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Jessica K
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2022年5月 • 夫妻情侣
We paid 30JD and had lunch here! The pool area was nice and the beach was a little run down, but had great access to the dead sea with showers near by! The main negative was the loud music playing all over the resort!
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Lisa H
丹麦Naerum3 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
This place is dirty and worn down! In the Ladies locker room a man lay on the opposite side and looked inside without any remorse. The water in the showers were cold. The staff at the enterance understands less to no English. The stairs down to the Dead Sea was in a bad shape. One set of stairs was already closed off. Beware of loud music at the pool area. The music suits a night club not a “resort”. The “life guard” prefers looking at his phone rather than the pool. Bring spare cash to the restaurant. They only serve the same buffet as everywhere else in Jordan. They only take cash. Go somewhere else
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Jes Holm
丹麦哥本哈根46 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
Poor service and low maintenance for years. Communication with staff is challenging. We used 45 minutes to get a working key for the lockers in the WOMENs changing room. The first two keys we got was for the MENs lockers, then we got keys locks that we not working. Bad start.
Most of the facilities is closed or in a very bad state. The only food is a fixed menu. Payment is only in cash. It took five minutes to get money back when we payed with JD 50.
The stairs to the Black Sea is vey poorly maintained, so be careful.
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Eric F
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2021年12月 • 夫妻情侣
The place is completely dirty, filthy and full of flies.
It was impossible to use the pools. Same thing apply to the chairs in front of the sea.
Bathroom smells like sewer and showers have no hot water.

Staff is completely rude. I left the place asking my money back because there was no condition to stay there and they refused.

Avoid the place at all costs!
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意大利热那亚2 条分享
2021年11月 • 好友
La peggiore esperienza della Giordania.. purtroppo sono costretti a scrivere quanto segue per aiutare le persone a non cadere in queste “trappola” come capitato a me. La struttura si presenta benissimo, ma una volta dentro è tutto in stato dì abbandono, spazzatura in spiaggia e hotel che cade a pezzi in ogni angolo. Piatti pieni si cibo lasciato negli angoli del resort, piastrelle delle piscine staccati e lasciati a fondo, un vero disastro. Il personale inesistente e una volta che si riesce a parlare con qualcuno ti trattano con sufficienza e nessun rispetto, ho pagato 50 jod per questa catapecchia e inoltre volevano hanno provato a richiedere 30€ in più perché appunto abbiamo pagato in €.
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Flo R
法国巴黎4 条分享
2021年10月 • 好友
I was there with my friend for an afternoon and could not wait to get out ! The place is left in such a stage that you wonder if someone is actually taking care of it, missing tiles in the swimming pool left on the floor with the risk of cutting your toes, the facilities don’t work, water was not even flooding on taps and it smell, we payed 20Jd and the owner wanted us to pay more for the towel when in any club in the world you would have both. Everything was over priced, if we could have gone to the sea without going through a club we would have done so, avoid this place at all cost.
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Virginie N
法国拉加雷讷白鸽城5 条分享
2021年10月 • 好友
Site totalement laissé à l’abandon
Transat inutilisable, on passe à travers.
Piscine délabrée, il manque du carrelage dans la piscine et autour, c’est coupant et dangereux… bref surtout n’y allez pas, personnel horrible tout comme l’hôtel.
Nous sommes restées 2 h pour profiter de la mer morte pour 20JOD par personne et c’est encore bien trop cher pour ce résultat
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比利时Incourt16 条分享
2021年7月 • 夫妻情侣
On nous a demandé 50 jod par personne pour un burger immangeable et une baignade dans la mer morte de 10 min. Cet endroit est insalubre et dangereux , ordures dans tout l'hotel, la soit disant plage n'est qu'un amas de cailloux, bouteilles vides et autres detritus. L accès via un escalier en bois est dangereux, planches cassées et clous qui dépassent. La douche n'en parlons même pas, il vaut mieux ne pas la prendre. Cet endroit devrait être fermé, c'est honteux pour les clients qui y séjournent et qui ont payé leur séjour. Le directeur de l hôtel n'a pas voulu me rembourser et ne me regardait même pas quand je lui parlais. Quelle image pour la jordanie alors que nous avons été dans d'autres hôtels jordaniens de qualité. A FUIR
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We were here in May 2021, the hotel was covered in litter and very dirty, very rude staff, nasty food.

There was litter floating in the pools! The sunbeds were so dirty we didn't even sit on them or put our towel/bags on them. The 'Beach' looked like a 'protect our oceans' campaign poster.

There were piles of rubbish everywhere that had clearly been there for weeks yet the place was busy so not sure why it was just left. LAZY!

They wanted to charge us 20 JOD each for a day pass or 30JOD each including lunch! We went down to the restaurant and there was no lunch, only 'Snacks'. we asked the staff at the restaurant how much snacks were, he said 7 JOD. So already trying to rip us off for food, and then what you get for 20JOD (£20!!!) was appalling and shameful of the hotel. Disgusting place please at all costs avoid this place!
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Amjad Abed
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2020年7月 • 好友
مش عارف من وين ابلش من الشخص الي استقبلنا على البوابة وبحكي " ايش بدكم" و لا درجة القذارة الموجودة في المنتجع كل اشي وسخ المسبح الحمامات الغرف ما بستحقوا انهم يكونوا غرف للمبيت كلشي فيهم خربان الموظفين راح يضل يتمسخرو عليك طول الوقت واذا بدك حد يساعد لازم تسأل كل الي في الفندق انت موظف و لا نزيل لانه الموظف بكون بسبح حدك و ما في عندهم لبس خاص يمز انهم موظفين او لا الفطور بيضة مع سنيورة اذا بدك قهوة بدك تدفع حقها كل اشي في خطأً
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