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2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We booked into the spa (we were staying at the hotel). Got up there and she confirmed treatment and cost. To our shock we were paying 40% more than the brochure price. When we asked she said that was for a private room. Otherwise you are in a common room with everyone else but still had to pay extra for Vat and a service charge. We have had a few massages since being in Vietnam and this is the first place that did this - been in our own room or one big one that had cubicles. Thought we would have got a discount for staying at hotel not charged 40% more.
I googled massages in Ho Chi Min and trip advisor suggested Coco Care Spa. We went there and it was fabulous! No hidden extra charges and was even cheaper. Place and staff were excellent.
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澳大利亚墨尔本56 条分享
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Wonderful experience - relaxing and soothing. Highly recommend especially if you are staying at the Grand Silverland Hotel.
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2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
The lady who did my manicure at the spa situated in Grand Silverland Hotel did the most horrible job ever. The nails were trimmed badly resulting in the shape being unbalanced, and the nail polish was applied in such uneven layers. It was the worst manicure session I’ve ever had. They only had a few OPI bottles of polish with the bulk being brands I don’t recognize, they do not have a UV light machine to dry your nail polish. They do not have a fast drying top coat to speed up the process either. There was no communication at all about what shape would you like your nails to be, just snip snip snip all off in a ugly unbalanced shape. I can trim nails better than she can, and I can do a much more decent job of my nails than she can. The lady even clipped my finger when she was trimming my nails, which resulted in some bleeding and she laughed when I expressed pain. The biggest insult is I had to pay for this rubbish lousy nail polish job and the lady who did the mani pedi could barely see all the flaws. These pictures were snapped immediately after the session when I went up to my room to inspect the nails. It was ugly. Terribly ugly. Do not ever do a mani pedi there.
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格鲁吉亚第比利斯82 条分享
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Very good value for money, very professional and courteous staff and a variety of treatments to choose from. Before and after treatment experience is also very good.
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澳大利亚布里斯班542 条分享
2017年11月 • 独自旅游
Pleasant place
Nice massage
Basic pedicure
Friendly staff
Discount for hotel guests from Silverland Hotel
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Vivian S
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2017年11月 • 夫妻情侣
第一次到這家按摩店,位於酒店的一樓,環境安靜很不錯。我倆試了1小時的腳底按摩,是菜單中最便宜的按摩項目,折後税後約200KVND/位。胡志明的按摩店試過很多,這家的手法挺不錯,力度適中。如上午至下午3點前去還有半價優惠,決定下次再去! 雖然按摩時間實質約55分鐘,並不够1小時,但是比起人氣店Miu Miu腳底按摩70分鐘 要320KVND,我認為這裡的CP還是很不錯的,值得推荐!
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Tess K
6 条分享
2017年1月 • 独自旅游
Terrible place to go, do not recommend for the high price you pay being a hotel spa. Was booked in for a full body massage and walked in to the massage room where there was no atmosphere, very cold from the air con, and no nice music playing you would normally get at a massage place for relaxation. I was wrapped like a mummy basically the whole time with the towel which I feel was strange, made it harder to feel things and was a bit uncomfortable being covered right up like that. Even had to leave these pyjama type things on too. It was all very strange. The therapist barely applied any pressure, and couldn't have cared less by the look on her face. Seemed a real imposition that she had to be there. Worst over-priced massage I've ever had, they really should train their therapists to know what they are doing and actually put some effort in when people are paying good money for it and could just go down the street somewhere cheaper for a better massage.
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新加坡新加坡52 条分享
2016年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Overall, this is NOT a spa place. It is definitely not a place i will recommend anyone to go to, with the amount of money we had to pay for the session. You can get a better massage at the massage place below the hotel.

It is not my first time having a hot stone massage, but it is definitely my first time that i almost got scalded and i did indicate it was painful. In the end the masseur ran the rocks under the water to take some of the heat away so that i could use the "hot stone" as a therapy of sorts.

There wasn't sufficient pressure on the massage and i didn't really like the massage. Overall, it is a place i wouldn't return.
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U.S.A.206 条分享
2015年11月 • 夫妻情侣
I booked a Thai deep tissue body massage at the KL Spa which was located on the premises of our hotel, the Silverland Sakyo Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. I selected the KL Spa because of its convenience, the recommendations of hotel staff and the mostly positive comments on TA. I was looking forward to be reinvigorated and relaxed as well as relieving muscle tension after a long trans-pacific flight and several days of 12 hour tours; what a huge disappointment! Upon checking in for my massage, I was instructed to disrobe and handed a pair of over sized, ill fitting pajamas to wear. I'm athletically built and the pajamas were virtually falling off me. They were obviously intended for a heavy set, portly individual. And yes, I did have an issue putting them on. First of all, I'm very much averse to wearing any type of clothing previously worn by others, especially pajamas; I sure hope and trust they were laundered. However, that is not the point. I was reluctant to do this and went against my better judgment only because I already had a scheduled spa appointment. Once in the massage room there was no relaxing or soothing music to produce a serene or tranquil mood and the door was left open; consequently, with little to no privacy. When I laid down for my message I was covered with a very thick terry cloth towel from the nap of my neck to the bottom of my feet. Except for my head, my entire body was virtually wrapped throughout the one hour massage. Generally, during full body therapeutic massages your private areas are covered with a cloth or small towel, not being wrapped up like a mummy! The massage itself was extremely marginal as given the combination of pajamas and the thick towel I barely felt anything. Rather than a deep tissue massage, it was more of a rub down. I have been receiving massages for over thirty years throughout the world and never experienced such a terrible message and atmosphere. No use of oil, no hand to skin contact to penetrate and kneed the muscles, no serene atmosphere or privacy. What a huge, huge disappointment! I was left very frustrated and not at all relaxed. Based on my very negative experience, my wife decided not to book a message with them. There are a number of excellent, therapeutic and legitimate massage venues in Saigon for half the price that are much, much better. I definitely do not recommend the KL Spa at the Sakyo - stay away!!
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日本鸟取县62 条分享
シャワーを浴びて はいおしまい!といった感じなので、ホテルに宿泊していない方は、化粧道具を持参した方が良いです。
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