Elephants At Home
Elephants At Home
文化游览 • 生态游览 • 私人游览 • 自然与野生动物游览 • 一日游
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Muy recomendable! Experiencia de 10! Nuestro guia, Pablo, fue encantador. La experiencia con los elefantes es inigualable y la comida local fue espectacular!
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Frazer Swanson
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2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Our experience with Elephants at Home was fantastic !!! They are most than just a Elephant sanctuary, their Elephants are 100% wild and treated exceptionally.

Our host Athiwat picked us up from Chiang Mai. He was so friendly & educated us on Elephants at Home, Thailand and about his tribe who live in the mountains.

We feed the elephants bananas, made them vitamins balls, walked with them in the river, feed them their vitamin balls & then washed them in the river. It felt like being in a nature documentary. The entire experience was very ethical as their are no chains and the elephants are flapping their ear’s away in happiness.

Athiwat goes above and beyond & i am so glad we could support him and his magnificent elephant’s. This is a place you must put on your wish list

Thank you Elephants at Home !! We will be back again :)
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Juan Noé
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2022年8月 • 家庭
Sin duda alguna una de las mejores experiencias de nuestro viaje a Tailandia y de nuestra vida. Un tour totalmente privado para dos adultos y dos niños en el que se respeta totalmente al animal. Onedee y su familia nos hicieron sentir parte al menos por un día, de su tribu y forma de vida. Este tipo de Tours ayuda a mantener el negocio local y así proteger el medio que los rodea y evitar el maltrato animal.
Gracias Onedee!!!
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加拿大多伦多1 条分享
3 of us spent a great full day with 4 elephants, magical experience! we hiked up the waterfall with the elephants, played with them. We feed them sugarcane, mud & wash the elephants. we walked through a field and saw many buffalo's. nice full day at Elephants at home.
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Pablo M
泰国清迈58 条分享
2020年2月 • 独自旅游
Me encanto este proyecto por ser responsable con los elefantes y darnos a conocer el entorno rural de Tailandia, fuera de las rutas turísticas.

Fue un acierto decidirme por venir a este lugar !!
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2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
I would 110% recommend Elephants at Home! Myself and my partner spent a day here at the beginning of February and I was amazed at how well they treat the elephants. If you want elephant riding and elephant shows this is NOT the place for you!
The mahouts here take exceptional care of their elephants. There are no chains, no hooks, no riding and absolutely no pens. The elephants are free to wonder as they please. You’re on their schedule for the day, not yours!
Our mahout for the day was so lovely, and he is the owner of the elephants. He told us everything about them and you can really see how passionate he is. It’s a wonderful experience to be so up close and personal with these amazing animals. They also have a photographer who will take hundreds of photos of you throughout the day. Make sure you bring a memory stick so you can take them all home with you!
Please try to support ethical elephant sanctuaries like this one.
Thank you for one of the best experiences ever.
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2020年1月 • 好友
Algo que nos encantó de esta experiencia fue que éramos únicamente 4 turistas con tres elefantes, por lo que creemos que, en cierta forma, “se agobió poco” a los animales.

Buscando información por Internet siempre me había encontrado con las típicas fotos de grupos de más de 10 personas rodeando, mojando y embarrando a unos pocos elefantes, y es algo en lo que tenía claro que no quería colaborar.

Sabemos que los trekking con elefantes por Tailandia es un tema complicado de tratar, así que, si estás planteándote visitar un centro de recuperación de elefantes cerca de Chiang Mai, asegúrate de haber investigado bien las diferentes opciones que tienes y que quede claro de que al menos, te indican que no se les monta, no se les obliga a actuar y que los grupos de turistas son reducidos.

Nosotros leímos bastante sobre este tema, y creemos que al final, nuestra elección con Elephants At Home fue bastante acertada.

Si quieres puedes ver la información completa de nuestro trekking con más imágenes, precio , cómo reservar con ellos y demás en nuestro post.

Búscame cómo Oceanika Travel Blog 😜
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马萨诸塞科德角77 条分享
We were the guests of the Karen (pronounced car’-un) Hill Tribesman who live in a Thai national park and serve as guardians of the Asian wild elephants that are slowly populating the area. They run a modest enterprise called “Elephant at Home”. Getting there was an adventure in itself as we drove through small villages and climbed steep mountain roads filled with hairpin turns. The roads transitioned from paved to dirt then to washed out and rutted with streams being crossed via rickety bamboo ”bridges”.

Our final destination was a dusty compound comprised of an open sided hut with a roof made of banana leaves stitched together with cane laces. A single outhouse stood nearby. To our amazement (and relief!), it was equipped with a modern flush toilet. A short distance away a second open sided structure served as the education center for guests. Occupying the middle of the open space were two large elephants and a smaller, younger female munching fresh greens. It’s worth noting that there are a variety of elephant experiences scattered across Southeast Asia catering to tourists. Some are committed to the welfare of the animals while others are just cashing in at their expense. “Elephants at Home” is highly regarded for its work with these wild creatures and the real affection and respect these tribesman demonstrate towards them is both touching and remarkable. Our day was spent getting to know and feed the elephants, then walking with them for a mile up into the jungle until we came to a pool fed by a waterfall. Lunch had been laid out for us on banana leaf mats in a raised shelter. After we ate, our large friends greedily gobbled up whatever we hadn’t eaten. One stepped up to our platform and stuck his head in the door. We fed him from buckets of fruit and leaves but when it wasn’t fast enough for his liking, he snatched the whole bucket out of our hands. An elephant’s trunk is both strong and dexterous!

Throughout the day we were reminded again and again that these are wild creatures who have formed a symbiotic relationship with the tribesmen. Their human friends feed them well and strive to give them a balanced diet. This inclines the elephants to stay close most of the time, seduced by the good chow but they very much have a mind of their own, refusing to budge when they don’t wish to and running off into the jungle when the urge comes upon them. One elephant lagged behind on our trip to the waterfall, refusing to be rushed but then came charging down the path forcing Jim and an older tribes woman to fall off the trail and take a seat in the bushes to avoid being trampled.

All in all, a remarkable experience which I Highlt recommend.
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Daniel R
哥伦比亚波哥大5 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Fue una experiencia espectacular, realmente todo el equipo se esforzó mucho con pequeños detalles para hacer de nuestra aventura con Elefantes un sueño. Muchas gracias por todo de corazón por que aman los Elefantes y los tratan muy bien. Este es el lugar si quieres apoyar a que los elefantes estén en su hábitat y felices.
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Angie Q
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2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Realmente encantador!!! Uno de los mejores días de mi vida, cero maltrato animal, siempre respetando su habitad entonces creo que volvería sin dudarlo.
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