Hong Kong Getaway Private Tours
Hong Kong Getaway Private Tours
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Traci F
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2024年2月 • 好友
We had a wonderful private tour of Hong Kong with Mandy! We were already familiar with Kowloon so this tour was predominantly for northern Hong Kong Island.

First, she showed her intuition and flexibility by changing our itinerary to match the weather. We took the MTR to the Nan Lian Garden/temple where the quiet beauty and serenity were a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next, we took the MTR to the harbor and rode the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island. We had a picturesque bus ride up to Victoria Peak and walked to an overlook spot of the harbor and Hong Kong. The fog had lifted by this time and we had a fabulous view. Then we took the steep tram ride down and rode a Ding-ding tram through Central, got lunch, rode the escalators, and walked around Central. We got to visit some well-known places and some lesser-known places that only a local would know about. Mandy shared some personal stories about some of the places we visited. She also listened to and responded to any questions and requests we had (group of 7). I liked that we took many forms of transportation and got to look at Hong Kong through the eyes of a local person who loved to share about her country. We learned a lot about the cultural, historical, and social nature of Hong Kong.

Mandy even helped us see many things after the tour. For example, for dinner that night, she recommended going to a wet market, picking out our own fish and shellfish, and taking them to a nearby restaurant for them to cook for us. We followed her links and advice and had a great memorable experience with a unique dinner that we would not dare to do without her guidance. She helped me plan a visit to Lantau Island the next day and even followed up afterwards to ask how the day went. She also gave us recommendations for restaurants and wished us well on our last day in Hong Kong.

Mandy was a fantastic tour guide. She was perky, sparkly, sincere, friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about sharing her love of Hong Kong. She was a delight to spend time with as she not only had a wealth of information but she was also personable and caring. It felt like we were being given a tour by a local friend. I found her level of care, information, and sharing to be of the utmost caliber and if we were to come back another time, I would reach out to her immediately. I highly recommend Mandy and a Hong Kong Getaway private tour!
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Mark C
澳大利亚大墨尔本地区44 条分享
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2024年1月 • 夫妻情侣
When you visit Hong Kong you simply must book a tour with this company.
Our tour guide, Mandy, was truly amazing. Her knowledge of Hong Kong and her enthusiasm was outstanding. Everywhere we went she explained the history and how things work today clearly and with a lot of detail. She was happy to answer all our questions as well as share her good humour. Her English is excellent and her great personality ensured a fabulous experience.
Mandy was also happy to accommodate our needs and tailor our tour accordingly.
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2024年1月 • 家庭
We came to HongKong for the first time this January. When planning our trip I chose the “HongKong getaway” for the tour and now I know how lucky this choice appeared to be. Mandy, our guide, was not only perfectly organized and knowledgeable. She was also very attentive, took care of our needs every moment. She told us much about the city and its people, showed amazing places and views. We were so much impressed with our first day with
Mandy that asked her to make another tour on the next day. We saw city and beaches, wet markets and big malls, tasted freshly cooked seafood and got an online help with the restaurant menu. She helped us with transport and shopping, and even with the program of our next tour. Her advices were really priceless and made our stay. We are happy to recommend “HongKong getaway“ as a fantastic opportunity to discover Hong Kong.
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Bideford592 条分享
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2024年1月 • 好友
We did a 6 hour tour with Mandy. We asked to go to areas and see things that as first time visitors to Hong Kong, we would be unlikely to discover.

It included seeing temples, gardens, local markets, fishing village, boat trip and lunch at what I can only describe as one of the tastiest meals I’ve ever had. We went to a market, chose various fresh seafood including prawns, razor clams, fish and squid, took it upstairs to a restaurant and they cooked it all fresh. To say it was incredible is an understatement.

As for Mandy, she was the prefect host, so friendly and knowledgeable and really made our trip. A huge thanks.

Book this tour - you will love it!
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加拿大列治文山80 条分享
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Mandy was phenomenal! I know this review is ridiculously long overdue but that has nothing to do with her effort or her tour. She had great information for the four of us - just there for one day before a cruise - showed us the highlights, introduced us to some interesting foods and areas, adjusted according to what we were enjoying, and really just felt like a friend giving us a tour. We all agreed that we couldn’t have done better.
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加利福尼亚旧金山2 条分享
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Mandy was delightful...articulate, perfect English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, very knowledgeable, entertaining, engaging, pleasant, and encouraging in every regard. We have now done two tours with Mandy, and plan to do more...highly recommended!
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2020年6月 • 好友
Mandy & Apple/(M&A )took me in multiple adventures in Hong Kong where I discovered the beautiful fusion of East meets West culture.

HK has so much to offer, from the Star Ferry rides that take you back in history where it was the Only transportation Form bwt Islands, to the breath taking view of Sunset at Victoria Harbor, to enjoying a stroll on Avenue of the Stars in Kowloon among HK melting pot community where one can also see the endless charm of HK Island with its backdrop mountains...
after six months of being an active tourist in HK :), I still have so much to discover with M&A guidance. These two young dynamic worldly cheerful tour guides are not just so proud to show their city, they also love sharing the many hidden treasures around HK.
M&A make sure every outing is unique and full filling in all aspects. Be ready for an unmatched tour with these two passionate Hong Kongers. I really love that M&A take you to the least traveled roads. They start with the usual tourists spots which one Must see, then they unveil HK real charm one trip at a time. From the most rewarding hiking trails to the BEST local food, these two ladies definitely know what they are doing! Brace yourself for an unmatched adventure every time you are in the company of M&A. HK is so lovable & so is M&A.

Ask M&A to take you to the tastiest Beef Brisket dry noodles ..... then go straight to indulge in HK style Waffle in Shau Ki Wan. U will want to go back to this local joint over and over 😬😋
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马萨诸塞尼达姆241 条分享
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My family was on a cruise and had an overnight stay with two days to see some of Hong Kong. We went with Apple both days of our visit, and it was an amazing experience. On the first day, we went up to Victoria Peak and explored downtown Hong Kong. On the second day, we visited the New Territories.

Apple met us at the cruise terminal, and then we used the efficient Hong Kong public transit system get around. Apple did more than show us the sights. She candidly answered all questions we had regarding life in Hong Kong, and we felt that we learned a lot and gained a new appreciation of Hong Kong. She also brought us to places where there were not a lot of tourists, including a housing development and other places, including a fish farm and remote island, in the New Territories, and even helped us understand Taoist and Buddhist worship, and a fortune teller's analysis at a Taoist shrine.

In addition, one of our goals was to enjoy dim sum and Cantonese food. We have food allergies (shellfish and nuts). Apple ensured that everything we ordered would comply with our dietary needs. She took us to two restaurants where we had the best meals of our three-week vacation.
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Helene F
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2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Mandy could not have been more knowledgable and more hospitable! She showed us the best day! Mandy showed us all the different areas of Hong Kong using a variety of public transportation. Her English was perfect. We enjoyed a delicious lunch together at a local restaurant. You must hire this company. You will not be disappointed. Loved every moment.
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David W
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Myself and three colleagues were in Hong Kong on business the week of January 13 2020. On the Thursday we booked a four hour tour. Apple was our tour guide. She did an amazing job showing us Hong Kong and letting us experience the city through her eyes. I would highly recommend anyone looking to see Hong Kong as a local to book this tour. Apple was a phenomenal host!!1
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