us there and let us wander. For one of the temples he gave us a short intro but again nothing I have not heard before. 

I have asked him to find local places for food, he did not do any research beforehand even though he knew the route. We just stopped at whatever was close by. 

When we were doing a hike to the waterfall he did not assist my kids by offering them a hand or watching whether they were safe and comfortable walking in certain places. When we visited the cave he started making scary noises that my kids were getting scared and despite me asking him to stop he continued doing the noises thinking it was funny. 

Overall, I would not recommend him at all as he does not know the area, as if you want to go and see places different to White temple and Black House you will have to rely on his memory as he does not use the maps on the phone, as most likely does not want to spend his data allowance.

He is not knowledgeable about things you are about to see as he, like you, read about them in the guidebook. He is not helpful with kids and does not do any research before your arrival,which I think every guide should do when they are visiting new places. 

If you don't want to drive yourself, take a car with a driver with limited English - they will be just as good as Sam. 
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法国Pessac4 条分享
2019年4月 • 家庭
Nous revenons de Thaïlande (séjour du 11 au 25 Avril 2019) et avons fait un trek de 2 jours avec Sam et son fils, et notre fils de 8 ans. Nous cherchions une personne authentique, qui nous emmènerait loin des sentiers battus, nous ne pouvions pas rêver mieux...Sam est une personne adorable et drôle, nous avons eu de supers discussions avec lui. Après une bonne marche le premier jour nous avons passé la soirée et la nuit dans un village Karen, la famille de sa femme. Une véritable expérience, loin des touristes! nous sommes ravis de ces deux jours, nous espérons revenir un jour et faire plus de choses avec lui. Il connait pleins de choses, il est très intéressant! Si vous aimez l'authenticité et être avec les locaux, n'hésitez pas une seconde, contactez le! Merci Sam, amitiés de Laure, Régis et Dorian
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Isaac m
法国伊西勒布林诺10 条分享
2018年8月 • 家庭
Nous avons passé une journée avec Sam pour découvrir la region de Chiang Mai.
Sam est une personne merveilleuse : sympathique, investi, et connaissant parfaitement la région.
Il est venu nous récupérer à notre hôtel à 7:30 du matin, et nous sommes rentrés après 20:00. Journée marathon avec le sourire, et il nous proposait d’en faire encore plus. Même nos ados étaient enchantés !
Bien qu’il parle essentiellement anglais, il a quelques notions de français.
Si vous cherchiez un guide sur Chiang Mai, ne cherchez plus !
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Cilou G
法国Blere2 条分享
2018年4月 • 好友
Nous venons de passer 2 jours de treck en montagne avec Sam et son fils (nous étions 4). Nous sommes revenus enchantés ! C’était une méga randonnée loin de toutes celles que vous pourriez faire ! Oubliez le mot randonnée = balade, ce n’est pas un treck de fainéant, mais cela en vaut vraiment la peine. Dîner authentique dans un village typique. Si vous cherchez le 4 étoiles passez votre chemin. Sam est le Mike Horn de la Thaïlande ! Il nous a expliqué énormément de choses. Pour les amoureux de la nature, let’s go.
Encore merci Sam et Cayo !
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Hungary11 条分享
2016年11月 • 好友
The 4 of us spent 4 days with Sam on the Mae Hong Son loop and we could't have asked for a better guide!
He was very flexible and a lot of fun to travel with. He helped us finalize the itinerary we had in mind and suggested places/activities only a local would know about.
He has a wide knowledge on the area and we learnt a lot about the Thai history and culture. He took us to non-touristy places and we had the best meals in Thailand with him :)
We travelled SEA for 3 month and this 4-day-trip with Sam was in our top 3 experiences.
Thanks again Sam for the unforgettable adventure!
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶101 条分享
2016年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Just like the title suggest. We had an amazing experience with Sam. He really knows his culture and his English is very good. I asked a lot of questions throughout the trip and he didn't hesitate answering any. When the group was quiet, he would go with the flow. His vehicle is very comfortable and he is a very safety cautious driver. I would recommend him to anyone looking to book a tour around Chiangmai.
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加利福尼亚旧金山11 条分享
We fell onto Sam's office and if you are looking for a non touristy trap, his private group hikes are excellent. You really get to visit the countryside. We had an excellent day hiking yesterday, there were no tourists, you were one with nature. Sam speaks perfect english, he is very interesting, he KNOWS the forest and the mountains and it was an A+++ experience.
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22 条分享
2016年11月 • 好友
Booking Sam was definitely the best decision! He took us to a 4-day tour from Chiang Mai, and showed us around in the mountains. He is very knowledgeable, always in a good mood, joking around and his english is great!
He knows this area and the people very well; on our first night we stayed with a family in a tiny mountain village, cooking food with them in the evening (Sam is also pretty good chef). Amazing experience!
He always made sure to shows us the best spots, not the ones overflowing with tourists.
If you wanna see the wilderness (even through loooong hikes, what we didn't do this time) and experience the local way of living, book him! You cannot go wrong :)
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英国根西岛5 条分享
2016年3月 • 好友
My friend and I took a two day trek tour into the mountains, first day we climbed to a peak and then walked to a very old village through some paddy fields, the place was properly authentic, even down to having no electricity! The tour guide Sam was fantastic and very fun and helpful, showing us first hand all the medicinal values the forest offered, we even drank water from a tree, which was fresher than I've ever tasted, he cooked us food and kept us in high spirits, the second day we climbed two peaks and the views from the top were amazing, really rewarding as it got tough at times, especially because it was pretty hot! Such diversity as well, there were different areas of land we crossed, from rainforest switch huge trees to flat paddy fields that spread as far as the eye can see, if you want a rewarding challenge and some real feel good, give it a go, definitely something to tell the grandkids about!
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