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Inge V
比利时布鲁塞尔2 条分享
2014年2月 • 夫妻情侣
During a walk in the city we met two times someone who adviced us to go to this shop. As this shop is also a "government shop" we thought it was reliable. So we decided to order a cashmir suit and shirt for my husband and a silk evening dress for me. They took measurments, we decided on the fabrics and model and we placed our order. We had to pay the whole amount at once and we were so stupid to do that.... As we had to leave Chiang Mai the next day we decided to let eveyrthing send by mail to our home address in Belgium. For that we also paid like 60 USD extra ! To secure the delivery as Mr. Yuht (the boss) told us. Mr. Yuht is so charming and friendly that you get trapped so easily. The next morning, before leaving Chiang Mai, we passed by the shop for the first fitting. My dress fitted well, looked really nice and was almost finished. Just some little straps needed to be added. The suit and shirt for my husband were still an a stage of preparation (first stitches). They promised to finish it soon and to send it to our home by the time we would arrive back home which was two weeks later. We are now almost 1 YEAR LATER and we still did NOT receive anything although we paid a lot of money for it !!! In the past year I have written Mr. Yuht countless emails. First he never replied them. Then I started calling him and he always came up with an excuse (eg. The parcel came back). Then, I made a Thai friend of mine call him because I thought maybe he didn't understand my English. After that call he send me by email the number of the parcel that I could follow (Track and trace) on the website of Thai Post. When I tried the number I got the message that this number doesn't exist. I asked Mr. Yuht several times to give back our money. We paid with credit card so of that I have prove. By the way, he never gave us an invoice or official order document. Luckely I wrote down the order number. But still, we lost our money....and I don't know how to solve our problem.
So, if you plan on going there, bargain (as he really is expensive; I noticed afterwords), don't pay the whole amount at once, ask an invoice or order document and take the costum or dress with you !!!
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Paul-Émile C
加拿大蒙特利尔1 条分享
2014年3月 • 独自旅游
I bought 2 suites from that place. The guy told me he would ship it to me but never did. I called 100 times and email multiple time and never got he would just told me "yes I shipped it". Now the line is out and no more email anwser. I paid 500$USD and totally got stolen.

The guy who stole me is MR. Yuht
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Despina M
Brussels, Région De Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgium22 条分享
2014年4月 • 好友
I fell in this trap on my recent trip to Chiang Mai. I was approached by two different people in two different places who were inquiring in general about my trip and gave me some "local" advice. The one of them claimed to be of Vietnamese origin, but living in Australia and was on a business trip with his French wife in Chiang Mai as they wanted to buy fabrics and have suits made for them. They both recommended this tailor so I decided to try it out (at that point I did not suspect any scam). I had a cashmere coat made for which I showed the tailor some pictures and explained clearly what I wanted and even more clearly what I didnt want. He seemed to understand as he drew a design of exactly the coat I wanted for myself. After the first fitting I noticed there were things on the coat I hadnt asked for and he promised he would correct them. At the second fitting, there were even more mistakes and it was not at all according to the original design. But he clearly understood what I didnt like and promised to correct them. The day after, however, I was leaving early in the morning so there was no time for a third fitting. So he offered to deliver the items to my hotel after midnight. To my great disappointment I realised that he hadnt corrected any of the mistakes on the coat (pockets in the wrong place, sleeves not the way I wanted them etc etc) but there was no time to do anything about it anymore. And even worse they ask you to pay the whole amount in advance before you even see the work done! So my advice is to stay away from them. They charge way too much and the quality of the work is very poor.
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区24 条分享
2014年2月 • 好友
So this place got recommended by the guy at my hotel who was paid off by them, and then reaffirmed by a random guy walking down the street with a suit bag, who claimed to have just shopped there. Another American in the store said he was approached by someone across town who used the same move. Don't fall for their scams or their fake reviews they post online.

This is an average place with high prices and average workmanship. Save your money and buy some higher quality materials somewhere else.

I'm not a suit expert, so rely on the expertise of the tailor to help with a fit. The suit came in and was too short. I made a comment but they said it was normal. It didn't even cover my whole butt. They reassured me and showed me pictures. However, I went into my tailor at home and he laughed.

I emailed the email addresses on their business cards asking if there was anything they could do for a replacement, since i am sure it costs them the equivalent of $2 USD to make these tings, but no one ever got back to me.

The dress shirt actually came out okay, with the exception of the sleeve length.
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baltimore27 条分享
2014年2月 • 夫妻情侣
On a recent trip to SE Asia, I had planned on getting a tailored made suit. Naturally, I used TA as my first resource and based on the # of reviews and positive reviews, I had my sights set on CM Tailors or His and Her's. Upon our arrival to Chiang Mai, I asked our tour guide their opinion on local tailors. She advocated for Vienping because it was her friend's shop. I had not previously read about them, and was hesitant to check them out because of a potential scam. But, our guide who was booked via a very reputable tour company stated that she would be our contact in case the suit wasn't ready prior to our departure, while there would be no in country contact with the other companies. This was fairly legitimate, so we decided to check them out. A very nice lady came to our hotel and picked us up. The stores location is pretty good, outside the old city and near the night market. The guy who seems to be the boss spoke good English and was very informative and nice. He showed us the difference between synthetic and natural fibers (Actually lighting a small piece with a match).

We decided to go ahead and start the process. I'm not shaped like a Hugo Boss model, and that's why I was interested in getting a bespoke suit. Measurement taking was thorough and fairly precise. My gf decided to get a cashmere blend winter coat too. So, this was done at about 1pm. They asked us to come in later that night for the first fitting. Impressive. We subsequently came in the next 2 nights (at our convenience) for the final adjustments. Overall, I am very happy with my suits. 2 suits and 2 shirts for about $600 and my gf's full length coat was ~$400.

The suit is machine sewn, surgeons cuffs, single vent,articulated arms, no pleats etc. Contemporary.. and the shop is aware of what is in style. The lining is quite nice and the monogram inside was a nice finishing touch. I've already had it dry cleaned once and it didn't fall apart, and I guess only time will tell about durability.

I would strongly encourage anyone looking for a bespoke suit to check these guys out. They appear to be honest, take credit cards and are accommodating to your needs.
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丹麦Liseleje10 条分享
2014年2月 • 夫妻情侣
The Vienping Collection did a good followup when alterations were need to be made, and have the jacket send to my next destination. All in all though - the tailor-work was average in finish and design.
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英国伦敦30 条分享
2014年1月 • 夫妻情侣
During our trip to Thailand one of our objective was to have a handmade suit created by traditional Thai Tailors. We had noticed that the majority of Tailors we had seen were run by Indians. So when we were approached by two thai men on separate occasions on our walk round town we jumped in a tuk tuk and were taken to this recommended Tailors. The service and the initial measuring was carried out professionally, we left due to return that evening for first fitting. After leaving we found a restaurant with Wi-Fi and started to read various reviews, mainly focusing on the scam of the two Thai men who approached tourists recommending the Tailors. We decided to head back and confront the owner. As we had already made payment there was no way of getting a full refund. Our main concern was the fact that we have been manipulated into choosing this Tailors dishonestly. They were very polite, very caring and remained extremely professional, especially if they confirmed to us that they make suits for generals within the police force.
After all this they worked through the night and met us at our hotel the following morning with the second fitting. The suit was beautiful, The stitching and the design was made incredibly professionally. This was to be completed while we carried on with our travels and the final piece would be shipped to our last hotel in Bangkok.
Since returning back to the UK my partner has warn his suit on a few occasions and has received many compliments.
Overall we are very pleased with the quality and the workmanship gone into this suit, we felt let down that we have been manipulated into using this specific time Tailors.
The owner maintained that the two men walking the streets of Chiang Mai were not employed by their business.
As we said we were looking to have a suit tailored in Thailand by traditional Thai Tailors, we were just upset that we have been manipulated into using this specific business. However on a much better and brighter note this is a five star recommendation for the workmanship, the quality and the arrangements for the suit being shipped to Bangkok.
Ignore the two thai men and enjoy having a tailored suit at a very affordable price!
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纽约州纽约市85 条分享
We came here upon recommendation of our concierge and were 100 percent satisfied.
Notice that the people who claim this is a scam come from Thailand. We had trouble finding a tuk tuk who even knew where it was!
The tailor made adjustments during the fitting and the made sure it was perfect when we picked our suit up.

This is not an English bespoke suit but a well made perfectly fitted and sewn three pieces for about $300. We hope to go back
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泰国清迈79 条分享
2013年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a well-known scam destination with tuk-tuks dropping people off here instead of their guesthouse, and English-speaking Thais hanging around temples throughout the city, telling stories and recommending this place. Why is that even necessary?

Well, first of all this is not on the way to anywhere, so one has to go looking for it. There are no attractions nearby.

Secondly, of course, is the profit margin. They charge 1,200 THB for a shirt. A local seamstress could do this for about 100 THB plus materials. So they can afford to have dozens of people hanging around the temples all day long.

The worst thing is the tourists who have been scammed but actually like the place. Sure, others may like their shirts or whatever, and for Australians it is inexpensive. But patronizing a place like this ensures that the touts and liars and misdirected tuk tuks will continue unabated. Vien Ping and those who go here make Chiang Mai a worse place to visit.
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9 条分享
It's a scam. Some "friendly" people in the street proposed you as the best place in chiang mai for to make you a suit or a dress bus It's a scam.
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