Wat That Luang Neua

Wat That Luang Neua(万象)

Wat That Luang Neua
宗教景点 • 纪念碑与雕像
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LivingThe Q
科罗拉多科罗拉多斯普林斯785 条分享
A Must See!
f the many temples that we visited during our time in Vientiane, Wat That Luang Neua was one of the most interesting. From the reclining Buddha statue to the colorful images depicting the life of Buddha, it is truly a beautiful temple. Located near the famous Pha That Luang, it is certainly worth taking the time to visit during a walking tour of Vientiane.

The golden statues are all quite interesting as you walk around the temple grounds. The temple itself is very open and has paintings depicting the life of Buddha all over the ceiling. The colors are so vibrant and the paintings are so interesting that one could spend hours looking at them. Local residents were setting up tables to provide food to the monks who worship there. It was certainly fascinating for us to see them going through their daily rituals.

There are so many wats, or temples, to see in Vientiane, but Wat That Luang Neua is definitely a highlight. Considering how hot it was during our time in Vientiane, any time in the shade or inside of building was certainly a welcome relief. Going to several of the temples to see how they vary is something that we would definitely recommend.
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Teepa W
新西兰惠灵顿150 条分享
Major Temple - Striking
If you have limited time in Vientiane, this is probably one of the places you should visit. I had a foot injury so I only managed to walk around the exterior. It's an impressive place.
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新西兰基督城1,808 条分享
Very Imposing and Beautiful
This National Monument is right beside Pra That Luang and the Recling Buddha Temple. It obviously gets extremely busy here, as there is an enormous car park area in the front which is doubtless often full of tour buses. The day I was there, there wasn't a bus in sight and very few people. Lucky me! Maybe it was still early in the morning. I can't remember. But I certainly got it right, so do aim for early! Then you can enjoy the full majesty and gorgeousness of the four or 5 interesting places nearby. You only need a ticket for the big stupa, I think.
This big Wat is elaborately decorated and you would really need a knowledeable guide to point out all the intricacies. The big doors were closed when I was there but the exterior is impressive and beautifully decorated. The gardens are lovely and in between the little side temple, which was open that day, and the big Wat there is a large old Bodhi tree surrounded by the different incarnations of the Buddha doing his different hand signals. I like the both hands out in front one, which means ,stop fighting with your relatives'. Tickles my fancy, I have to say! This is a nice quiet spot for a seat in relative coolness.
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Cameron S
科罗拉多罗克堡650 条分享
Impressive - Arrive Early
Wat That Luang Neua is an impressive temple with unique architecture. I happened to visit on a Saturday when the monks were participating in commencement exercises - really cool photo ops.

Be sure to show up early, before the tourist buses arrive.
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Sejin Ahn
韩国首尔8,326 条分享
탓루앙 북쪽의 사원
이름처럼 라오스의 국가적인 상징인 파탓루앙의 북쪽에 있는 사원이다. 탓루앙의 바로 위에 있는 곳으로 많은 라오 양식의 사원 형태를 그대로 갖추고 있지만 규모 자체는 크지 않으며 그 옆에 있는 대형 회당 탓에 존재감이 크지 않게 느껴질지도 모르는 곳이다.
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David B
泰国罗勇9,813 条分享
National Monument
2019年3月 • 好友
Pha That Luang has a long and convoluted history. Some legends traces its origin back to the 1st Century when it was a Hindu temple.

Later, with the arrival of Buddhist missionaries, it became a Buddhist temple in the 3rd century and believers claim the stupa contains a breastbone of the Lord Buddha, bought by the missionaries.

Over the millenia it has been extended, destroyed, rebuilt and extended again many times.

In the 13th century is was again rebuilt during the Khmer era, and there is a statue of King Jayavarman VII in the temple.

The temple has often been plundered by invading Chinese, Thais and Burmese and it was not until 1900 that the French restored it.

Wat That Luang is considered the most important monument in Laos and is seen as a symbol of Laos nationalism

Today the whole area is gated off, making it a pleasure to walk around the various stupas and temple buildings without competing with traffic.
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泰国大邦沙潘215 条分享
Worth a visit in the morning
2019年3月 • 家庭
This temple is very popular so to avoid the bus loads go in the morning. There are a few statues around the edges and the photos of the history are interesting. Foreigners will pay triple to enter but it's only 10k.
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Panya S
122 条分享
You pray for serenity
2019年2月 • 好友
Wat Phra That Luang is well known for the bone of Lord of Buddha. Golden Pagoda with tourists come for praying give you serenity. At the back you can buy Silk and clothes
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法国534 条分享
Très belle visite
2019年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Nous avons eu la chance d’assister à un repas des moines. Le lieu est paisible, accueillant, coloré.
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leigh n
越南胡志明市223 条分享
early and its peaceful
2019年2月 • 独自旅游
Getting here prior to opening and walking around the site then entering once opened lucky to get different light from the rising sun
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