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Ernst R
英国萨里13 条分享
The first time we travelled to Mongolia with Goyo was in 2014 when we spent five weeks in this enchanting country including the Naadam Festival. We had an amazing time and were extremely impressed with all aspects of the trip from comprehensive pre-departure information, faultless organisation in Mongolia, interesting itinerary, perfect accommodation, delicious food etc.

In September we chose Goyo again, this time for the Eagle Festival in the spectacular Altai mountains. As before, everything was perfectly organised and no effort was spared to give us a fascinating insight into the life and traditions of the Eagle Hunters and their families. We felt very privileged to enjoy their warmth and hospitality during our home stay. The Eagle Festival itself was a unique and exciting experience which we will never forget.

Goyo Travel is s family run tour operator with offices in the UK and Mongolia. Olly and Goyo’s teams in both countries really care about their clients and go out of their way to provide the best holiday possible. Binuu, our guide, and Tuul, the local operations manager were fantastic with a great sense of humour and made us feel like part of the family.

We have already recommended Goyo to our friends who enjoyed their trip as much as we did. For anyone who likes to get an insight into Mongolian life with a highly knowledgeable, efficient and friendly tour operator, look no further than Goyo Travel.
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英国利兹71 条分享
We planned a trip to Mongolia in 2020 but finally made it this year. Goyo were really helpful in working out an itinerary and we mainly focused on Ulaan Baatar and the Gobi desert. One advantage for us with Goyo is that it has a UK and Mongolia presence and so the final trip was delivered for us in Mongolia rather than being outsourced.
We travelled as couple with local driver and guide. Away from UB you need someone who can speak with local people and a driver is essential because many of the roads are unsealed and with no direction signs. You also need a strong vehicle.
Goyo provided a first class driver and english speaking guide who were key to making the trip a success. You need a flexible approach to travel in Mongolia because timings and routes have to be flexible.
What struck us most were the nice people, the vast empty landscapes and the herds of sheep, goats, cattle and camels.
Overall this was a trip that delivered for us.
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Doug B
佛蒙特Colchester78 条分享
It would be hard to summarize how fantastic our trip was and how thankful we are to Goyo Travel for their help in making this trip of a lifetime a reality. The communication with Goyo and the help they provided in creating the perfect itinerary was outstanding! Once we arrived in Mongolia, we felt right at home with the help of our amazing guide and driver. We formed such a close bond over the two weeks and learned so much from them both; they were among the many reasons this trip was a success. Mongolia is beautiful, the people incredibly warm, and the experience so enriching. Our was a COVID-delayed trip and at each step of the way the lines of communication with Goyo were perfect. My wife and I cannot recommend Goyo enough. You will not regret booking with them.
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Thea S
Hickory, North Carolina221 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We are a couple in our 70’s with a long-time desire to experience the land of Genghis Khan and the Gobi desert. Our trip organized by Goyo Travel exceeded our expectations. From the time we were picked up at the airport to the time we returned 2 weeks later, everything ran perfectly. We loved our home stays with the nomadic herders and at Hustai National Park, our camel ride into the Gobi where we spent the night in a tent, and seeing the sunset at the Flaming Cliffs. All of the ger camps were more than adequate, although after a week we got a bit tired of lamb and noodles. Our guide Byamba was so eager to help us in any way possible from making sure we had enough water and bathroom breaks to teaching us the sheep ankle bone game. Our driver Sanjaa was incredible driving from one dirt road to another, avoiding holes and spotting animals. Goyo Travel worked with us from the very beginning, informing us with the country opened up after COVID-19, tailoring our itinerary to our interests, and once in the country, giving us more or less time at a spot according to or interests. We have been to 50 countries, and our trip to Mongolia definitely ranks in the top 5. I will say that we tent camp in the U.S., so having to walk to an outhouse or bathhouse, or simply find a quiet spot on a trail for a bathroom was not a problem. Also we have no food allergies and eat everything. If one was a vegan or even a vegetarian, options would be limited outside of Ulaanbaatar. The pre trip info that Goyo sent as well as answering questions promptly relieved any anxiety we might have felt. We heartily recommend Goyo Travel and visiting Mongolia for its culture and natural beauty
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Matija P
8 条分享
There isn't a lens wide enough to capture all the beauty you will see. Our 11 day trip started in UB from where we drove towards the south passing all the landmarks such as Mount Bogd, Khustai, mini Gobi, Kharkhorin and Orkhon valley. It was amazing to see how the scenery changes from the green rolling hills to stony desert as far as the eye can see... and then you finally reach the dunes and are left in awe by the hypnotizing sands...
This amazing trip was directed and executed perfectly by Goyo Travel team, our knowledgeable and friendly guide Bujuu and #1 GPS of the steppe driver, Doyod. Perfect combo to spend time with on the road or to play local sheep-knucklebone games with.
In total I can summarize that we felt welcome everywhere we visited and were taken good care of. Immersion in local culture while visiting nomad families was a wonderful experience of its own with warm and entertaining hosts.
A perfect vacation in hands of real industry professionals.
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Netherlands10 条分享
Just returned from a fantastic 8-day tour of Mongolia.

We originally booked the tour in 2019, but were only able to proceed this year. Olly and Goyo stayed in regular touch with us over the intervening period keeping us informed of changes to flight plans, visa processes and our itinerary. The trip got off to a slightly rocky start with chaotic airports (LHR and FRA) and some lost luggage, but once we got to Mongolia it was smooth sailing.

Our guide (Eric) and driver (Mogi) were both fantastic, whether they were helping us navigate through muddy rivers, sorting out our vegetarian meals, surprising us with an endless array of equipment stashed in our Purgon vehicle (rafts, bows and arrows, riding helmets, a picnic table and chairs, snacks!) or simply making us laugh with their jokes. They were knowledgable and competent, but also flexible and fun - happy to sort out any issues we had and willing to adapt plans to suit us and make sure we had the perfect holiday.

The back office support was also excellent. They were super efficient in sorting out a missing piece of luggage, and recovering a shopping bag we inadvertently left in one of the vehicles the night before our departure.

As a family of 4 vegetarians I was a bit worried about the food in Mongolia. However, this was never an issue. All the gers we stayed in were aware in advance of our needs and even when we were out and about during the day our guide was able to sort something out for us. I was particularly pleased that we were able to sample many of the traditional Mongolian dishes (e.g. dumplings, huushur (pasty) and tsuivan (noodles)) but adapted for vegetarians.

Wonderful experience and delightful country. Hope to come back in the future and would definitely look to use Goyo Travels again if we do.
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Val P
4 条分享
What a trip! What an experience! What an adventure!
Warm, welcoming people, stunning landscapes, fascinating history and culture exceeded expectations and made possible by energetic, enthusiastic guide (Hashi) and drivers (Sanja and Tuksu). Proud of their country and passionate about sharing their rich culture, these three worked tirelessly as a team to ensure the trip was the best it could be. They were slick, but not mechanistic, observant and responsive to individual needs and safely steered us around the country with knowledge, good humour and lots of smiles and singing. Nothing was too much trouble.
Long off-road drives between camps were not arduous as always something interesting to see, and broken up with impromptu picnics and 'wild' comfort breaks. Each Ger camp was unique but consistent in the welcome and delight at receiving travellers, and in the amount of food served - huge amounts of food. "Bathroom' facilities differed hugely but a large thermos of hot water was available at each camp on arrival. The ensuite facilities at some camps were very much appreciated by those of us of more mature years!
I feel privileged to have visited, and been welcomed by the people of this fascinating country at a time when it is undergoing great change; the opportunity to see the old and new lifestyles in Ulaanbaatar functioning side by side; observing at close quarters the nomadic existence still pursued by so many families; entering into the spirit of the Nadam festivals with locals promoting customs and sports such as wrestling, archery and horse racing.
Goyo travel made all of this possible. I would highly recommend this company for any trip to Mongolia. From Booking early in 2019then and rolling over the trip for two plus years , Olly kept us informed, promptly answered queries, updated visa requirements etc but more importantly kept up our interest and enthusiasm.
So very, very pleased we stuck with it. Thank you to everyone who made this adventure possible.
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Howard R
1 条分享
Just returned from a wonderful 3 week tour of Mongolia with Goyo Travel. The trip far exceeded our expectations, from the beauty and diverse landscapes of the country to the service provided by Goyo. From start to finish, everything was handled in a friendly and professional way.

Our guide Hashi is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. He has real love and pride for Mongolia and enjoys sharing its beauty, history and culture with guests; we learned a great deal from him over the course of the trip. He is also great fun, it felt like travelling with a friend.

Our drivers, Sanja and Tukso were fantastic; as well as being expert drivers and mechanics they are wildlife spotters, singers and makers of great coffee! They were always ready with a helping hand and a smile.

Would highly recommend Goyo Travel to anyone considering a trip to Mongolia. We hope to travel with them again for the eagle festival in Western Mongolia.
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uk109 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Incredible country and incredible company. We chose Goyo Travel after lengthy research and so glad we did! We travelled to Gobi region with our guide Tulga and driver Doyod, 2 of the nicest people we have ever met. So knowledgeable and fun. We have travelled extensively and this was a longed for trip, Mongolia has captured our hearts in a way no other place has been able to do. The scenery, people, vistas, we feel privileged to have enjoyed this after the Covid years, even desert tracks had disappeared so we were crossing areas with nothing in sight except herders and animals. Doyod unerringly drove us from place to place, singing along to the songs playing in the car, one of my personal highlights, vast expanses of desert and just us. Wish it could have lasted forever. The vast majesty of this region, all beautifully explained by Tulga. The home stays were unforgettable experiences, such lovely hosts and me trying to milk a cow, scene of much laughter.
We got to see all the animals one hopes to spot, except the wolves, even the rare ones, again I think due to lack of visitors over the last few years, these creatures have lost some of their fear. A vulture nesting in a tree by the road track, I bet next year he will be up the cliffs! We have been privileged to see this in a pristine state.
There was never any pressure on us to be somewhere at a certain time, our itinerary was flexible and discussed every evening, we enjoyed lots of unexpected extras and I highly recommend spending a bit more to have the private tour. Such a bond is built between you and the guide and driver which makes for a marvellous encompassing trip. Goyo Travel picked the right match for us and never did we feel uncomfortable with them, from the very start with the greeting at the airport, until the last day, a perfect match.
The thing with Goyo Travel, is that they listen to you and take on board your wishes, Tulga knew all about us before we landed and knew what we wanted and we simply cannot fault his handling of this trip. Unfortunately the Cultural show was cancelled due to no tourists, that would have been lovely to have seen. We skipped the museum in Ulaan Bataar and replaced it with the Winter Palace. That was another highlight, such an interesting place. Luckily we were able to visit the newly opened museum in Dalanzadgad, which was well laid out and very interesting.
All in all an unforgettable journey. We have already discussed returning and visiting another area.
We have absolutely no doubt that Goyo Travel is the only company worth booking with for such adventures. They are the company for travellers, those who want to experience another culture, they really care for Mongolia and this love is imparted to their guests through the guides, drivers and the other staff. Everyone we met had this fierce pride for their culture and homeland.
Thank you Goyo Travel.
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Rhys B
澳大利亚芒特甘比尔6 条分享
Goyo obviously have great knowledge and experience of the Mongolian attractions, how and when to see them. Goyo have many tours ready to take as is, or they'll tailor make a trip to suit you. We’ll be recommending to our friends and going through Goyo for future trips, they take care of absolutely everything, something we appreciated very much.

My brother and I travelled to Khovsgol lake over a five day, four night period.

We travelled at the end of September. This period is when most camps are closing for winter, just past the prime of summer, when most people holiday here. We were unsure what to expect temperature and weather wise, but we needn’t have been concerned as we caught some beautiful autumnal conditions.

While all wasn’t green and the sun didn’t have the summer warmth, there are advantages to travelling after the summer rush. The weather is still fine, there were no other tourists or holiday makers around and the autumn scenery was just awesome.

We stayed a night near Muron at Tultiin Tokhoi, a great permanent ger camp and restaurant on the Delger river before travelling to and staying at Ar Davkhar ger camp while at Khovsgol. We stayed at the lake before returning for another night at Tultiin Tokhoi. The owners of Tultiin Tokhoi are so nice and welcoming the meals and accommodation are exceptional there as was the hospitality at Ar Davkhar.
There’s much to do and we most definitely would have extended this duration but could not due to our own time constraints.
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