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Isram Israel
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Jensen Bedach, United States3 条分享
2022年10月 • 家庭
My daughter, granddaughter and I just completed ISRAM’s tour to Israel. It was wonderful! We had a great tour guide and appreciated learning the history. Of course Jerusalem was unbelievably beautiful. I definitely recommend that you use ISRAM for a trio to the Holy Land.
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Merri C
1 条分享
This trip exceeded all expectations. We requested the "usual" trips, ie. Masada, Dead Sea, Western Wall, etc. but received sooooo much more. We saw and did so much and it was fascinating. The days were jam packed from early morning until we were dropped off at our hotel. Our tour guide, Doron H., was exceptional. Passionate, knowledgeable, interesting and with a great sense of humor. The hotels were perfect and beautiful, and the meals were all delicious, whether in the hotel or the lunches and dinners outside the hotel but with the tour. We were very lucky!
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Elaine P
伊利诺伊州芝加哥13 条分享
My husband and I had a trip to Israel, Jordan and Egypt along with our flights planned for April 2020 through ISRAM. Planning went well, and we made the remaining payment in full in February 2020. Just a few weeks later Coronavirus hit. ISRAM went out of their way to be as difficult as possible. Even after borders were closed, planes were not flying, Israel was not allowing foreigners to enter without self quarantine for 14 days they refused to cancel the trip and refund our money. Finally, after weeks of back and forth we agreed, reluctantly, to accept their offer of cancelling the trip with an approximate 10% penalty on the land portion. We were told if we did not take this offer the penalties may be greater later on (emails outlining this in my possession). It was us who informed ISRAM that our flights had been cancelled when they should have been on top of it. It was us who were left to fight for our refunds with Lufthansa and Egypt Air while ISRAM did nothing. Someday, hopefully, we will be able to take this trip, but it will not be through ISRAM. They had no morality or compassion during this unprecedented time. We do not trust them at all.
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Dear Elaine, As you have posted your review on another site as well which we did offer a full response to several months ago, for the record, I wish to offer our response on this Trip Advisor review. Firstly, as time has passed since your posting, I do hope that you and your family is well during this difficult time. As for your review , we have done everything possible to assist as best we could at a time that has never been witnessed during the course of all of our lifetimes. And yet, without mentioning all that we have done in assisting you and your husband, I am sorry that you have chosen to post such comments in this forum . Our long- standing excellent record speaks for itself, nonetheless , you as well as our traveling community deserve the benefit of our response again. You may be totally unaware, due to the avalanche of cancellations, there were many tour operators that were simply unable to make any refunds to their customers whatsoever and allowed for only credits towards future trips. You may be totally unaware of the airlines who, as yet, have been crippled by this pandemic and have still not completed processing the hundreds of millions of dollars owed to the consumers. The devastation was indeed severe to all in tourism which is still seeing little signs of recovery especially for international travel and especially during this difficult winter resurgence of the Pandemic. However, we remain positive and confident that with the introduction of the various vaccines, we can host visitors again to Israel sometime in 2021. Your statement in your review that “Isram went out of their way to be as difficult as possible..” is simply untrue. At every juncture, we diligently and efficiently handled every aspect of your trip cancellation, corresponding endlessly with the airlines, with you and with Beth your travel agent. The fact that you chose to also get involved in calling Lufthansa to advocate for your refund is indeed a good thing but it remains that the refund did not go through until Lufthansa started to process all refunds, not just yours. Our staff was extremely proactive with every aspect of your file and always displayed the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and re-activeness during the course of this situation. And for you to have commented to the contrary is very disheartening. And let’s be clear with regard to what your actual loss was since you mislead in other reviews you’ve posted as well stating that you lost 10%...$1500….and “Isram had no morality or compassion...” To break it down, $800 of the amount you mention is for the insurance you purchased for yourself and your husband. And $100 is the charge levied by Egyptair for the cancellation of which we have no control. The insurance returned to you 75% of the actual incurred administrative fees assessed by our company and Egyptair. So the correct amount of admin fees that you incurred was $386. Or $193 per person which we are totally willing to credit toward a future trip. For all the many months of work that was done from the inception of the booking through to making sure we secure as much of the monies paid from the various suppliers, I don’t think that Isram was in any way “immoral and lacked compassion”. If anything, we did more than many of the tour operators/airlines during such an extremely challenging period. And we were most attentive to your phonecalls and emails of communication including those that I myself replied to as well without any delay. As you mention that you would never travel with us in the future, I respect your sentiments, however, I am sorry that you are choosing to deprive yourselves of missing out on an experience of a lifetime that only Isram Israel can deliver. Our hope is that you may have a change of heart and consider our offer to apply the actual loss of your unrecoverable land admin fees as a credit towards the cost of a future trip. Mrs. Polisky, I totally understand that you may feel that all of the monies should have been returned and we would have very much preferred to have been able to do so at that time. The struggles we have endured is not unique to us as it is shared by so many in a multitude of industries worldwide. Each company had to measure carefully the steps it had to take to insure a successful emergence from this crisis at such time that this horrific pandemic is controlled to the level that allows us all to return to some normalcy. We have full confidence in our abilities to do so and to continue to deliver the most outstanding services to all our traveling community for years to come. We are already seeing a growth of interest and bookings for next year and we hope that you and Mr. Polisky will be part of our traveling community and can fully utilize the credit you have with us. Wishing you the best of Health, Sincerely, Ilana Apelboim General Manager, USA Isram Israel
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Bruce P
1 条分享
Have meant to visit Israel for years and finally took the time. Am I glad I did. IsramIsrael was recommended to us. They offered a range of tours and itineraries and hotels so it was easy to find just what fit our needs and budget.

They provided our own guide and driver as an upgrade and that helped us learn more. Our guide, Effie, was knowledgeable, pleasant, and flexible. Because we had our own car and Guide Effie was able add to our itinerary some slights we would not visit were we on a large bus tour. That kind of personalization was really worth it.

All of the itinerary objectives were met and they were well organized. The hotels were excellent and the included breakfasts were typical Israeli feasts of fish, fruits, eggs, salads, cheeses and breads.

IsramIsreal also organized all the airport transfers which made getting from and to Ben Gurion International easy and simple.

Overall, I've had many great vacations that were entertaining and instructive. This one tops the list. Would definitely (and have already) recommended them to others and I look forward to our next trip with them.
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Amira G
纽约州亨廷顿1 条分享
It was an incredible trip visiting Israel. Their were 9 of us.
5 adults and 4 teenagers. Isram provided us with VI P escort,
We were met at Ben Gurion airport ,they took care of our
Luggage and passport and we were than escorted to our
car and drove to Tel Aviv to our was wonderful,we didn’t
have to worry about anything.
The next day we met with our tour guide Ofer Levy and our driver.
They made the whole trip great. Ofer was so informative and
knowledge about the history of Israel.
Some of the sights I truly loved were MACHON AYLON (the bullet factory)
Caesarea Maritima.Persian Gardens, Golan heights,Sfad, Jerusalem,Yad Vashem
Masada,Dead Sea.Old City,Western Wall and oh so much more. It was so
moving,emotional and felt so safe.
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Roslyn P
卡罗莱纳州Monroe4 条分享
We just got back from a ten-day trip to Israel. Isram Israel handled all our arrangements brilliantly, and we were indeed "whisked" from one great adventure to another. We had a guide who suited us perfectly, and we are five very picky women. I would go back to Isram Israel for another trip in a heartbeat, as would the other four in our group!
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1 条分享
Just got back from a 12 day tour to Israel with Isram Israel..... If. you are going you should definitely check them out.... First extremely organized Everything went like clockwork from start to VIP treatment at airport coming home... Our tour guide was incredible. So knowledgeable and very funny even though we were exhausted most days....Tour is very comprehensive. Hits all the important spots and then some. Hotel choices were great and we were given access to all the executive lounges in the three hotels we were at...Food galore and wine and liquor. If you are going to Israel be prepared to walk and then walk some more... comfortable shoes a must. Many surprising moving moments of the itinerary....What a fabulous country.... Never felt unsafe at any time there...If you go I highly recommend you check Isram out.... You won't be disappointed
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2 条分享
I can't say enough about the trip that Isram planned for us. We were a group of 4 and wanted our own guide. Tina spent time talking with us to make sure that our trip included everything we wanted. She even added some unusual sight-seeing that really made our trip that much more special. We loved the guide we had, he was incredibly knowledgeable, warm and fun! From the minute we stepped off the airplane, to when they literally took us through security at the end of the trip, they took care of each and every detail. If you are looking for a company that will make your trip memorable and individually perfect for what you are hoping for, Isram Israel is the company you are looking for.
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马萨诸塞安多佛26 条分享
We had a wonderful vacation with a few bumps along the way. The land, the people and the history are simply amazing and hard to describe. Would definitely recommend visiting Israel with a tour group.
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Bert and Lauri
1 条分享
Very exciting and new things for people of both experiences. Isram provided a terrific and knowledgeable guide (Shoshi) and also sent us thru the VIP line at BG airport as well as the David lounge. The hotels and fabulous Israeli breakfasts were wonderful. The entire 10 days was well paced. We would use Isram again.
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