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2020年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Hello everyone😀

Thank you Chris so much for this experience, good mood and new skills! We really enjoyed the process and lunch. It was very delicious. Both of us were full of positive and inspiration after.

One more good thing is a great organization, we took pleasure from different cute details (tea, photos..). We highly recommend this class to all people, who would like to discover national Korean dishes!
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Alicia Cahill
纽约州纽约市1 条分享
This was simply one of the best experiences we had in Seoul. Chris was one of the most knowledgeable, thoughtful and fun people we came across on our entire trip. Not only were the recipes that we made imbued with local flavor and tradition, but they were delicious and fun to cook as well. Chris' attention to detail in everything, from answering our endless questions as we walked around the market to simple but significant touches like putting out the flags of his guests and printing recipes made this worth it. We couldn't recommend Chris more for the cooking class services provided as well as for the person he is. You can tell he truly loves to show people Korean cooking and his enthusiasm made the class worthwhile in every respect. 10/10!
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Tomoko T
1 条分享
2019年12月 • 好友
It's a great way to learn the way of Korean life. Chris, our teacher welcomed us with witty talk and delicious food. My friend and I had a good time!
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4 条分享
2019年12月 • 好友
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Ange B
加利福尼亚奇科26 条分享
I was the only person in the class when I attended last week. That was great, since I could ask a lot of questions and connect with the host. The market was lovely--I suggest the tour that you can find on another experience site. However, the "cooking" part was mostly hands off. I cook at home, A LOT, and I basically just got to cut an onion and stir fry some noodles and beef. So, if you are wanting to actually cook, this may not be the class for you.

Another thing to note, is that there was no eating of the meal, only sampling. Once all of my food was prepared, Chris boxed it up and sent me on my way. I was wickedly hungry but that time and then I had to navigate the subway with a giant bag of food, which was a less than ideal sitch.

Not a terrible experience, but also not great as reflected in my 3/5 score. I've done other cooking classes that were much more hands on and where I was able to eat the food I cooked immediately. Chris is lovely, but I think this class could be improved.
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Marie M
法国里昂1 条分享
Notre hôte était charmant. Nous avons fait un tour au marché durant lequel nous avons pu poser toutes les questions et avoir des informations sur les produits, la gastronomie. Le cours s'est très bien passé et nous avons pu déguster les plats tous ensemble. Excellent moment, je vous le recommande.
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1 条分享
2019年11月 • 好友
Chris was amazing! He paid attention to every detail to make it extra special. We had a great experience!
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Josh M
Melbourne16 条分享
2019年11月 • 好友
Chris really looked after us, and was great communicating prior to meeting up. Good with checking food intolerance and allergies. We had 3 couples, all had a great time. Interesting to learn about different ingredients, cooking styles, and a bit of Korean culture and history. Great English, helpful and kind. Funny too! Would absolutely recommend. You leave very full of food, and we took leftovers in takeaway boxes. Lovely area of Seoul too, nice cafes, suburban area and market. Definitely check it out!
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3 条分享
I did the cooking course with Chris and I can't recommend it highly enough. He is so knowledgeable and is super patient when answering all of my questions and explaining everything. Going to the market and being shown around was a really special experience, and the whole evening was made so memorable by Chris - the food tasted great and we had a really nice evening, cooking, eating and meeting new people. The little touches made it all the more special and it is defo worth the money for anyone coming to South Korea.
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Edmonton2 条分享
Just had the class today -- it was everything that other reviews have highlighted, including the market tour to choose a banchan (side dish), drink, and dessert to accompany the main meal, and you'll get an envelope with recipe printout and photos! This experience already easily earns my recommendation!

I want to highlight one part of the experience one part people may overlook: the Host, Chris!

- He's a Seoul local who is fluent in English, making him a great resource for restaurant and places to visit in Seoul
- He has extensive knowledge of Korean food, so he'll know what kind of Korean cuisine to recommend for you to try next, depending on your preferences
- He has experience in the restaurant industry, so he can show you how restaurants change a recipe, and also how you can personalize a recipe to your tastes

After I asked him for restaurant recommendations for bossam (boiled pork belly), he instead recommended us a place for jokbal (braised pig trotters) frequented by locals (the menus were only in Korean, but we managed) because it was similar to what we were looking for, but more special.

I highly recommend that you take this class:
1. On an empty stomach
2. With questions on Korean cuisine
3. At the beginning of your Seoul trip so you can get great trip recommendations!
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