Enjoy Petra - Day Tours
Enjoy Petra - Day Tours


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马里兰海厄茨维尔116 条分享
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
while walking soft downhill un notice to see the magnificent carving, water duct work and before you now it you start to get sneak peak of a beautiful structure only to realize that a famous movie had been filmed here so enjoy the moment and take breath taking shots.
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肯尼亚内罗毕78 条分享
2017年8月 • 好友
I followed my friends for this tour without knowing what to expect. I was simply blown away by the experience! the history of the place is simply amazing. The guide was a good addition - though we resisted at first since he was basically 'forced' on us - was told that a group of 5 must have a guide, but later we saw lots of groups that didnt have guides...that was strange. In addition, please carry cash to also use the donkey/horse/carriage rides since the walk can be exhausting....but totally worth it!!
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加拿大66 条分享
2017年3月 • 独自旅游
What an amazing site! Petra was really out of this world. It was unbelievable. No words can describe the amazing accomplishments of the Nabateans. it will take you over an hour to walk through the trail .. I think it was an hour and a half or so .. you can go back by donkey or horse carriage if you can't walk back or tired. you must have good shoes of course and a water bottle ! It's really hot in the summer so the best time to visit would be spring
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Joel R
英国伦敦1 条分享
2015年5月 • 夫妻情侣
I have never been to Petra. My girlfriend just finished reading this book called "Married to a Bedouin" the author is a local of Petra. She went online and found that the authors son ( Raami) does tours. So we got in touch with Raami Tours. Which gave a a great price to have a full day tour in Petra and have traditional Bedouin dinner in Little Petra. I am not big on books or reading. Petra was awesome, The entrance through the canyon was great with the horses and donkey's. I felt I was right of Rosetta stone films. Any minute I would stumble upon gold. Raami Tours was great we got to see the Monastery, drink tea with the locals. Got invited to have lunch with the Bedouin in a cave. After that my girlfriend proceeded to call me "Cave Man". I got to be scarfed by a real Bedouin man (nickname: Mohammed Japan). He looked so strong and fierce but once he open he's mouth he was a riot. The dinner in Little Petra was outstanding, the food was fresh and really good. Our host daughters where beautiful. My girlfriend enjoyed talking to the mother (Um Khaled) and the son where young but there strong. I've got to say we had a blast. Thank Raami Tours for a day we will never forget. If you are looking for a one day tour adventure Raami is your man.
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俄罗斯莫斯科55 条分享
2014年6月 • 独自旅游
Честно говоря, любой арабский сайт имеет весьма определенный колорит: во многом Петра - это базар для туристов. Но в целом, конечно, увидеть это место было интересно. Прогулка пешая, длинная и довольно изнуряющая. Берите широкие шляпы, удобную обувь и много-много солнцезащитного крема.
Впечатлило то, что, в отличие от египтян, иорданцы - народ статный, благородной внешности, производят более благоприятное впечатление. Детей тащить туда не надо.
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San Augustine, Texas20 条分享
2015年4月 • 家庭
There are few places in the world that evoke such emotion as Petra. It is awe-inspiring! The Nabataean Capital offers breathtaking sites and views around every corner. We spent 10.5 hours with a personal guide and didn't see everything that she had to offer. It is a must-see!!
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巴勒斯坦领土伯利恒13 条分享
2014年6月 • 独自旅游
I left on a Tuesday @ 7am to arrive in Petra that night. However, you cannot get to Petra from the Allenby Bridge unless you take a taxi, if one will take you. I did not know that my plans would change until after I talked this through with Mohammad in my shared taxi from Bethlehem on the bus to Amman.

Sami, who I worked with at Dar al-Kalima College, asked his neighbor to take me in his shared cab to Jericho, the city where one passes over to Jordan. My driver was Zuhair Abu Rdeneh and his cell: 00972595549697. It costs 50 shekels/$14.51 US per person. There were four in total on our ride. And no, we did not cross on the Allenby Bridge, there isn’t one, but on the road into Jordan, after checkpoints and busses.

When you get to Jericho, you get out and whether Palestinian or foreigner, pass through the same checkpoint in a big compound. If you have bags, you put them on a big truck and don’t collect them until you reach the other side and then you enter the large room. You go into a huge room where they check your passports. You will need help finding the correct window where foreigners go. The Israeli’s check your Jordanian visa for 200 NIS (shekels), which is very important to get ahead of time at the Jordanian Embassy in Ramallah or somewhere in Tel Aviv. (I got my in Ramallah two days ahead of time. It was a good six hours for the day trip in a shared 20 shekel taxi to go from Bethlehem to Ramallah’s bus station, then a shared taxi to the Embassy and back to Bethlehem. Luckily, a Swiss girl took me back to the bus station, where I got a shared taxi for 20 shekels. It was such a hot day and she was so helpful. )

Once your visa is ok’d you enter onto a bus that takes you to another check point. At this check point Palestinians and foreigners go together again. In a small window above the checkpoint compound directly ahead of the lines there is a person, this time it was a young girl, who stares down at you, with gun in hand.

Once into another large room, you need to find where they take US Passports. I happily had help from Mohammad. I gave it to the woman, and when she held onto it and said take a seat, I admit I got a little worried. The woman came and got me after 10 min. and took me over to the Israeli side to pay my 272 shekels. They checked out my passport again, and then I boarded a bus only with foreigners to cross the border.

On the bus, which you pay 10 shekels, the Jordanian authority take your passport and hold onto it until you cross into Jordan. They did take a woman and baby off the bus….and her last words were…I don’t know how long this will take…it could be a long time. In Jordan you get your passport back and then exit the bus to cabs and no buses. Mohammad said he would wait for me. I did not realize that Palestinians and foreigners are dropped off by their bus in different locations/side. I was too miffed and walked through the Palestinian exit to find Mohammad, where there were many cabs and buses. We took a bus into Amman for 3 shekels. It was then that I realized I would need to spend the night in Amman. Mohammad had called a driver but I couldn’t see driving there for 100 shekels. I spent the night in Amman at the Misk Hotel, which I found on Booking.com. It worked out fine. Really a nice hotel.. Everyone there was so helpful and wrote things in Arabic for me, got me a cab. Mohammad took me to see the citadel and Lama Nimr and I had dinner at the Wild Jordan, a fun place way up high with a great view and tasteful homemade items to buy, by the time we left it was closed.

On the bus 18NLS one way to Petra, I realized that the 6:30 bus there was the only bus to take. Yes, truly. That was the reason that I stayed the night in Amman. The next day Mohammad got me and took me to the bus station at 6am. We arrived in Petra at 9:50. The fee is 50 JOD. I connected with a German archeologist and we returned to the bus at 4:45 to leave at 5pm and be in Amman at 9pm. It was well worth it to see Petra and Amman. Especially, Petra that I tried to get to 3 years ago. However, I could go to Eilat and cross through Aqaba Jordan to get to Petra. Rent a car and then leave it at the border. Or take a bus to Aqaba and stay a night there. The border fee is much much less and you can get a visa at the border. None of this advance business.
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俄罗斯355 条分享
2013年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Я давно мечтала посмотреть это чудо света. И вот моя мечта сбылась. Поездка состоялась из Аммана. Дорога заняла 3 часа. Три часа обратно. Стоило 120 JOD туда и обратно машина с водителем. Перед тем как зайти в Петру он нам рассказал ее особенности. Попросил не покупать у детей ничего, что они должны ходить в школу. По пути завез нас в магазин сувениров и косметики мертвого моря. 50 JOD стоит вход в Петру на одного человека. Если захотите гида это обойдется еще в 50 JOD. Первый километр вы идете между скалами, а потом вы попадаете в сказку. Перед вами открывается обалденный вид храма вырезанного в скалах. Внутри много продавцов, которые продают: магнитики, стеклянные бутылочки с песком, подделки из камней и т.п. На обратном пути мы взяли повозку так как очень устали и подниматься нужно вверх, когда ты идешь в Петру ты идешь вниз. На обратном пути нужно подниматься вверх. Повозка для 2 пассажиров стоит 40 JOD. Желающих много, стоит очередь. Лошадь представляет жалкое зрелище. Не мытая, худая, усталая. Работает на износ, запах ужасный. Дорог в Петре нет. Обувь одевайте, которую потом не будет жалко выкинуть. Если она у вас черная, то будет белая. Вся в пыли.
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