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Vicky Silve
意大利Abbadia Lariana617 条分享
When you think about Hong Kong, you often think about skyscrapers, chaos and pollution, not temples. But what I loved most in this former British colony are the temples, little islands of peace in a chaotic city. This one hooked me for its altar full of offers of flowers and pottery.
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英国8,258 条分享
This is the largest temple on Hong Kong island and was built by local residents in 1862 in the Qing dynasty. It is a little tricky to find but it’s not far off Queens Rd in Wan Chai. Entry is free.
Currently the front façade is being restored and is covered in bamboo scaffolding and green netting so you can see very little as you enter. However as soon as you step inside you are immediately struck by a ceiling full of vividly colourful lotus flower lanterns.
The central main hall is dedicated to Pak Tai, god of the sea. He also goes by the pleasingly dramatic name, ‘Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven’. A 400 year old and 3m tall copper statue of the god takes central place. He is surrounded by hanging coils of smoky incense, offerings of fruit and flowers and red cloths and is flanked by numerous other gods.
On the left hand side of the main hall, you see a wall full of rows of small dark figures. These are the Tai Sui, 60 planetary gods who are responsible for the years and this is where people may pay their respects and hope for a good year.
GETTING THERE: From Queens Rd East, head up Stone Nullah Lane, past the famous Blue House. At the top of the road, you will come to a playground area and temple is on your left, behind the giant banyan tree.
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Truthful Reviews
英国伦敦7,431 条分享
2021年1月 • 独自旅游
This one is quite nice as the smell of incense is everywhere. On the Wan Chai Heritage Trail very close to the Blue House and Wan Chai market. Head towards triangle street for some great fruit and veg not at supermarket rip off prices.
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香港155,208 条分享
The Pak Tai Temple is stop (A) on the self-guided Wan Chai Heritage Trail that takes in numerous historical buildings in this area of the city. The temple was built in 1862 and is situated up Stone Nullah Street just south of Queen's Road East.

It is also known as Yuk Hui Temple and is dedicated to Pak Tai (Emperor of the Dark Heaven) who is believed to protect followers against disasters. Opening hours are 8am to 5pm daily and is situated next to a quiet green garden.

It is architecturally similar to other temples from the late Qing Dynasty period, featuring grey brick exterior with decorative murals on the facade. There are two large stone dragons in front as well. The interior is attractive with large 3 metre bronze cast of Pak Tai and other shrines with deities, hanging incense, lanterns, large wooden carvings, ancient drum and bell as well as other traditional items found in Chinese temples.

You can pass by the Pak Tai Temple after visiting the Blue House (stop 4) and Yellow House (stop 5) on the Wan Chai Heritage Trail. The temple is just a few minutes further south along Stone Nullah Street and can be sufficiently visited in no more than 10 minutes.
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澳大利亚布里斯班12,146 条分享
Tucked away in the back streets of Wan Chai is Pak Tai Temple, built in 1862 by local residents it is considered to be the largest temple on the Island. Climbing the few stairs to the entrance of the temple we hesitated to enter, happy to view from the just within the doorway. Inside was full of colour, noise, lights and burning incense, within the central room was the three metre tall copper Pak Tai Statue believed to be casted in 1604, much older than the 157 year old building. To reach the temple, take the MTR to Wan Chai MTR Station Exit A3, head up to and over Queen's Road East into Stone Nullah Lane and walk to the end.
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加利福尼亚圣路易斯-奥比斯波1,067 条分享
This temple is charming and is my favorite on Hong Kong Island. Love the trees! Very pretty! It's hidden off a side street, so you most likely won't just happen upon this temple. Find it on a map and go!
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Ace Media
加拿大多伦多205 条分享
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
The temple is located on the main Hong Kong island, about a 15 min walk around Wan Chai area I believe. Hard to find but nothing a little Google Maps couldn’t fix.

It is located in a secluded area up a hill, with mostly industrial/carpenter style shops in the alley.

Once you reach the temple, the entrance captures the eye with its traditional art, dragon statues and mandarin orange plants. Gorgeous cultural entrance leads into the temple premises where you’re free to take photographs and buy local art.

Very picture worthy and pro-Instagram scenic temple, while you can enjoy the backdrop of tall yesteryear Hong Kong apartment complexes.

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香港155,208 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
This is one of the interesting Chinese temples to visit in Wan Chai if you are sightseeing in this area of the city. Opening hours are 8am to 5pm daily and is located at the end of Stone Nullah Lane a couple minutes walk past the Blue House.

Pak Tai is a Grade I heritage building that was constructed in 1863. It is dedicated to the Pak Tai (Emperor of the dark heaven) for whom followers believe uses his spiritual powers to protect against disasters.

It is of typical 19th-century Chinese temple architecture with grey brick exterior, nice murals above the entrance, tiled decorative roofing. See the dragons upon the roof as well as the nicely carved stone dragons to the sides of the entrance.

The interior features a centre shrine with a 3 metre tall bronze cast of Pak Tai. You'll find tribute items left by worshippers, hanging incenses, lanterns, copper bells and other deity figures and features worth viewing.

In the end, Pak Tai is a somewhat isolated and a tad bit tricky to find so best to consult Google maps and mark this one on your hand map before setting off to look for it. It is just next to the Stone Nullah Lane public garden at the top of Stone Nullah Lane. If you find the garden, you'll have found Pak Tai Temple as well.
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2019年3月 • 独自旅游
...as I thought I had seen all of the city’s best temples already. This is beautiful and atmospheric in equal measure, both inside and out, much more so than many better known temples on the island.
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Tamsin H
澳大利亚悉尼440 条分享
2019年1月 • 好友
Beautifully located temple by the sea. A little run down and grubby but wow what a wonderful view! Set in a wonderful park in Stanley.
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